Purple Eyes

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Amber is struggling to keep her powers hidden from the world, along with her unusual looks. but when she discovers someone she cares for is in danger, she secretly gets close to him. can she save him before its to late? and how will she keep her powers a secret when she is surrounded by suspicious people?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Amber did not have a normal childhood. She had memories since she was a year old, and could speak perfectly. She knew everything you needed to know about the world-equivalent of an adult. Raising herself for as long as she could remember.

Another odd thing about her was, she was a psychic. And no one knew. Now, very few people know the full scope of a psychic’s abilities-let me enlighten you. Powers; telepathy, invisibility, teleportation, can move things with their mind, clairvoyance (which for all you non-geeks/nerds out there means the ability to see into the future), can fly, blow stuff up with their minds, and much more. And no one knew. How could they? No one knew her in the first place.

She lived in a cozy little alley between Cherry and 5th, in a fort she had made out of stolen hotel blankets. She was never too hot or too cold-another power (body regulation)-and somehow, she always had plenty to eat. And remember, she was younger than three!

Then, one day, as the Thompson’s were taking a walk, little Jake (age 4) was chasing a cat down an alley. As he stepped forward, he heard a faint breathing sound. What is that? He thought. I hope it’s not dangerous! He rounded the bend...

“Hey Mom, Dad, look what I found!”

“What is it honey?”

“Come see.”

“What could be so”- Mrs. Thompson stopped as she saw it. The most beautiful child she had ever seen. Auburn hair fell in soft waves surrounding her pale, heart shaped face, thick lashes framing huge purple eyes! And no one else in sight.

“Are you lost?” she asked.

“No, this is my home” Amber replied warily.

“Y-your home?”

Amber nodded.

“Oh” Mrs. Thompson struggled for words, “How old are you?”

“I’m three.”

“Three! What’s your name?”

“Hey Mom!” Jake interrupted, “Can we keep her? Please!”

“My name is Amber.”

“No, I think you’re gonna be purple eyes from now on” Jake said. “So, will you come with us?”

Hmm, Amber thought, it might be hard to hide my powers from these people. And then for no reason, she thought like the toddler she was.

“I really want a family!” she blurted out. I’ll just be care full about my powers.

And so, Amber joined the Thompson family. Amber and Jake were best friends, playing together, reading together, and of course, having brother-sister fights. Jake’s only name for her was Purple Eyes, he was always teasing her about it. And, Amber controlled her powers never even making them suspicious, until....

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