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Filip Dučić
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Born only to be forgotten, love only to be neglected, and live only to be banished by life itself, Augustine was just that. He was nothing to the outside world, born into a world that was not his own. A realm in which he was but a stranger.

His mother was the only one who acknowledged Augustine’s existence. Even if she could not see him nor hear his voice. She always believed that Augustine was there, as a mother, she could not bear to leave her child all alone.

So, despite of his invisibility, she was there for little Augustine. She taught him many things, and always hoped in faith that he listened.

This brought nothing but destruction to the mother. People shunned her and made accusations of insanity and demon possession. She lost everything since the birth of her imperceptible Augustine. Losing her friends, family, even her house. The mother, despite this, never let go of Augustine, she was firm on the belief that he was but there, somewhere around her. For she felt his jabs and subliminal messages.

The world cast her on the streets, she fed on nothing but breadcrumbs and rotten vegetables. Augustine was saddened by this; he was old enough to understand the predicament’s and the causes of the situation.

His mother grew bitter, and resentful. Slowly casting Augustine away, shrugging him off as a figment of her fractured mind.

The following winter, his mother died. All alone, regretful and miserable. All that Augustine could do is watch as she rotted in the dirt streets of London.

Though this was painful, he had to move on. Going about his own way. This was the hardest of days for Augustine, as he walked away from his mother’s corps, independence was engraved in him. He had to live on his own now. Figure out the rest of the world through his own eyes.

Augustine made a promise, for he would never affect the people around him. However hard it would be, Augustine concluded that it would be better to live invisible to the outside world, than destroy the lives of those who he loved.

Despite this, Augustine did not shy away from education and simply wandered the world. Aspiring for knowledge, he attended schools, even at a young age. He would follow his fellow classmates’ home and sleep in their houses during the night.

He never had a need for nutriment, thirst or sleep, but he loved dreams, it was the only place where he could have what he always wished for, to be noticed. Augustine was fascinated with the life of ordinary people, and ordinary children. He mimicked their lifestyles and acted as if he was a part of their lives. He analyzed the behavior of the people around him and worked to have a normal life.

Of course, this was something he was never able to achieve. Despite trying to lead a normal life, Augustine felt alone. No one could see him; no one could talk to him, feel him, or know of his existence.

One day, on his way to school, Augustine was walking down the muddy roads of old London when he noticed a damsel. She was beautiful with her blond hair tied back and her ocean blue eyes opposing the gloomy and gray September sky.

He was paralyzed and could not believe that such a creature could exist. Her blue velvet dress, and skin as pale as marble, ignited a spark in Augustine’s frail little heart. He stopped and gazed at her with admiration, attempting to comprehend the beauty of young Marie Hill.

For years Augustine admired her and was perplexed by her beauty. He dreamed of her acknowledging his existence, being aware that he was right there, waiting for her in front of her school, waving and hoping she could, one day, notice him.

One night as Marie was walking down to her home, through the dark and rugged alleyways, Augustine followed behind her should anything untoward happen.

He was contemplating how he could prevent such an act, since he had promised to himself that he would not affect the outer realm, in manner. Halfway to Marie’s home, in the corner of his eye he saw a dark clad figure creep up behind her.

Noticing the approaching figure, she accelerated her pace, panicking and weighing the consequences. Marie, with worry and distress, dictating her actions, turned the wrong direction and found herself in a dead-end alley. Pleading with the man in tears, Marie lay in the corner of the alley calling for help as the fellow, tying her hands and feet proceeded to beat her.

As he attempted to drag her into one of the buildings, he discerned voices in the distance. Panicked, he took out a metallic string, and began to strangle young Marie Hill. Augustine’s mind collapsed into oblivion as the suffocated screams of Marie pierced his soul.

Even when Augustine covered his ears, he could still hear the muffled screams filling him with wrath and acrimony. He could withstand it no longer, and in fury Augustine snapped. Grabbing the hooded man’s head, he twisted it.

