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Shadow Doubles

Milosh dropped Clayton in shock, the crowd of people hiding behind them as they saw their shadow doubles. Nero and Kyle looked out the window to see if there were more outside, but saw the aurora in the sky. They were both entranced by the lights in the sky. Elijah turned to see Nero and Kyle distracted and rushed over to the, only to feel a cold trembling go through his body when he took a glance at the lights in the sky. What was this? The aurora was so wondrous and had some air of mystery no one can ever describe. Elijah shook his head and rattled the two boys back to reality. He said, “Go to the top floor! All of you!”

The two high school boys ran to the stairs with the rest of the partygoers, now it was four; Elijah, Clayton, Bartie and Milosh.

Clayton watched the shadows come closer but took a shot in the dark. He threw his hands towards the shadow people and blue light blasted forth, sending the shadows back. Elijah did the same but nothing happened, frowning in disappointment. Bartie said to Clayton, “We don’t have anything to fight them with!”

“I’ll hold them back before we make a run for the next floor!”

Clayton threw a ball of blue glow to his own dark doppelganger and the light enveloped around their shadow. Dark Clayton screeched in a deafening pitch before he collapsed into smoke. Clayton shouted, “Run!”

The four of them sprinted down the hall towards the stairs. The shadows were gaining on them. Clayton felt exhausted and his legs ached, but he didn’t stop running. Bartie was suddenly grabbed by two shadows and pulled back from them. Elijah only caugh a glimpse of Bartie reaching out for help before Bartie’s dark double collided with him. What happened would send chills to his mind. Both Bartie and his dark double collapsed into smoke and dust. Elijah pushed Clayton, “Come on! Upstairs!”

Clayton, Elijah and Milosh reached the third floor and slammed the door shut. Elijah walked up to Nero and Kyle, grabbing them by the collars and led them to one of the rooms. He said, “Hide in here.”

Kyle took Nero’s hand and went under the bed. After Elijah closd the door, he said, “Milosh! The couch!” The two men grabbed the couch from the nearby study room. They pushed and pulled the couch down the hall and to the door, barricading it as the shadow demons clawed and banged against the wooden door. Clayton went to the door and laid his hands on the wood, chanting the same incantation as earlier. This time, the wood was pulsating a faint blue glow. The rest of the crowd with them was hiding in various rooms, but Nero came out with a snow globe in hand. Clayton felt a force pushing against him, and it was getting too powerful to hold back. Clay was sent flying from the door and the door cracked open, the shadows clawing their way in.

Nero threw his snowglobe at one of the shadows which evaporated upon impact but did manage to knock it back. Elijah yelled, “Kid! I told you to hide!”

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

Nero noticed the swarm of shadows coming in and looked at the couch. As if by instinct, Nero felt his mind grabbing the couch with immense strength and swiped the shadows aside. Clayton quickly got up and dodged the flying couch. Clayton got back with the other three and turned back to see the shadows, “Jesus christ, they’re so many!”

“Where’s security when you need them!?” Elijah asked until Milosh felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He picked it up to see it was an unknown number but picked it up anyway, “Hello?”

“This is Epsilon House, is everything okay?” Answered Avice Rowen.

“No! We need to get everyone we got to your place now!”

“Alright. We got a few cars and there’s a security guard by the name of Damien coming for you.”

“Hurry! Omega House is no longer safe!”

Elijah and Milosh went to evacuate all of the people inside the house while Clayton was pushing back the shadows, they were still many but it was becomng hard to keep them all back. The force of their resistance strained Clayton as he pushed back. The crowd of people were running downstairs to meet the trucks awaiting to get them to Epsilon House. Clay wanted until all of them were out of sight, and made a run for it. He was still behind everyone else but the shadows were chasing after him, claws outstretched towards Clayton.

