Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 9

I turned around and started throwing punches. Until this man tried grabbing my hands. And out of nowhere Pierce said my name, "Nel!!" As soon as I heard that I stopped throwing punches.

"So that is your name." He says. "H how do you know my name?" I asked very confused. "I saw it in your bed chambers." He says simply. "You went in my bedroom!!!" I say angrily " Was I not supposed to? " he asks worried. "No you weren't supposed to!!" I say angrily once again.

"You know what don't enter my bedroom without a reasoning behind it, got it?" I ask him firmly. "Of course." He says.

"Speaking of which we will have to get you some proper clothing." I say simply. "Is there something wrong with my attire now?" He asks questionably but proud at the same time.

"Yes it isn't humanly. So we have to go the the mall." I say somewhat excitedly.

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