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Hello I'm don't know where to start .... Looking for you Kevona ... Searchings for you Kevona ... You are the reason I haven't given up .... I'm going to send this to you .... I've found something that moves me ... More than that rules me .... Don't know what I've been thinking about the other day it's been consciously months years days workout you ... I'm sorry I never know you're pain .... You are the reason for all seasons .... Love can't even explain the dept of care I have for you .... Time so much time has been consciously and mentally destroying EVERYTHING that I am .... This is my last stand .... I'm going in circles ... Kevona at these very moment it's 4 :31 Am and I relapsed but things are going to be better for me.... The fact that betters even a thought it's M azing being honest with you and being a part of your life is so important to me ... Like momma ... Waited for all of us to become ready for her departure .... She waited for us to become an adult once you realize it is 💯 you than you BELIEVE..... I'm don't one wait to say all I can say is I'm writing all my inner most important thoughts down thats all I can do.... Is writer .... I've spent years living .... You are KNOW Free to fly around the county ... Kind of shit .... It feel so good the have a moment's notice your never going to see this until I'm gone but .... All that means isI NEVER LEFT I NEVER LEFT

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