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The North Vale High Series

By SamanthaShwouskey All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

The Beginning


Samantha was always a late-comer to events.. She sashayed into the dorm room, London Tote hanging on her sleeveless shoulders. Behind her, trailed her bodyguard hidden by the monstrosity of her luggage. 20 minutes later, he pulled her bed into middle of her room and set her other luggage in the corner. Once everything was arranged to her liking, she purred, "Joy, time to put on a show and meet people." She put on one of her favorite light tan chiffon dresses and thin, gold strappy Nine West heels. Slowly, she sauntered into the common room and out the door, into the congested hallway.


I went to my friends dorm to see if she had unpacked. I rapped on the door three times, “Hello, getting bored here.”

A tall brown haired boy opened the door, “Hello, Im Jacob, and you are?” I stared up at him, yes UP, even with my 5’7, he was 6 inches taller than me. I must have gotten the wrong room.

“I- I’m- I’m Samantha.” I said awkwardly, all confidence gone. I offered to eat lunch with him and he shook his head yes.


She was so pretty, blond hair flowing gracefully down her back. I followed her to her room, one step behind her. Her room was a gorgeous , purple with a few other little things. I loved her… I mean it! I loved her room, her hair, her...

“Are you just going to stand there?” She asked.


I slowly slid out of my crimson sheets and slipped into my brilliant robe. I grabbed a set of sausage patties and biscuits and popped them in the microwave. I then slipped into a bright red chiffon short dress and red slippers, they were so soft and smooth.


I met with Samantha and Twilight at the main stairwell. There, we were all in elegant dresses. I was wearing a ruby velvet dress that flowed like liquid. Twilight’s dress was a sparkling dark blue dress that just touched the ground. Samantha looked gorgeous in her red chiffon dress that went down to just above her knees. I have a huge crush on this boy named Leon. It all started when he saved me from a rare beast in human form. They’re also known as vampires. But right after he saved me, he told me to get away from him, and stay away, because he’s a super strong mage who can’t control his powers. But now we’re in the same school. I’m also a mage. Samantha and Twilight and Leon are the only one who knows that I’m a mage.


I was first nervous the first time I saw her. I was only there to kill the vampire, but when she came near me, I was afraid I was going to kill the girl, so I told her to get away as fast as possible. So now she’s here alive. We once had to sit by each other in Mage class, only for mages, and her friends and my friends were around us sitting by each other. This is the only class I have with Eruza. I hope it wouldn’t end. This is how much she means to me. She remembers me, which is unbelievable. I thought I erased her memories about me, but I didn’t know she was one of the strongest mages.


I dashed into Mage class 2 minutes before the period started. Twilight and Eruza sat on either side of me. The boys sat directly behind us, finishing their homework. They NEVER did it when they were supposed to. They were always trying to do stupid stuff, like seeing who can spit the farthest or who can be more impressive. The girls and I on the other hand were quite good students, straight A’s.


Our mage teacher, also known as the strongest mage, Professore Luxus started giving us private lessons. After school, the mage class met in the mage dorms and go to a secret room to practice our magic. Our group( me, Twilight, Samantha, and Leon)have rare or lost magic. We’re all 1st-class mages. I’m a time mage. Twilight is an godslayer of the moon, also known as the Eclipse. Samantha is a mage who can also control fire. Leon, on the other hand, I have no idea what type of mage he is, but I know he’s way stronger than us.


Sitting next to me was a beautiful girl with straight long black hair. I was wondering who it was. She sat next to me then she said “Hi.” By the face and tone, I found out who she was. The girl I have saved from my uncle. I can tell why many vampires crave for her blood.


“What?!” Eruza, Samantha, and I yelled. The principal told us that the mage class will be demolished, and we’ll have to throw away our magic. Magic has become forbidden in this world. Sadly, we accepted it. We all did. All the rare mages in this school. I can’t even believe Leon was able to control his powers for once. But what about the fearsome vampires? The new era will begin. I can feel it. A new student came. I noticed who he was right away.


I felt something strong that I’ve never felt before. Then, I heard faint words in my head. “ Help me Hisui (Jade)” it said. It was Twilight’s voice. She calls me by my middle name. I told Samantha and dashed to the Great Hall. There, we saw Twilight trembling with fear. There was a boy one or two years older than us and a hundred men from the government called CP9. in the empty hall . “ J… Jurak” , she whispered. Right when Samantha and I heard the name, we looked up at the same time. “ Y… You mean that famous mage slayer?”, I said trembling.


