Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 19


I said that last thing rather strong. Without this protective circle he would be dead, Angus would kill him. I let his hand go and say "Angus we can still have a family if that is what you want. But you need to show yourself to me and I will go with you anywhere." I say trying to manipulate him. "What about Pierce he will kill me." Angus says. "Pierce won't I promise." I say trying to convince him.

The next thing I knew, Angus was standing right in front of me. I say the words that Avery told me to 'Hiche nooga Moines ' in my head.

Pierce POV

I see a blue light glow around Nel. "No it can't be!" I hear Angus say right before Nel throws a knife at him and hits him in the shoulder, pinning him against a doorway to go down into the building we are on.

"Do you know who I am?" Nel asks boldly. "You're the prophecy of Michael." Angus answers fearfully. "Yes. Now I am only going to ask you this once. Do you wish to change you mind on a new race?" She asks more sincerely.

"Y-yes. I do." Angus answers yet again fearfully. "You lie." She says. "N-no I don't." Angus says yet again in fear. "Stop lying to me. Answer the Fucking question. And may be just may be I may spare your life." She says more firmly. "Fine. No I don't wish to change my mind." Angus says firmly and asshole like. "Okay. Thank you for answering the question properly. Now your punishment is here." She says right before a stranger pushes him into the earth. Nel looks back at me with glowing ocean blue eyes, not her normal eye color, and steps back next to my side.


"Finally the prophecy has been answered." Says a man that is standing a few steps in front of me and Pierce. "Pierce, who might this be?" The strange man asks. "My Lord this is Nel Michaels. She is the prophecy of Michael. Pierce says kneeling and Bowing his head in respect of this man. "Nice to meet you young lady. Pierce it's time for you to go. You did what you were sent to do. Now come." Pierce steps forward a few steps and looks back at me.

"My lord, with all do respect I -" Pierce says before he was interrupted, "You would like to stay? And you would like to keep your wings?" This man asks both of us. "Yes." I say simply. "Yes, if that is okay with you." Pierce says bowing his head in respect yet again. "Fine." This man says. "What!" Pierce says in astonishment. " I will let you stay. You can teach her the ways and protect her." He says stating the purpose of him staying.

Months later I introduced him to my parents. And now we are dating.

The End

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