Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 15


"So you're telling me that I dated an angel for an entire year!" I say in astonishment. "Sweetheart you dated the best angel out their!" The angel named Angus says flattering himself. "Don't flatter yourself Angus you may not be the best angel to date." Pierce says annoyed by Angus' remark.

"Why are you here." Says Pierce, "I thought you went to Hell." "This place is all too worse than hell!! " Angus says angrily. "Now come female" Angus says while using his magic to bring me to him.

Pierce pulled out his arm trying to prevent me from going to him. "What do you stop her? You don't want a new race?" Angus asks tauntingly. "What do you mean a new race?" Pierce asks confused. "A new race where humans and angels live in peace with one another. Not worrying about extinction of their species." Angus states firmly.

"I'm sorry but I'm not having sex with a man or angel I don't care about." I say standing up for myself. "Quite human! You don't have the upper hand now do you!?" Angus says angrily at me. " You talk to her like that, Angus?" Pierce asked him. "That isn't a way to talk to the person who will be bearing your children." Pierce adds defending my honor. "If you won't let her come to me then you will come to me with her." Angus says while using his magic yet again. This time more frustrated and angry than last time.

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