Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 1 7


I open my eyes seeing that I somehow am flying. I look up and see Pierce holding my waist as I did this he looked at me and said "Told you, you could trust me." He said with a smile on his face while looking down at me.

I hear slightly a angrily growl or groan. I couldn't tell. "Not good." Pierce says looking back in front of him. I guess as I heard that he heard too and looked back. " Come back here you asshole!! " Angus says pissed off. Even from here and I was about twenty feet away from him, I could feel his rage. He was pissed.

"Please tell me this works" Pierce says hopefully. "What works?" I ask confused. "When I let you go please don't scream." He says simply and pleading but not for me to not scream. It seems like something else is on his mind. "What!? No. Please don't." I say trying to make him understand where I am coming from. "Don't fight with me. Not now please." He says worriedly. " When I say lean or sway to the left. Got it? " He says like he is giving me instructions I must follow or something bad will happen witch got me worried.

"Now!" He says. I sway to the left like he said with my eyes closed. When I opened them, I felt strange, like something has changed. That is when I noticed wings that weren't Pierces nor Angus'. I had wings and they were a light grey color. Very close to being white but not.

"Yes. Fuck yes! It worked" Pierce says surprised and happy at the same time.

What!? This isn't possible! You screwed up everything!" Angus says angrily but astonished.

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