The Goddess's Triumph (Notes).

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A few notes about the characters of "The Goddess's Triumph".

Fantasy / Drama
K w e k i
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Amora - Offspring of Aphrodite, caring, honest, brave, compassionate, considerate, friendly, adventurous, curious, dreamer, enjoys shopping.
Appearance - Long, light-brown hair. Often wears skirts and cute jean jackets. Freckled-face with beautiful, brown eyes. She has her hair out most of the time but sometimes allows it to be tied in a messy bun.

Zagan - Offspring of Hades, dishonest, rude, impatient, greedy, selfish, cunning, enjoys trickery, cousin of Bruce.
Appearance - He has black hair, it occasionally lights up blue if he's upset or in the process of raging. Wears black leather jackets along with a black choker. During his time of trickery, or when he's currently fooling someone, his pupils will mysteriously leave his eyes.

Bruce - Offspring of Poseidon, short-tempered but normally laid-back and chill, playful, funny, enthusiastic, bold, getting him mad would probably be the last thing you do, enjoys walks by the beach, cousin of Zagan.
Appearance - Neat, dark-brown hair, normally wears a man bun due to the length. He can be seen shirtless throughout the day, he gets sweaty easily when not in the presence of water. He'll carry his trident around to remind him of his father.

Judi - Offspring of Athena, confident, persuasive, heroic, skillful, civilized, leader, reliable, she enjoys discussing the rights and beneficial preferences of everyone.
Appearance - Dark-brown hair, grey eyes, gets her fashion sense from her mother, always has her owl by her side consistently, wears thick, round glasses. has her hair in a neat bun most of the time (insists on giving Amora some tips).

Ela - Offspring of Gaea, motherly, kind, sharing, can be stubborn (only if she's worried), resourceful, great cook, helpful, spiritual, she enjoys helping others in their times of need.
Appearance - Long, blonde hair. Blue eyes, pure face, almost symmetrical, she often wears knee-length dresses with a cute headband to top it off.

Sage - Offspring of Hermes, cunning, quick-witted, sincere, cooperative, lively, daring, devoted, enjoys settling down to read a book or two.
Appearance - Has curly, ginger hair. Has dark-brown eyes and often blushes at the slightest attraction or interaction. Often wears button-down shirts and skinny jeans, any color would do for him.

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