Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 5

Pierce POV

A few steps after she surrendered to me, she made the statement that I should hide my wings. "Why?" I asked her. " Because humans don't have wings. " she stated calmly. "Yes humans do," I state. "No we don't have wings." She stated more firmly trying to convince me.

"Just put your wings away please." She pleads. I do as she asks. And we continue walking to her living quarters.


As we reach it she says a word that I have never heard before, "Shit" after that she said "I missed my interview!! "

After she said that a strange being came to her and growled at me. In my defense I pulled out my knives and pines this being to the ground by hand. This being begun trying to bite me. I

"What are you doing?" The female asked me. I stated firmly, "Defending myself against this being" "You have never seen a dog before?" She questioned me. I removed myself from the "dog" and put away my knives "What is a dog?" I asked very confused.

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