Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 18

Pierce POV

"Land here." I say as a knife barely missed my nose. As that knife hit a wall. I blink and the next thing I know I am being choked by Angus. "You ruined everything! You asshole! Angus says pissed off like at me.

"No you did. With Emily." I state just realising I whispered that to him. I noticed that he flinched. "How dare you speak of her!" Angus says more pissed off than before.

"You're the one who tried making her like us, Killing her. Killing the woman you loved." I say finally able to catch my breathe but only for a minute. "She is the one that wanted it. She wanted to be like us. Have our abilities!" Angus says in his defence. "You're the one who didn't stop her! You're the one who didn't say anything like she may not survive.

"Stop! Get out of my head! You asshole!" Angus says angrily pushing harder on my neck. Centimeters away from breaking it. "I may be in your head, but you are the one who doesn't close your mind. So technically you did this to yourself." I say defending myself trying to keep my voice.

"That is why you want this human female out of millions or even billions. Emily is her ancestor of this female, Nel." I say in realization while still getting information out of Angus' head. "Get out of my head!" Angus says pissed off that I haven't gotten out of his head yet.

"Hey Angus?" I say tauntingly to him. "What now?" Angus asks annoyed. "Say cheese!" I say. "Huh?" As he was confused about what I meant. As he was confused I brought up a hand and summon a blinding light to his face. Once he released me I ran to Nel and said to her, "Hold my hand. " rushed like. "What?" She asked to confused. "If you don't want protection don't" I say rushed yet again. She reaches for my hand just in time.

"Come on Pierce. You know your magic isn't going to last long." Angus says. For some reason I couldn't see him.


As I am holding Pierces hand I just noticed when I got my wings I felt strange. It may be the fact that I now have wings but I don't think that is it. Pierce notices that something is off with me and so being the caring person he is. He asks, "You okay, Nel?" " I'm fine. " I say right before I see nothing. All black.

"Hello Nel Michaels." A woman says just when I start to wake up But in a different place. " Where the Hell am I!? " I ask stumbling to stand up rather quickly. "We, my dear are in your mind." She says simply. "Like that isn't Fucked up at all! And you the Hell are you!?" I ask confused and still processing this.

" Oh! Yes. Where are my manners. "My name is Avery. I am the person new angels see but most of the angels I see know me?" The chick named Avery says. " Wait! Are you the ancestor of Emily? " She asked surprisingly and excited. "I like so." I say recalling what Pierce said before I blacked out. " You're the prophecy of Michael the first guardian angel. " She says surprised. "I thought I wouldn't live to see this day!" She adds.

"I'm sorry the prophecy of Michael?" I asked confused thinking this is all a dream. "Yes the prophecy of Michael." She says repeating myself. "You must fight Angus and defeat him or convince him to stop with this 'new race' Shit." Avery said reading the prophecy I think. But she said it like she knows it by heart.

When you go back and are ready say these words in your mind exactly. Hiche nooga Moines. Now you must awake. Remember those words." She said as she was fading.

"Nel, you're awake! Finally." I hear slightly as I start waking up and see Pierce holding me worriedly. "Pierce your magic is almost up. Just give me the girl. She has no use to you." Angus says still invisible.

I stand up and ask Angus, "Why do you want this new race?" " have you not been listening to me?! " Angus says. "Remind me again, will you?" I ask trying to keep him talking. "With both of these species combined with each other they will be the strongest of all supernatural beings." Angus states. "So you want power over all supernatural beings?" I ask trying to understand his reasoning. "Yes. But now that can't happen you are an angel now it won't work with you as an angel. I needed you to be human!" Angus says finally having someone else to understand him.

"What are you doing?" Pierce asks whispering and confused. "Trying to buy us some time." I whisper simply.

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