Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 16

Pierce POV

I think pressured by what Angus said. And at this time I am slowly moving closer to him without my magic witch is getting used rather quickly with the force he is using with his magic of my magic were to stop working myself and Nel would reach him in the matter of milliseconds.

"Stop using your magic, Pierce, you know you want this new race to start." He says trying to manipulate me. "If this were to happen than how come He hasn't done anything to bring this to reality. Huh, Angus? Why hasn't He done anything?" I say trying to confuse him so he loses concentration in the magic. Also trying to get him to stop using up my magic. "I know what you are trying to do. It isn't going your way. Is it?"

"The sooner your magic runs out the sooner I get the female. And the sooner you die." He says pulling out one of his knives and points it in my direction. I

"Nel when I give you the signal run to the window." I whisper to Nel as she stands behind my arm. "What do you mean. You want me to jump out my fucking window!!" She says whispering, practically yelling whispering at me. "Yes." I whisper simply. "Are you crazy!!" She tell whispers at me. "Hell no!!" She adds. " Trust me. Please if I wanted to hurt or even, God forbid, kill you I would have done it already." I say trying to reason with her while whispering.

"Fine. You make a good argument." She says in defeat but glad at the same time. "Ready. Now!" I say pulling one of my knives out, threw it piercing his wing. I ran after Nel as she jumped out of her apartment I followed and started to dive until I caught her.

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