Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 12


We got home and strangely enough Bella was lovey dovey with Pierce. "What did I do?" Pierce asked confused. I chuckled at his response to Bellas. "You didn't do anything and that is why she is loving up on you." I said in amusement.

"I will be in my bedroom if you need me." I said to Pierce. As soon as I entered my room I noticed that I am closer to Pierce than the first time we met. I noticed that I was starting to grow feelings for him. What if he were to leave.

Moments later I just noticed that I had started crying. "Nel? You okay?" Pierce said from behind me. I wiped the tears from my cheeks and eyes. Then I said "Hey, I'm fine." I say not knowing if I was trying to convince him or me.

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