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In the distance I noticed a peculiar fishing boat, approaching the shore from the mist.

However perplexing it was, I dismissed it and continued gazing at the waters.

As the boat approached the shore, there was an odd-looking fellow accompanying it, tall and pale with black hair, wearing only a black button up shirt and pants.

Turning my attention to him, I was slightly stricken by his lack of shoes, as he hopped bare footed out onto the sand.

I gazed down seeing my wounds form minuscule rivers of blood flowing into the sea. Blankly I stared at these rivers, imagining Egyptian boats sailing on them. On its bay, I imagined grand cities with obelisks, pyramids-.

“Hey!” A voice called out to me.

I turned towards the voice and saw that it came from the odd bare footed man.

“You need a ride?” His sharp enthusiastic tone did not amuse me in the slightest.

“No.” I replied.

“You sure?”

“Positive.” I answered.

“Very positive?” The man persisted.

“Yes,” with irritation in my voice, I once more replied.

“Very, very positive?” As he continued on, I simply ignored him and went on gazing at the rivers of blood.

“I have steak.” The man uttered.

“Who the hell are you?” I angrily inquired.

The man’s long and thin face burst with ardor as he approached me, stretching his arm out and introducing himself.

“Lucifer! Pleasure to meet you!”

I stared at his lean pale hands. They were quite odd, with gray nails making me pass on shaking his hand.

“Aha, and- what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Oh, just passing by, you know- the usual.” His sharp and somewhat mischievous charisma repelled me from further engagement, and I remained silent, turning my gaze forward.

“You know that boat right there- was made for two-“

“What do you want?” I rudely interrupted.

“I just want to give you a simple ride, that’s all.”

“I don’t need your ride.”

“Well, that’s strange, I see no other boat nearby-” Lucifer sarcastically pointed at his boat.

I sighed in irritation and stood up, walking away from him.

Lucifer jittered about, scratching the back of his head and at last, exclaiming, “Augustine!”

I halted and awe stricken by his words, I turned toward him. He seemed quite awkward in his stature.

“How do you know me?” I slowly approached him.

“I’ll tell you on one condition,” Lucifer quipped.

“To get in the boat...” I predicted listlessly.

Lucifer stayed silent, with his hands behind his back and feet moving about in the sand.

The steak he shared with me was quite good. Lucifer sat on the boats’ very edge, staring at me as I ate.

“Who’s paddling the boat?” I inquired.

“I am,” Lucifer smiled creepily.

“So, what’s this all about then?”

“Oh, of course. I wanted to thank you.” He climbed down from the edge and sat leisurely on the seat across from me.

“For what?” I queried.

“Well, for giving me back my dagger, and that other peculiar fellow.”

I halted in my meal, gazing at Lucifer with wide eyes.

“He was an unexpected gift, but nevertheless a well appreciated one,” Lucifer prompted.

“You- are-“ stuttered.

“Yes-, but for your overdue return I shall grant you one wish.” Lucifer exclaimed.

I stared at him with a puzzled look.

“One wish, that’s all.” He once more confirmed, “Whatever you want to know, or whatever you want to have, I will give to you. This sounds fair, does it not?”

“Anything?” I asked warily.

“Anything is quite vague, but generally speaking, yes, anything.”

I sat there, gazing out into the mist, tired and weak. I turned back to Lucifer and inquired.

“How is Marie?”

Lucifer was quite stricken by the wish and attempted to deflect it.

“Well, I see that your wounds are quite serious, might I do-“

“How is- Marie doing?” I stood firm on my wish.

Lucifer was silent, as I gazed at me with a blank stare. He sighed and scratched the back of his head.

“She lives in a small village on Rhode Island. Her family is well, and she fancies a young man who lives not far from her. Sadly, his feelings do not reciprocate.”

Lucifer stood up and gazed down at me.

I had a faint smile on my face and felt slight warmth in my heart.

“Thank you,” I murmured.

“Since you will die in oh, I’d guess a couple of minutes, the best I could do is let you sail the water for a while.”

I silently nodded my head and Lucifer stretched his arm out once more.

“Till we meet again, Augustine.” His sharp voice appealed to me this time, and I shook his pale. The second I shook it he abruptly disappeared.

For a second, I was quite bewildered, but the sensation quickly passed as I settled back into the boats corner, vacantly staring at the droplets of water falling from the wooden seat.

A heavy load pressed on me as I reminisced upon my past. It was too short, and however much I cared I also could care less. My life had served a cause for which I myself would never understand in its entirety. Who was in the wrong or who was in the right I would never know?

All I gleaned from life was the people: the professor, Amalia, Bartholomew, Sarah, Fitz and even that blasted Rahil, but it still hurt. I never wanted this, this unfulfilled life. I watched people die with a smile, surrounded by their loved ones. I wondered what that feeling would be like, to die in such a perfect manner, to die with warmth in your heart. I could never wrap my mind around such a death. It was too unreal for me.

My vision slowly began to darken, and here we are. To its end, I am scared, and I feel very heavy, so cold, shivering and slowly losing the strength to even hold my eyes open. My last breath I exhale whilst the sound of the sea comforts me. Thus, it ends.

Sic itur ad astra.

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