Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 11

"You know what, sure. We could use the help." I state. "Great so what are we shopping for?!" Ava asks glad to help. "Well Pierce here lost his suit case from flying here from Canada so he needs more clothes than the ones he has on now. " I state hoping that Ava will buy it. "Okay I'll help you follow me. " She says happily.
"That will be fifty dollars and twenty-five cents." The cashier says. "What?! What did you get Ava?!" I ask in astonishment. "Only the best!" Ava says happily. I sigh " Here. " I say handing the cashier the money.
"Thanks for the help, Ava. Now we have to get groceries. See you later." I said. "No problem! Thanks for letting me help you. See you both later. Bye Nel. Bye Pierce." Ava said before she walk away on her way home. I sighed "Let's go home." I said to Pierce.

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