Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 10

Pierce POV

"Huh, what is a mall?" I ask confused. "A mall is like a trade center do you know what that is?" She asks. "Yes. " I say simply. "Okay it's like that but we trade what we need for something called money. Got it?" She states. " Yes. " I say once more. "Let's go." She says excitedly. "Fi eat out this on." She stats


Once We are at the mall we go to an area that has trading areas for clothing. I am now wearing something called a jacket to hide my angel like clothing.

"Nel? Is that you?" I hear coming from another female. "Shit! I forgot she worked here!" She says in excitement and annoyance. She clears her throat. "Ava, I didn't expect to see you here. How have you been." She says. "Well, Nel it is Tuesday so if course I would be working. And I am doing better now that you're here! " she says excitedly.

Well, it was nice talking to you but, we got to get going." She says in anticipation. "Wait who even is this muscle man?" The female Ava I think is her name. "Who, this? Just a friend of my... parents."

"Oh well my name is Ava. What is yours." She asks me. "My name is Pierce" I state firmly. "OoO rough but silky smooth voice, I like it." Ava compliments me. "Well we better get going." Nel states. "Would you need any help at all?" Ava asks wanting to help.

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