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Chapter Thirty- Three

There were tiny white specks mingled with the black dots. Its fluffy nature and green spheres engulfed the wood. They resembled grand towns and high buildings growing on the corner of the boat. I imagined tiny people walking amongst the fluffy mold. I wondered how they would interact with one another in this peculiar environment. How would they interact with the politics, agriculture; how would they react to outside influence. Would a simple droplet of water be a threat to them, or would they be able to adapt a lifestyle which was in constant threat of flooding?

I felt nauseous and filthy, still curled in a ball after a night at float. Fitz was constantly whining and walking about. At last when his whining became unbearable. Taking my cutlass, I used it to support my weakened body as I slowly sat up, stretching my arms and back.

I looked over at Fitz as he paced about whining. My mouth felt like it was stuffed with cotton; my tongue thick. At last I was able to utter; “Are you hungry?”

Fitz merely whined.

Taking my cutlass, I chopped some rope and tied it to my cutlass.

Rolling onto my knees, feeling weak and lightheaded, I gazed out at the sea, for any sign of fish. Taking out a small piece of left-over fish from the food box, I chopped it up tying it to the rope, making a makeshift fishing line.

Many hours passed, as I continued my vigilant watch over the waters, restlessly waiting for something to take the bait on my line. At last after what seemed to be an eternity, I discerned some movement in the water.

Taking my home-made spear in my hand, I prepared to use it. I could see a salmon lingering near to the bait. Taking careful aim, I quickly stabbed at the fish, but ultimately failed.

“Blasted fish!” I exclaimed, whilst striking the boat with my cutlass.

I kept my constant vigil on into the second night but with no success, when at last just as the sun began sinking behind the horizon, I could feel something was nibbling at the meat causing a tug on my rope. I jerked to attention hovering over the rope, taking careful aim and raising my spear, I vigorously plunged it into the water, stabbing at whatever had been nibbling my meat.

It seemed as though I had caught a cod, As I raised my catch into the boat, and lord behold, a codfish.

Fitz, hastily lunged at the fish, aggressively tearing into it, killing it instantly.

“Greedy bastard,” I murmured, as huddled back against the side of the boat, gazing back at the endless sea.

As Fitz was greedily devouring the fish he suddenly began to yelp.

“What now,” I asked, leaning over toward him.

As I slowly approached him, I noticed bite marks on his neck. Carefully worked my way around his thick black fur and examined the horrid wounds.

the syringe from the case, I took the right amount as Sarah did last time Fitz hurt himself, and gently injected Fitz in the neck.

He jerked, nearly biting my hand.

“Calm down, this will help you.”

Fitz slowly lay down, attempting to scratch at his neck. “Don’t do that; you’ll make it worse.”

I sat right next to him, peeking at his wound.

“This looks nasty. Looks like we both have something in common,” I said as I looked down at my blood-soaked bandage.

Fitz turned his head away from me in misery and sighed. He lay silent on the floor as the boat rocked back and forth. I looked down at Fitz, and lay down next to him, pulling him close to me. Feeling his warmth gave me a sense of rest and calm. I drifted into a land where my dreams took over, and green valleys appeared in front of me. The smell of vast flowers soothed my senses and gave me a rest from the horrid scent of fish and salt.

I sat in the grass this time, wanting rest and nothing more. The sound of the grass dancing and flowing with the wind caused me to smile, until I felt a raindrop fall upon my cheek.

I wiped the raindrop from my cheek only for another to land on my arm and then on my neck. Annoyed, I glanced up at the sky. Just then a raindrop fell upon my eye causing me wo awaken from my slumber. Above me dark and restless clouds rolled together producing a torrential downpour of rain Massive storm clouds were rolling in and the waves began to gain momentum as they splashed against our small boat.

Hastily, I turned to the steam powered motor which had ceased working the night prior. Desperately I attempted to cause it to come to life, with no success. Fitz was not so eager of our destined approach, but bravely he stood at the front of the boat, with his head held high and snout forward, prepared to face the vicious waves.

Entering its vast and colossal circle, I firmly grasped the edge of the boat, uttering to Fitz, “HOLD ON!”

As soon as I said the blasted words, a gigantic wave struck the boat, nearly flinging Fitz out into the horrid pitch-black waters.

The boat rocked back and forth, engulfing us in raging waters. The rain which pelted down upon us felt alike millions of tiny arrows, slashing at our skin. Fitz struggled with his footing, rocking constantly from one side of the boat to another.

“Hold on Fitz!” I exclaimed as the boat began to descend another wave.

The boat slowly began to plummet downwards. Slowly I moved my head up, just to be faced with a massive wall of water which was rushing at us. We rode the crest of the wave, violently crashing to the ebb. The speed of our descent was too much for our small boat capsized hurling us into the dark and stormy waters.

I descended the murky waters. Flashes of lightening sparked above me causing streaks of light to shoot across the surface of the water. Great weakness had overtaken my body, leaving me with little will to continue fighting the water which was pulling me steadily downward. Plummeting deeper into the cold waters my mind was sluggish to respond. I did not want to die, but it appeared that I had no choice.

Slowly my sight blurred then darkened. As I continued to plummet into the cold and murky waters, I could but hear the faint muffled clashes of the waves. Then I saw a strange shadow approach me, biting at my frock, and pulling me upwards.

I arose to the surface, grasping for air. Fitz barely was able to climb back into the boat, attempting in vain to get me on board. With no success, I desperately held onto the side of the frail wooden boat. Shivering uncontrollably from the cold I held onto Fitz hoping that our boat would not capsize.

I yelled at the sea and cursed it, fighting against the waves and thunderous rain.

“Balance it!” I exclaimed.

Fitz was in utter confusion, still attempting to get me on board.

“Balance it you idiot!” I pushed Fitz on the other side of the boat in an attempt to keep it from capsizing. Noticing the rope from our makeshift fishing line, I quickly locked my arms onto it, tying it around my hands and praying to what ever god was cursing me with these clashing waves and pelleting rain, to spare me of the suffering.

Rays of the sun slowly began to peak out of the clouds caressing our sodden clothing and exposed skin. After many hours my arms grew stiff from the sodden rope, so I used all the strength I had left, and rolled myself into the boat.

The storm was spent, and we had survived. Although the sun’s rays were warm during the day, the night quickly chilled us once again making the long nights unbearable.

We huddled close together during the nights gazing up at the star-studded sky.

“Fitz?” I stuttered. “Have you ever seen an elephant?”

Fitz responded with a whimper.

“I heard they brought good luck, but I know it’s all a bunch of- rubbish.”

We continued to both gaze at the sky, shivering in silence.

“Sarah would have loved this,” I murmured, “I mean the view, not the cold. You know, there was one time when I was in London, that I climbed up to the top of a building, and I looked up into the sky. There was a shooting star that zipped across the sky, and you know what I wished for?”

Fitz stayed silent as I turned my gaze towards him, “I wished for wooden horse, like what rich children would play with. I didn’t wish to be normal. I wished for a wooden horse.”

My wound hurt as I chuckled. “I wished for a bloody horse, and you know what? I got it; I mean, I stole it from another child, but at least I got it. Sometimes I think to myself; what if I wished for something else. What if I had wished to be like everyone else.”

I halted for a moment

“I’m- going to- sleep.”

Fitz attempted to lick my face, and comfort me, but I turned my face away to look for a falling star desperately hoping that one would pass by.

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