Fire’s Flame

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I felt cold. Darkness, is the only thing that came. Pitch black. I began to worry. Where is Kalyan? Is she okay? You Need To Wake Up. Is the only thing I heard. I couldn’t move or talk. My wolf isn’t here to help me. Well. The only thing I can, Wake Up. I finally woke up to people looking at me weirdly. Gasps of shock and fear spread. Hospital. Read to find out what happens next!

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Shadøw Wølf
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El Diablo

They said El Diablo is one of the new kids that joined our school. Some kid had said.
Damn right. El Diablo did join.

I am El Diablo. No El Diablo isn’t my real name. At my old school I was called El Diablo for many reasons. I was the devil or the devil on heels. I am related to the devil.
Guess what? I’m his daughter.

I have different ability’s no one knows why. My mother was crossed between a wolf and demon. My father the devil, Satin. Is only a demon but the leader.

I can control elements, animals. And many more. I’m werewolf and demon. Apperently I’m more of a hybrid than that.

I was dressed in black fishnets with a dark pair of ripped jean shorts. A red short crop top crossing in the back. Black combat boots.

I was getting stares. There wanting to know who El Diablo is. Many liked me, because of how I look. I have a killer body. My lips were black from lipstick. My red, orange, and black tips of fire hair passed my waist. I was beautiful.
A tattoo of a wolf on fire, howling at the moon, was on my thigh. A mark that had been on my wrist along with a tattoo on my arm as well holding fire roses and a skull in the middle on my arm. A mark that only I know the meaning of is on my wrist.

No one knows that I am El Diablo. Father won’t be happy when I scare all of them. Hahaha actually he will be happy and proud of me by it.

I couldn’t help but smirk. They don’t know what’s coming to them. This will be fun.

Sometimes I think your funny other times I think your boring. You said scare them.. this isn’t scaring them, get into the principal office and scare them on the intercom!

Good Idea, Fire.


I walked casually down the hallway. Hmm.. maybe have some fun first. Where is the queen bee?
I had finally found miss prim and proper flirting with the most popular guy in school. Figures.

The girls name is Rachel.

I had walked over to them, leaning on a locker. While a boy was trying to open it. I pushed my shoulder against it harder.

“New Girl! Move your fat butt!” The kid trying to open the locker said. “Actually I’m not fat I’m skinny. Maybe you should look at yourself before someone else.” I said resting my chin on my fingers.
Move!” The boy said again.
I yawned making it clear I wasn’t going to move. He marched off supposedly for a teacher.

“Hey, Rachel!” I said looking in her direction. She turns to face me trying to look as slow and hot as possible. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.
Someone needs to teach her a lesson..
Just what I’m going to do.

Has anyone ever said you try to hard?” I asked effortlessly already knowing the answers. She gave me a glare. I only laughed making her storm off down the halls. “Wait! You forgot your Tiara!” I yelled as she kept on stoping on word.

All the boys that she was talking to laughed. Along with the others down the halls laughed historically.

“She’ll get your back for that. You know that right?” Liam said. Liam is the team captain of the football team. “Who cares. I know her but she don’t know me.” Walking off leaving him wondering what I meant by that.

Mindlinking from Father.

Hey! Stay out late tonight? Race? Fight? Do something? Your mother and I want alone time..?

Of course you deserve it. I probably won’t come home, if you know what I mean?

I know what you mean. Hahaha, have your fun too. Just I wouldn’t tell mom about it. She gets over protective...

I know what you mean by protective. But who knows? I might tell her for excitement in my life?!

Your going to be the death of me. Don’t tell her about you telling me. Keep me out of it.

But where’s the fun part about it?

Oh god. Don’t you dare!

Oops! You have reached my voicemail. Leave your and number and I will get back to you as a son as possible thanks bye.

I knew he is going to be angry. Maybe even give me a scolding? Hahahaha I’m definitely El Diablo for sure!
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