Silence veiled the alleyway as the man collapsed dead on the cold, dirty street. He stood above Marie in grave disarray and perturbation.

Marie lay in the mud beaten and unconscious. This act perplexed and disoriented young Augustine as he never understood that a man could do such a vile thing. Nevertheless, the sight was harrowing for him, so harrowing that the gods let his tears fall onto her body. Coming to his senses, Augustine used all his will to lift Marie and carry her home.

Breathless he banged on the door of the residence and waited for the maid to open the door. When the maid saw the unconscious form of young Marie, she screamed in hysteria whilst taking her in and swiftly closing the door.

Augustine stood there, gazing at the door as it all settled in. Tears began to flow down his face as he collapsed in front of the residence wallowing in pain and sorrow, for no child, at such a young age, should live through the horror that he had witnessed.

The school year had come to a close. Everyone was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Even Augustine had a lift in his spirit from just gazing at the sight, though his happiness was short lived as he overheard that Marie was sailing to the new world, across the ocean. He was furious, saddened and disappointed all at once. Augustine could not believe that she was leaving him, that he could no longer see her. The fear of leaving all that he had known was too great, so, he followed her to the dock.

The ships where colossal and vastly greater than anything he had ever seen. Their white sails and wooden figureheads fascinated him, but his astonishment was quickly suppressed as her family began docking the ship.

Marie was the last to dock, since she halted and looked out at the city for one last time. Augustine battled the urge to feel her one last time. So, as Marie wiped the single tear from her eyes and proceeded to the ship, Augustine lightly caressed her arm. Marie jolted and looked back in aberrant confusion. He quickly removed his arm realizing his act to be to forward.

Marie further looked back as if she was looking for something. Something that was familiar to her. Marie’s parents called out, but she did not register their voices. Augustine stood in front of her, dismal and somber as Marie’s father took her by the hand and ushered her into the ship.

Augustine watched as the ship sailed away into the shivery morning sun. That was the last time Augustine had laid his eyes upon the alluring Marie Hill.

He sat at the seafronts edge in the darkest of hours contemplating his life with only a streetlight to illuminate the somber moment. As he stared into the water, he saw no shadow, and he moved his hand above the water, as if hoping to see it wave back at him.

In all certainty, it did not, but he did see something. Something in the gloomy waters that was creating ripples in median size.

The ripples of the water became more apparent and the sound of water falling from vast heights was heard. Augustine jolted up onto the street staring out into the distance.

Its size was grandiose giving Augustine a feeling of inadequacy. The sky darkened and clouds clashed, thunder raged upon the city of London as it approached the shore.

Augustine stood on the street, stupefied by the grandeur of this being. As it stepped on the shore, crumbling the rock, droplets of water flowed from its white hair landing on Augustine, thrusting him to the ground.

Wiping the water from his eyes he noticed a rod coming down above him. He quickly jumped out to the side and looked up as the trident descended. Augustine was dumbstruck with shock and dismayed by its prestige, could do nothing but glare.

After the imposing being stepped on to shore it halted and turned its head toward Augustine. Breathless, he slowly stood, leaning on the wall of nearby building, petrified by the fact that this monstrous being was gazing back at him.

While they were staring at each, a pedestrian walked by, passing under the colossal sea giant. Droplets of water fell, grazing the pedestrian. In confusion he looked straight at the being completely unaware that the sea creature was gazing back at him.

Whilst taking out his umbrella, the pedestrian averted his eyes to Augustine. Seeing only the wet stain on the wall of the building, Augustine, in awe, stared back at the on looker. Dazed, the pedestrian returned his gaze then quickly accelerated his pace.

The monstrous being returned his pale white eyes on Augustine, and Augustine in turn reciprocated.

It was at this moment that he had finally come to an epiphany. It was an epiphany which both gave and took a load of off his back.

As the creature moved through the city, Augustine followed it standing in front of the street entrance, staring at the being as it disappeared into the dark streets of London.

A whirl of emotions accosted Augustine as he began to process the fact that all this time, through all these years and seasons, he might not have been all alone…

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