The scrawny boy sprinted as fast as his feet could take him towards the front door, leaping out onto the grass and quickly got up to the trucks that were coming from around the corner. The one truck leading the other cars had the security officer. The officer shouted towards Clayton and the rest of Omega House, “Get in! Now!”
Clay didn’t hesitate and ran for the officer’s truck, pulling the door open before sliding into the backseat. He then said, “Officer, there’s-”
“I know,” the officer had a gruff voice, “I seen what they do.”
Elijah, Nero and Kyle came inside as well. The officer, whose name tag read Damien Giovanni, looked out his window and signalled for everyone to drive back to Epsilon House with the survivors.

They all knew, of course, they weren’t safe just yet. The shadows started heading for the cars. Elijah turned to Damien and asked, “Did you see those things?”
“I just told the white-haired boy, yes! We gotta get inside fast!”
They eventually made it to the front of Epsilon House, everyone was getting out of their cars and ran for the door. It was wide open with people waiting for them to come in. Damien led everyone inside as quickly as possible, pushing and shoving students through the door. Once everyone was inside, the two guys minding the door closed it and locked it shut.

Here came Avice Rowen, the chapter head of Epsilon House. She waved for people to follow her upstairs, Clayton followed and so did everyone else. Avice led everyone to the attic, climbing up first before letting everyone else in. It was one person at a time, but they all had to get up there before the shadows get inside. They were already banging on the front door. It felt like hours watching everyone climb that ladder one by one. Eventually, most of them including Clayton and company were in the attic. Then there was a loud crash. The doors were breached. Damien said, “Close the hatch!”

Some people pulled up the ladder while the others below and some up in the attic objected. The hatch ultimately closed, sealing the fates of those below. Clayton, Elijah, Milosh and the two high schoolers heard screams of panic as they probably tried to hide. Hopefully, they won’t be found by their shadow doubles. Everyone remained silent, not wanting to attract any attention from the shadows below. There was thrashing and banging heard thoughout the house.

Clayton thought about going down there and fighting them off, but now was not the time. Bartie died and no one else had to either. Elijah turned to Clayton and said, “We should probably talk about what those things are.”
“Yeah. It’s time we did.”
Clayton sighed and turned to the others with them in the attic. He then explained, “Those things out for us are Shadow People. They’re dark mirrors of us and they only want to destroy and kill their counterparts. I killed my Shadow double, and Bartie Moores died with his.”
Everyone was uneasy from the explaination, Damien said, “I…never met my Shadow double before. Any idea why?”

Clayton shook his head, “I can’t say, this is as new to me as it is for all of us.”
Damien sighed, looking around the attic. Clayton looked kind of attractive, but in a way where he was curious. White hair, pale skin, pale blue eyes and some supernatural vibe about him. Something about Clayton was strange yet Damien liked the strange and unusual. There was always something to find out from the unknown. It was a scary emotion, being curious and becoming lost into something. Time just stops when that happens. There was silence for hours, but the growling and cackles of the shadow demons were heard throughout the house. They all waited until Avice turns on the radio to a low volume. There was a broadcast that said,

“The following message is a termination of the Emergency Alert Broadcast. You may exit your homes to seek any medical attention if needed, and presume daily activities. Thank you for your cooperation.” This gave relief to everyone inside the attic, Avice opened the hatch and one by one, everyone came down from the ladder. Clayton and the others wandered around the house, seeing all the damage yet everyone survived. Clayton said, “Some of us should set up a time to talk about all this.”
Elijah asked, “Why?”
“Just to make sense of it all, I guess. Nero and I have powers, and I don’t know if anyone else does.”

Damien couldn’t help but drop into the conversation, “Powers? What do you mean?”
Clayton nodded, “Able to meet up at the campus cafeteria tomorrow morning?”
“Yeah, sure. I got time.” Damien shrugged, but agreeing to discuss the night further. Although all of them wanted to talk about it, there was still work and school to tend to. For now, they just wanted to adjust to whatever normality was left until tomorrow.

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