The Goddess's Triumph

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A classification of preferred off springs of Greek Gods are chosen to gather together and take part in a high school that was structured for normal high school kids. They must master sticking together, as well as grasping the concept of love and friendship. This seems to be all fun and games to Amora, offspring of the goddess Aphrodite, until she begins to truly understand the meaning of love and trust, and starts to yearn for a specific "bad boy".

Fantasy / Drama
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Amora, in no way possible, couldn't genuinely understand the letter she had secured.

"I'm not comprehending," She absentmindedly thought to herself. "What's Riverton High?"

She glanced upon the letter once more, her eyebrows knitting together in bewilderment. She sighed through her nose, placing the letter down as she massaged her temple. She had read it over so many times out of perplexity that it had been pinned into her remembrance.

Dear Aphrodite,
To who this may concern, one of your children, specifically Amora, has been confirmed into Riverton High. Riverton is a high school that builds up the academic strength of our students and develops their brains around the idea of integrity, knowledge, and responsibility. Please notify your child about the occasion, and for any further information, contact this number below.

Mr. Ashton

It was such a short, precise letter, yet Amora couldn't wrap her head around the idea of being accepted into a high school she can't remember applying for. Should she show her mother the great news?-- if she could even call it that much.

Picking up the letter with an immediate pace, she went into her mother's room, opening the door with slight reassurance that she was in there.

Once fully opening it, she saw her mother gazing out the window. Sensing the presence of Amora, she hastily snapped her head towards her.

"Hi, mom!" Amora beamed.

"Oh, Amora, I'm so thrilled to see you. What can I assist you with?" Aphrodite spoke out.

Amora nodded, "I've obtained a letter from... I've forgotten, but whoever it was, they claim I've been accepted into a high school."

Aphrodite tilted her head like a confused puppy as she took the letter from the hands of Amora, reading over it attentively.

The confused look on her mother quickly turned into a passionate expression as she threw her hands around Amora, nearly squeezing the dear life out of her. "Oh, Amora! I'm so pleased to see you've finally got accepted into a high school!"

She pulled back, analyzing Amora's face with a smile that quickly softened as she saw her dismayed look. "Amora, is there something wrong? If anything, I thought you'd be the happiest of the bunch..."

Amora hurriedly shook her head, "No, no! I'm not upset, just... confused? I don't understand why they would randomly send out a letter, talking about how I got accepted into a school I've never applied for. To me, it just seems awfully doubtful."

Aphrodite's smile came back as soon as it left, "Darlin', there's no need to be upset when we should be happy!" She picked up Amora, swinging her around optimistically. "You're becoming a big girl and this is just the beginning!"

Amora couldn't help but giggle, the way she referred to her as a "big girl" made her heart flutter in ways it shouldn't have. She smiled nonetheless, somewhat wiggling around in an attempt to break free from her mother's grasp.

Her mother soon set her down, settling for small kisses and hugs.

Amora sighed once leaving the room shortly after. This was going to be something new for her, but there's no doubt that she would have quite an experience throughout it all.

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