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Chapter Thirty

A clap of thunder, which struck nearby, abruptly awakened me. Dazed, still half asleep, I looked to my right. Fitz soundly slept on the bed, covering almost half of it.

Groaning wearily, I rose from my bed and peered through the window but the pelting rain outside made my view impossible.

Sighing, I went to check on Sarah. I peeked in at her through her bedroom door. Sleeping soundly, she was completely unaware of the raging storm outside.

As I was quietly closing her door, the glasses which rested on the black nightstand caught my attention. I halted at the entrance, gazing at the peculiar spectacles. Wrestling with an idea that had just popped into my mind, I hesitated.

Impulsively, I rushed over to the nightstand and took the glasses.

I was hesitant at first, but then I slowly put them on, wondering what affect it might have on me. As I put them on, a faint darkness took over. The room darkened and a shivering cold engulfed my body.

As I looked around the room, barely able to see a thing. Feeling my way along, I headed to Sarah’s worktable, and lit a match which offered only a faint green hue. Perplexed by this I proceeded to the hall, removing the gas lamp from the wall and lighting it with the match. The gas lamp, which normally would illuminate the room only served to give off a faint green glow.

Turning around I went back to Sarah’s room. A figure clad in black wet clothing and stooped shoulders, stood in the entrance, gazing down at Sarah.

Petrified, I simply halted and with wide eyes I stared back at him. My chest tightened, and my breath came in shallow puffs as the dark figure crept into Sarah’s room.

Inching backward, to avoid detection my foot stepped on a loose board which creaked loudly

Standing motionless, I watched in horror as the slouched figure slowly turned its head at my direction. Its long greasy hair partially covered the hollow void in his eyes.

We stood gazing at each other. Beads of cold sweat formed on my brow and I felt paralyzed with fear.

The dark figure bolted into Sarah’s room. At this point I had regained my presence of mind and started toward back to Sarah’s room.

Once again fear gripped me, for I spied this figure resting on the wall above where Sarah lay sleeping, his face a few centimeters from hers. Her sleep seemed restless and she was constantly murmuring in her sleep.

“Get away from her!” I shouted in fear and anger, while taking hold of a knife which I spied resting on a worktable behind me.

The figure unnaturally moved its gaze to me, and whispered words which I could not understand.

I hastily rushed to confront the figure, as it attacked me.

The spectacles flew off my face as I struck the ground. Aimlessly I waved the blade, as I rose to my feet, only to be met with an empty room.

As I cautiously picked the spectacles from the ground, I noticed that Sarah was becoming more agitated in her sleep. Bolting up as if from a nightmare she awoke panting, her eyes wide with terror

“Augustine!” Sarah called out as she groped on the nightstand for her goggles.

Confused, I remained silent, taking the gas light from the worktable in hand and observed.

“Augustine!” She continued to shout once again while she ,groped, feeling her way around as she walked.

I waved my light a little way from her face. She seemed not to even register its light.

“You’re blind.”

“Augustine! Where are you?” She asked panting.

I gazed down at her, with a sense of disappointment and confusion.

“I’m right in front of you,” I quietly answered.

“What?” Sarah exclaimed, as she slowly made her way to the corner of the room.

I handed her the goggles and with no hesitation she swiftly put them on.

“What are you hiding?” I calmly asked her.

She responded with silence, as she sat shaking, huddled in the corner.

“Sarah?” I persisted.

Sarah slowly lifted her gaze from the floor, and made eye contact, briefly maintaining eye contact.

“There are side effects, she faintly sniffled.

I gazed at her in confusion.

“It darkens my eye,” she replied.

“Explain,” I stepped closer.

“The longer I wear them, the more they darken my eyesight.”

Sarah raised her voice as she trembled in the corner.

“I- I can’t fix it! I tried! I really did-“

“Ok, just remain calm. I’m here now.“ I desperately attempted to comfort Sarah as she was swiftly becoming hysterical.

“Oh, you’re bleeding.” I pointed, at the blood on her arm. “C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up.”

I slowly picked Sarah up, and carried her down the stairs as Fitz approached his countenance downcast.

“Could you just pass me the box, please?” Sarah asked exasperated, as I lay her carefully on the sofa.

“Sure,” I brought her box and hastily went to the kitchen. “Where did you put the cloths?”

“The lower cupboard, next to the dishes,” Sarah uttered, while adjusting her spectacles.

Just as Sarah was tightening the gears, her left lens popped out, and skidded away under the old wooden cabinet.

Sighing in frustration, she slowly got up, and squatted to peer beneath the cabinet. With one eye shut, she managed to locate her venturing lens. As she reached to retrieve the lens something else caught her attention.

Peering slightly upwards, she noticed an indent in the wood. Looking at it intently, Sarah pulled on the indent and the dagger fell from the hidden compartment clattering on the dusty floor, in front of her.

Baffled and intrigued, Sarah slowly stretched her hand beneath the cabinet, taking hold of the dagger. Faintly it began to glow as she gazed at it in allure.

I had prepared the cloths, tearing them into a smaller strips to use for bandages, and entered the room.

“Here you go, I got the-“

Seeing Sarah squatting in front of the cabinet with her back turned to me, I called her name.


I slowly approached her, curious to see what she was doing. Halting suddenly, I was paralyzed by the sight of Sarah holding the glowing dagger in her hand.

I hastily rushed forward and grabbed the dagger from her hand, throwing it into the corner of the room. Taking her by the arm I propelled her to the corner of the kitchen.


Hastily I shushed Sarah and persisted to tie the bandage around her cut.

Gazing back at where I tossed the dagger, I noticed Fitz calmly staring down at it.

“Just, stay here please.” I said to Sarah, panting.

Cautiously I approached Fitz and the dagger. As I approached, my entire body felt weak and heavy. Dread filled me until I could barely breath from the tightness in my throat, for the dagger had lay there, in the corner pulsating faintly.

It was as if I had suddenly become paralyzed. I simply could not seem to make myself pick up the glowing dagger.

Forcing myself to approach the dagger picking it up with a remnant of the bandage I still carried in my hand.

Fitz and I gazed at the blasted blade as its glow began to fade. As we looked at one another fear was evident on both of our faces.

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