Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 14


I pushed him away not knowing what I got myself into. Once we are separated I couldn't talk to him or even look at him. Now my feelings towards him just grew.I walked out of my bedroom into the kitchen and stood there confused. I was trying to find reasoning for him to not push me away.

"Nel, I'm sorry." Pierce said. "It isn't your fault. I was the one that didn't do anything until the last second. Why the hell did you miss me!?" I ask in confusion. "I didn't know how to comfort you. So... Yeah." Pierce said in embarrassment. "You didn't think about a hug!!" I ask frustrated.

Out of nowhere the door bell rang. "I'll be back stay here." I said annoyed. As I answered the door I saw my ex. "Leave now, James." I said in rage. "Please just give me a second chance." James pleaded. "Just leave now." I say once again not wanting to deal with this shit. "I asked nicely now I will force myself in." "What?" I ask in confusion right before he forces myself and him in the apartment.

Pierce POV

I notice something is off and I hear Nel being forced into her apartment unwillingly. I come running and I notice the man that forced her in isn't human. I flip Nel over my shoulder.

"Stay behind me." I say to Nel. "Pierce head guard of the angel force. So nice to see you months hell hole." Angus says. "Please stop using that human skin it isn't like you, Angus. " I say in disbursement. "Fine." Angus says annoyed.

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