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In the picturesque town of Evergreens, a group of misfits encounter supernatural creatures that threaten humanity’s safety and sanity and discover that they are also gaining abilities. From monsters, secret societies and conspiracies, the misfits are exploring the hidden world that is leading to the apocalypse.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Emergency Broadcast

October 10th 2022 - It was a pleasant evening at the Omega House, tonight was a classic movie marathon from the Modern History class and cocktail-themed party. The Theatre and the History students called this the Golden Hollywood Party. The house’s lobby greeted guests on a red carpet and a cocktail bar was set up near the kitchen. Meanwhile in the living room, Gone With The Wind was playing while people watched and drank cocktails.

The house was decorated in Oscars, silver and gold trimming and paparazzi cutouts. To be honest, it looked rather hokey. Some people went to the extent of dressing as their favourite celebrities from the ’40s and ’50s. There were at least three Marilyn Monroes and someone dressed as Frank Sinatra. It would be a quiet event if not for the wild and loud parties over at Alpha House. The booming music from outside was making the windows slightly vibrate.

Clayton was leaning against the corner of the living room as he watched the screen, sipping his glass. He then heard a knocking at the front door and said, “Someone get that, please!” Before heading to the kitchen to grab some ice for his drink. On the table in the kitchen was a bowl of ice cubs that he grabbed and dropped into his glass with a klink. As Clay returned from the kitchen, he saw that more people were coming inside. It was a surprise that the party was getting this big.

Elijah slumped in his chair with his whiskey and cigar looks over and sighed, “I guess that’d be me getting the door.” he mumbled to himself as he gets up and answers the door. Milosh was the first person of many to come inside, “Thanks,” He was wearing a white suit and black tie. Milo then turned around and asked, “Have I seen you before? I never seen you around on campus.” Milosh’s expression was curious, grabbing a drink for himself.

“Nah, I just do my own thing.” Elijah shrugged as he followed Milosh to kitchen. A bunch of other people came from the door as well. The host of the party, Bartie Moores, was wearing a bow tuxedo and came into the kitchen to help himself with some ice for his drink. Bartie grinned, “So how’s the party, guys?”
Milosh smiled, “It’s very nice! You obviously did a lot of work setting it all up.” He raised his glass to Bartie. Bartie then asked Milosh, “Say, what class do you take?”
“Medical Sciences,” Milosh said and added, “I want to be a paramedic.”

Elijah cracked a smirk to himself at the mention of being a medical doctor. Milosh and Elijah have something in common in a sense.
“Excuse me.” Elijah said before going to the living room to watch the movie with everyone else. Meanwhile, Clayton was staring at the television with everyone else but something felt odd. The air felt still and there was a faint dread of silence beyond all the noise. Something about tonight felt incredibly off. Clayton then shook his head to himself, trying to focus on the present. Elijah then turned to Clayton, “Hello, are you Clayton Sullivan? I heard all about you.”

“Yeah, that’s me. What did you hear?” Clayton raised an eyebrow, taking another sip of his drink. Elijah shrugged and leaned on the wall with Clayton, “White hair, geek, and library assistant?”
Clayton nodded, “Sounds like me. I was only hired at the library since I couldn’t work for campus administration or Student Board.”
“I don’t know, they never explained.”

Elijah puffed tobacco smoke from his cigar to out his nostrils, “Fuck ’em. They sound boring anyway.”
Clayton nodded, having another sip from his glass. The two turned to see two young boys enter the house and pour themselves drinks at the bar. Clayton and Elijah walked to confront them. Clayton turned to the two new boys in the party. They looked rather young, and young enough to be considered teens. He then noticed the Providence High uniform and made his conclusion; they were minors. Clayton approached Nero and Ky and crossed his eyes, “Hello there,” He said, “What do you two major in, by any chance?”
Kyle jabbed Nero next to him in the ribs, not opening his mouth to respond.

“I am fluent in redneck and I’m majoring in engineering. ’Wanted to do nuclear but decided to go mechanical. From there I might go into Aerospace Engineering.” Nero smugly responded. Puffing his cigar, Elijah looked at the two new guys in the doorway, “You two look a little young to be college students… The uniforms don’t help either.”

“You know you two can get in trouble with police for coming in here in a place with alcohol.” Clayton glared as he crossed his arms. He then asked, “What are you doing here, anyways?”
Milosh raised an eyebrow as he joined in with Clayton and Elijah, “How old are you, boy?” He set his glass down on one of the tables, tilting his head.
“None of your business…” Kyle crossed his arms with a scowl, his posture shifting to the side.

Looking at the other boy, Elijah sips his whiskey and puffs the cigar in his hand, “Watch your tone boy, you’re under our scrutiny in a land you’d dare encroach upon” He tossed some ice in his glass as he swiped a lime around the rim of his glass and pours more whiskey.
Milosh raised an eyebrow, “You want police?” He approached the two teens, “I can call police and put you in jail.” Milosh picked up his glass and took a sip.
“Maybe we have the wrong house bc we were looking for the house party without bitches like you.” The redhead remarked. The other, blonde boy giving a light chuckle.

Milosh sighed, “Fine, but you don’t get caught.” He walked away from the two with his drink. He went to the living room where everyone else was watching the movie. Elijah takes another out of the box and tossed it to the other kid, “Tell him to chill out, we just don’t want cops knocking on the door. Not after the last time with a different house.”
“Fine. whatever…” Kyle groaned, he then turned to Nero. He asked, “Do we really gotta’ stay here?”
Nero was taking Kyle to the living room, “It would be nice for you to socialize, Kyle.”

Kyle and Nero go to the living room, watching the movie. Kyle saw what was on the screen and turned to the two older guys, “This movie is racist!”
“It was made in 1939, and set during Colonialism…” Clayton corrected him, cocking an eyebrow. Kyle mouthed an ‘Oh!’ and nodded, turning back to watch the film. Meanwhile, Bartie was seen visibly upset when he saw his phone, and he was almost in tears. Milosh came up Bartie’s side to see what upset Bartie and also shocked Milosh. Bartie whimpered, “She said she was staying with her-”

“Come on, man. Let us talk about it in kitchen.”

Milosh and Bartie went to the kitchen. Bartie then said, “Milosh, s-she was staying with her grandpa, but that thing-”
“Bart, we don’t know what it is. I’m sorry she died like that…”
Bart filled his glass with some water from the tap, taking a gulp to calm his nerves. Before Bartie could say anything, the TV switched to something that sent chills through everyone.

"The following message is issued by the Evergreens Police Department. There have been reports of missing and dangerous persons within the area. If you are in the area, please find the nearest building and stay inside. Lock all doors and windows, turn off all lights and noise. Lower the volume of this transmission at a safe level. Please stand by for further instructions."

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