Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 1

I roll in my bed not wanting to get up as my alarm is going off. I turn to look at my phone as I notice the ringtone changed. I see that a, as you would say, old friend from high school is calling me. As usual, I ignore it. My dog, Bella, is on my bed with me as she is wanting attention and I refuse to give it to her she answers it unintentionally. you

"Hello, Nel? You there" Ava my "old friend" says. I notice this and say to myself "Shit." I decide to play along, "Hey Ava." I say as I yawned. " Nel did I wake you, " she says. "No no I have been up for hours," I sarcasticly. " Oh good , I thought you were asleep when I called you. " " Ava.... you..... there..? I .... think're... cutting.... out... " I say trying to make it seem like she is cutting out, right before I hang up on her. "Phew. If you ever do that again I'll, I sigh , I can never be mad at you, your too cute." I say.

Moments later I gasp "SHIT!! My interview."

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