“ I finally found you. Twilight Eclipse Luna.”, the boy said. “ Wh… Why are you here?” I asked. Then, Jurak came near us then grabbed me like he was about to bite me. “ Tell me, where is Samantha Silver Essence and Leon Arima?”. Silently, a message slipped into my head. Eruza was contacting all the mages with telepathy

“ Get all the mages Leon.”, she said. “ We have a battle against the Anti-Mage government.” Carefully, I placed a gentle hand on the raging Jurak’s shoulder. “I have no idea.” I said in a silky smooth voice, eyeing him with something that only originated from the eyes of mine. Desperately I looked over at Jade, and winked at her. Trying my best at amateur telepathy, I sent her the following: “Go. I’ve bought us some time. Try your best to round up all the mages and prepare them for battle.” Quickly I avert my gaze back to the very angry boy in front of me. “Don’t you forget who I am.” I say, changing my tone quite fast. Determined, I leave him to himself and walk off, trailing into darkness.


I raced into the hall after Eruza. War. That’s what this has come to. All the other students are on a three week trip to Russia, Japan, and America. I slowly drew my wand from my bag and dropped the bag, cursing as it dropped on my feet. My eyes widen at the scene in front of me, Leon was holding Jurak in choke hold, JUrak’s face was turning red, very red. I set a telepathic memo to all the mages that it was Jurak who came to kill us. I didn’t understand what Twi and Eruza were doing, then Eruza transformed into her magical form as Twi drew her slim, silver sword.


While we rounded up all the mages, I see Twilight covered in scars. I went in front of her and yelled, “I’ll be your opponent”. Then I used my Arc Of Time spell. “ Arc of time, exquipe”! I transformed into my magical form. I ran. With a sword in one hand. But, I heard a slice. The sound came near where my heart is. Then all this blood splattered. I fell with pain. Then I heard choking noises from Jurak. Leon was the one choking him. I heard Twilight yell at Leon to stop and I didn’t have a chance to know whether he stopped or not. I was carried to the hospital and while I was in the coma, Leon was always watching me. I woke up. I saw reddish brown eyes staring at me. I was back at my favorite school. I woke up from my bed, still dressed in the white sleeveless dress, i went to the bathroom. I washed my face, then saw the mirror. What I saw was blood on my dress, and two puncture wounds.


I couldn't believe that I had bit Eruza. I had lost control when the blood gushed out of her chest. I bit her neck and drank. I tingled all 0ver as I drank in her sweet blood. In the faint distant background I heard Leon cursing at me. Then I felt a burning sensation throughout my body, I screamed as Eruza’s mage blood tore through my body, almost killing me.


When we got back from the trip the school seemed different, it seemed eerie, like a battle had happened. The whole trip I worried about Samantha, she wasn’t allowed to come. I often found myself picking up my phone to text her, then I’d put it down again. when I found her in the library, researching something about Vampires and some sort of mage blood thing, I thought she had gone crazy. Until she told me what she was and what she had done. I let her cry while I held her, rocking her back and forth.


I couldn’t believe I had told a HUMAN my secret! I went back to my dorm but the whole way I felt as if someone was following me. I locked myself in my room and snuggled down for the night. Then I heard a tap at the window. Two taps. Three taps. I got up and opened the window to a very small sleek black owl with bright blue feathers dotted around it’s back. I untied the letter and package and gave the little owl a treat. I ripped the seal and pulled out a letter. I cried as I read through it, Amnesia by 5SOS was playing on the radio. I couldn’t believe it. I opened the box and took out my miniature belongings, my wedding dress, veil, ring, my jewelry, and my other things, we were going to get engaged and married, but when I went off back to school, my dreams got torn apart.


I opened the door to a crying Samantha, mascara running down her face. “What’s wrong?” I asked her concerned. Had the Anti-Mage government found and killed her family? “He le-left me!” She wailed. I was confused about who she was talking about until she thrust a letter and box at me. I opened them, scanned the letter and looked in the box. She was going to get married in 6 years, when she turned 21. But now she can’t. I told her it was going to be okay and that he wasn’t worth it. She sniffled and wiped at her eyes. “You know what? We should into town and go to 3 Wands.” She nodded at what I had said. Butterbeer and Firewhiskey were her favorite.


We went to 3 Wands and I ordered 2 Firewhiskies and a Butterbeer, I downed them in 5 minutes. Eruza stared at me, I don’t normally drink. She walked with me back to our dorm rooms. She stopped at Twi’s room after she followed me to mine.


I had never seen her down so much alcohol, she normally only drinks small sips of Butterbeer or a shot of Firewhiskey. She was going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning.

Leon asked me how i got the puncture wounds when he invited me to his dormitory room. “ I don’t know” I replied. “ When I woke up from my coma, and went to the bathroom, I just saw them”. Before I even noticed, Leon was on top of me, licking my neck, then biting it. A flash of pain hit me. Then I realized. Leon is a pureblood vampire/mage. If a pureblood bites a human or whatsoever, they’ll also become vampire. The sad part is, I only had a small chance at living because Leon hadn’t tasted human blood in so long.


