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Tyler was the greatest person. Good grades and all. But he had a secret. He was gay.. His boyfriend Jordan was the bad but good boy. He smoked and drank but helped the community out.

Fantasy / Humor
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Today was supposed to be a good day. No, it was supposed to be a great day. But instead, I found out I was gay. It wasn't that bad but my parents would kill me, talking about how it's a deadly sin and I would go to hell. Not likely I don't believe in that stuff anyways. I just go to church to make my family happy.

When I got to school I saw Frank. He was my bestfriend and the captain of the football team. I played basketball so it's not like I'm not a jock. He's just way more buff than I am. Once we arm wrestled and I won though. I lift a lot of weights so I could join the football team.
"Hey bro" he said as I walked up to him. "Hey, can I ask you a question?" I asked him. "Yeah what is it?" he asked. "Do you think gay people are gross?" I finally asked him. He looked at me with confusion but finally answered. "No." he said as he scratched his head. "Why do you ask?". I told him that I thought I was gay. He smiled and then said "That's great that you can admit it.". I was surprised that he said he liked gay people.
Then this new guy walked past me. "Hey." I said. He turned around and waved. I signaled him to come over where Frank and I was standing. He walked over and said in the most deepest voice you could ever imagine "Hi, my name is Jordan. I'm sixteen and in the same math class as you." he pointed to me as he said it. "Nice to meet you Jordan I'm Tyler." I said. We then talked until the bell called for us to go to class. As we walked to class I had this tingly feeling inside of me. I think I had feelings for the new kid.
After we walked to math he sat right next to me. The teacher took roll call. "Today class we have a new student. His name is Jordan Miyer." Mr. Hensworth said. He stood up and smiled. Look at that cute smile. I said in my head as I looked at him. Yes, a little creepy I know but who wasn't looking at him? He was the hot new guy that came from the middle of nowhere. But there was something about him I was bound to find out.
After math class I caught up to him and asked if he wanted to hang out. "Yeah. Just give me your number so I know where to go. I don't know many places here so." he said. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. I then ate lunch but I felt weird. My head felt fuzzy. I don't know why but I got up and sat by Jordan. "Hey man." he said. I was so confused why I went towards him but I liked it. I had this gut feeling that I really liked him. I was scared at the same time though. I didn't know how to feel anymore.
When lunch was over I went to the nurse because I had this pounding headache. She gave me some Tylenol and sent me on my way. It was the last period of the day so there was no point sending me home. The last period is english. We are learning about supernatural creatures like vampires and werewolves. I think I'm a kelpie because I love the water. I'm pretty sure I'm a merman.
When the final bell rang I got my stuff and walked out of the classroom. I met with Jordan and went to an indoor pool. It went up to 28 feet deep. I liked going into the deep part it feels like I'm in the ocean. "Damn I'm surprised you can't hide that you are a kelpie." Jordan said jokingly. Well at least I think he was joking. "Ha ha yeah. I love the water. It's like I am a kelpie." I said in a jokingly manner. I pulled him in and then we had a splash fight. It was so much fun.
When we dried off, I saw that he had a seashell necklace in his bag. "Nice necklace." I said to him as I pointed at it. "Oh thanks." he said as he packed up. "My grandfather gave it to me before he past away." he told me. "I'm sorry for your loss." I said sympathetically. "It's fine he was really sick so it was bound to happen." he said. I nodded and then I started packing my things up. Then his phone started to ring. "Sorry it's my dad." he said as he answered. "Hello? Yes. I'll tell you later but yes I did find him." he said. I was wondering what he was talking about. He then said his goodbyes and then drove off.
After I got home my dad did his usual "The lord saved you today. You should stay away from that kid" thing even though I didn't hang out with Frank. I just rolled my eyes and walked away without saying anything. As I went upstairs an unknown caller called my phone. I didn't answer since it could be a telemarketer so I just sent it to voice mail. But the voicemail was very creepy. "You are our leader. I can't believe we found you. We will praise you." it said in a deep voice that scared the hell out of me. I tried to ignore it but it played in the back of my head over and over again. It was so scary.
I got in the shower listening to BlackPink because they are like the best ever, when suddenly Jordan called me and said that I needed to meet him somewhere. And nothing prepared me for what I saw.

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