Strangers In The Dark: The Hidden angel

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Chapter 7

Pierce POV

I watch as she goes into her bed chambers. I try my best to sleep on this soft surface but can't. This was now about 2 hours after the female went to her bed chambers. So I decide to go see if she is asleep.

As I enter her bed chambers I see a lot of art one piece of art looks oddly familiar it looks like this female, two males and another female. Another are letters that spell Nel. I am thinking that Nel is her name.

As I am in deep thought I heard a low growl I looked around and see the dog called Bella. The dog wouldn't stop growling so I chose to ignore it.

I went to see the female and she was asleep. This female looks so beautiful as she slept. After examining the female, the dog started barking so I decided to leave that room and go for a fly.

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