I woke up with a pounding headache and a swishy stomach.. I got up and the first thing I did was hurl all over the floor. I rang for Twi, Eruza and a maid. Twi and Eruza whooshed in the door seconds later talking about some sort of anti-hangover potion they had found. I swallowed it down as Twi started picking an outfit for me. “We’re going shopping tonight. Girls night out!” she said as she rummaged into the depths of my closet. I smiled slightly as the effects of the potion started to kick in. I felt less woozy and my headache disappeared. I saw that Eruza’s eyes flashed a menacing red and she evilly grinned at Twi. I recognized the effects of vampire transformation. I rushed in front of Twi, baring my teeth. “Don’t touch her!” I growled at my friend. She charged and I grabbed her shoulders turning her around. I tied her hands as she threshed. I locked her in her room to keep herself and everyone else safe. “HOW COULD YOU!!!!!” I yelled at Leon. He had bit her and now she was going mad. I had already hated him before because he had turned me. Now I seethed with anger and frustration. He TURNED her! She would now have to learn how to control herself and stay in check. Eruza had broken the rope and she came barreling in.


“It’s all right Samantha.” , I said. “ After Leon bit me, he drank his own blood and mouth fed it to me. Turns out I was a pureblood before Leon bit me that day to turn me into human”. I went and sat in Leon’s old soft leather chair. It smelled like him, sweet, slightly grassy, and that special Leon sent. Samantha looked angry and aghast, as If had just attacked her best friend. I soon found out that I had tried to attack Twi. I was so scared of myself I quivered. “Is this what it was like for you Samantha?” I asked her. “Yes, it was. It was all Leon’s fault though. He bit me, once when he was a newborn and again when he was pureblood.” She said the last part a bit louder than necessary. Leon, he did this… He bit me again.


I waltzed into art with my hair in a messy, loose, bun, my heels clacked across the floor as I made my way to my seat. Twi came in seconds after me. Leon had spoken to Headmistress Lyan about Eruza, she had been put in a special room and would stay there for a month.


I looked into the mirror. Red eyes and a blood streak running down my cheek. I was a pureblood vampire, while Samantha was an aristocrat. Oh Samantha, why would you do this to me? You bit my neck, but at least I was lucky enough to not become a vampire. I started crying. Samantha, how could you do this to me? I was in here because I attacked Twi. Twi hates me now. Samantha was never put into a brutal cell like this. No one likes me now. Everyone knows I’m a rare beast in human form because of Leon and Samantha. Telling everyone where I am and saying the reason.


I walked into Eruza’s “prison cell” as Twi calls it. I told it was all Leon’s fault. I told her my story. Leon had bit me when he was a newborn, then he bit me again when he was pureblood. He had held me captive for 2 whole months. It was torture and pain. Thats why I never returned to school last year. I was homeschooled by him. I told her not to trust him and to ignore his training. He was trying to build a vampire army. I was his first victim.


Samantha would never realize, Leon never knew her before he met hee here. He would never try to make a vampire army to destroy humans who live on the other side of this universe. Leon had never bit anyone besides me. He only wanted my blood. Not hers. When she came into my prison cell, I told her. “I know who actually bit you. I was there in Leon’s arms when he saved me from the fearsome vampire who also bit you. But he was too late. You were bitten while sleeping. It was Leon’s uncle who bit you. Lord Arima”.

Sorry that I had to disagree

Leon entered my room. I hissed at him. “How could you do this to me?! You turned me back into a pureblood vampire and now everyone hates me. Because of you…” , Leon squeezed me tight. “I’m really sorry”, he said. “I only wanted to be with you forever”.


Authors Notes: Samantha S. Essence

Gosh, when I first thought of writing this, last year after being inspired by a club on Stardoll, I thought that we’d never finish, but here we are with a finished story and a second one on the horizon. I really couldn’t have even started without the help of Eruza and Twilight.

Authors Notes: Eruza H. Laxor

When i started writing this with Samantha and Twilight’s help, we were able to make book one and we’re extremely excited to get this book “published”. We ended it with a cliffhanger and now, we can let everyone know what will happen as long as if they read this wonderful series. Thank you so much!

Authors Notes: Twilight

It was really fun to write this book with Eruza and Samantha. Some parts made me laugh while others made me cry. I can’t wait to finish the next book.

A sneak peek at S.E.T.’s next book, “Actions That Kill A Friend”


Scars. Thats all I saw. A single tear slowly slid down my face. I was looking at my reflection in the plain mirror that was held in front of me by a dull nurse.

©S.E.T. Books 2013-2017 (Made using Google Docs)

Please keep in mind that my co-authors and I wrote this short story when we were in the 5th grade, this document is likely to contain grammatical errors.

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