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Chapter Nineteen

I had dreamed of whole fields filled with magnificent red roses, white daises and blue irises. I could not believe that such a place could exist. I ran through it, with the flowers and soft grass gracing the soles of my feet. Warm summer breezes caressed my skin, whilst the scent of a countless lilies accorded me with intense happiness.

I felt free and weightless.

In the distance I could discern a growing darkness, engulfing the land in a black mist. Ignoring it, I turned, running as though nothing was there to burden me. Suddenly the field began to slip, tilting sideways.

Panicking, I grabbed hold of the ground, frantically grasping at the grass, dirt and roots. The ground was unable to sustain my weight and I tumbled, finding myself free falling in space, screaming for help

I hit my head on the musty wooden floor.

Stunned, I awoke. I had been asleep, dreaming.

Hastily I had come to my senses and remembered why I was in this room. The trap!

The meat that I had set had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen. Panicking, I cautiously creeped around the house to see if the red eyed creature had gained access.

Infuriated, I stepped outside with my candle, lighting up the entrance of the house.

“You coward!” I yelled out into the dark valley. “Eating up all of the meat and running away like a frantic deer!”

Presently, I felt a peculiar cold breeze on my neck, causing the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. I stood paralyzed on the porch of the house. Looking down at my feet, I noticed a puff of cold breath slithering between my ankles. Disturbed by this I slowly turned my head to confront this creature.

As soon as I turned my head to gaze at it, the creature rapidly jolted back into the house. Not hesitating for even a second, I followed behind in quick pursuit.

Turning the corner of the hallway, I extinguished my candle using my fingers. Putting on my gloves I reached for my dagger.

Firmly I held onto the dagger while I slowly searched the house for the creature. Hearing a clashing sound upstairs, I began my cautious journey towards the stairs.

Standing in front of the flight of stairs I my eyes squinted in an attempt to discern what I was seeing Suddenly the creature with those two red eyes appeared above the steps, leaping at me, and knocking me to the ground.

The creature sprinted towards the door. Knowing that I could not allow this creature to escape, I extended my hand out toward the door slamming it shut.

The creature quickly turned left and headed into the grand hall.

Perplexed, I stared down at my hands, for I could not remember when I acquired this power. With no memento or any known practices in the art of energy wielding, I did not know how I had managed to shut those doors, but I did not have time to ponder this, since I still had an unidentified creature roaming my house.

Slowly I approached the hall in which the creature had ventured. Entering the hall, I saw that the trap was still there, hanging from the ceiling. In a swift and bold move, I closed the door behind me.

“Now it’s just me and you,” I challenged.

I could not see where the creature was hiding, so cautiously, I searched the room.

I was bewildered that I could not find the creature. Suddenly that same feeling I had felt before, came upon me once more.

From the ceiling the creature jumped at me, I fended it off and threw it toward the center of the trap. Quickly I jumped to the lever and pulled it down trapping the creature inside of the cage.

The creature was trembling. As it was still dark, the only thing I could see was its red eyes.

As I lit the candle, I slowly approached this mysterious dark creature, fully expecting a foul monster. I was quite baffled to be met by a small dark hound.

It was quite minuscule, about the size of a puppy dog with one petite horn on its left side. It seemed frightened and shocked by the situation.

I stared at it for a moment, gazing at its peculiar form. Its other horn seemed to be missing, and it had small spikes down its spine.

“Well, now what could you be?” I asked.

I retrieved the diary which the professor had given me and proceeded to see if I could find this creature’s identity. The closest thing I found, that resembled it was a Shadow Hound.

I sat against the cage and talked to the puppy,

“The only thing you could be is a Shadow Hound, minus the never-ending hunger and abhorrent look.”

I continued to examine this peculiar creature. There was something perplexing about its nature.

“You have but one horn. You should have two.”

I slowly came closer to it, examining the fearful little hound.

“My, you might be an outcast. Poor fellow, why would such a small innocent creature like you be out here all alone?”

The creature was still huddled in the corner, with only its head turned to face me.

“Hm,” I thought to myself, as I went into the cellar to take out some meat.

Taking out a pound of meat, I brought it to the little hound. Cautiously I opened the door and placed the meat on the floor.

“Sorry little one, I still don’t trust you after the whole ‘knocking me down’ thing…”

The puppy slowly gazed down at the meat which lay in the middle of the cage. Carefully he approached the meat, sniffed it then turned to stare at me, as if I were to judge his eating habits.

“Go ahead. I don’t care that much about manners.”

The little hound then proceeded to devour the meat, as if it were his last meal.

“You sure are hungry, aren’t you?” I asked.

As I thought about it more I began to wonder.

“Hm, if I were to take you in. Would you eat me?”

The little hound quickly raised his head and perking up his ears, began to faintly whimper.

“With my professional hound language skills, I will take that as a ‘probably’.”

The hound began to wag his tail and proceeded to devour the remaining meat which I had given him.

I continued to glance at the small hound. Its aura was quite different, and I felt a sense of connection with him. Perhaps it was because my mind seemed to be in shambles, longing for someone, but I wanted to believe that there was more to it.

“Well, you cannot reside in my house and not have a proper name.”

I thought for a second what I could name him.

“Hm, you know what? You seemed to remind me of a Fitz.”

The little hound raised its head and tilted it.

“So, Fitz, how would you like a tour of my house?”

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