The Heartless Rouge and the Alpha

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I watched as my family got massacred. Blood every where I turned, screams burning my ears, and wolves laying on the ground motionless. "Kate run get out of here! Get as far away from here as possible." Serenity, my sister, tells me. But my feat wont budge I'm stuck unable to move. "Kate what are you waiting for? Go!" she yells at me and I dart into the woods with out a second thought. -------------------------------- My name is Kate. my father and mother was the alpha and Luna of my pack. My brother, chase the youngest, was the next in line to be alpha because he was the male in our family. My sister Serenity was the oldest, and i was the middle child. I was a normal werewolf with the perfect family and the best of friends. until the attack that killed my entire pack and family. I was only 7 when i lost everyone I loved, and became a rouge. After that night I became cold and heartless. I practiced fighting and had my first kill at the age of 10 when i lost control of my wolf Dawn. I became a killer and unattached to the world not wanting to feel the way I did when I lost my family. When Kate runs Into her mate and finds out he is the alpha of the most feared pack in the country. Will he be able to break down her walls or will her past catch up to her.

Fantasy / Adventure
Sassy Wolfer
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Chapter 1

"Chase, Serenity, Kate where are you?” I heard my mother yell down the hall. We all ran towards Chase holding my hand crying and scared. We all heard the deafening howls and screams of everyone we have ever known. Our father was on the field with the pack while my mother tried to get me and my siblings to safety.

“Mom!” yelled Serenity as she came into view.

“Come on guys we need to get to safety.” mom said in her calm loving voice. She was trying to not worry us by talking normally, but I could hear the worry she was holding back.

“What about daddy?” I asked on the verge of crying. I was holding in my tears not wanting to give in to the fear of losing my family.

“He will be okay. He is going to meet up with us,” she said taking mine and Serenity’s hand. She dragged us to the forest to try and get us to the neighboring pack. We were about to cross the border when our mom fell to the ground and heard a loud howl coming from our father. We looked to our mom who wasn’t hurt physically but could feel the pain her mate was feeling. She then got up and pulled Serenity to the side. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but saw Serenity break into tears, and our mom darted away back towards the field. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe she would leave us defenseless. We hadn’t even shifted yet, except for Serenity. She was 14, and wolves have their first shift at the age of 10. I was 7 and Chase was only 4.

I was so lost in thought I didn’t notice that Chase had let go of my hand and darted after our mom.

“Chase!” I shouted and went after him.

“Kate stop!” I heard Serenity yell from behind, but I ignored her and continued after my little brother. I couldn’t let my brother die. He was my baby.

Without any notice, we ran straight into the middle of the battlefield. I grabbed Chase’s arm, and he looked up at me with red puffy brown eyes, tears streaming down his face, and his golden-brown hair all messy. I stood in my place staring at my baby brother who looked terrified. Then out of nowhere, a huge brown wolf stood in front of us.

He went for Chase, but I pulled him back and took the hit. The wolf slashed my arm but it wasn’t that deep of a wound. I saw a small white wolf with a grey chest and tips running straight at us, and knew it was Serenity. She rammed into the brown wolf Knocking him off his feet, taking him by surprise. Chase caught sight of our mom on the floor along with our dad and ran towards them.

I would have gone after him but I was frozen in place, unable to move.

Blood was everywhere I turned, screams were ringing in my ears, and wolves were laying on the ground motionless.

“Kate run get out of here! Get as far away from here as possible.” Serenity, yells at me. But my feet won’t budge. I’m stuck unable to move.

“Kate, what are you waiting for? Go!” she yells at me and I dart into the woods without a second thought leaving my family behind.


My eyes shot open, sweat was running down my face, and the sun was shining through the trees.

“Uhhh. Another nightmare.” I mumbled to myself and sat up. I stretched my legs and jumped down from the branch I was sleeping on.

“Can we go hunt now I’m hungry!” My wolf Dawn exclaimed. I laughed at her and replied.

“Of course” I went behind a tree and changed into my wolf.

Dawn is a beautiful wolf. We are all black with a white tip on my tail and ears. We also have a white patch of fur on my right eye. Most wolves aren’t like me. Black wolves are alphas and white wolves are very rare. I’m a mix of both. My dad was an alpha and my mom was the white wolf. The problem is no one can know about me being a white wolf and an alpha, so everyone I encounter ends up dead. People have heard that one exists and everyone is out looking for me. I’m a rouge who hunts, kills, and cares about no one other than myself. I’m smarter, stronger, and faster than most wolves.

I came out from behind the tree and lifted my nose up to search for my next kill. I smelt a dear only a short run away and darted over to it. I crouched down on all fours and crept up to the dear I had sniffed out. It was eating grass in an open field ignoring its surroundings. Which gave me the perfect opportunity to attack. I slowly approached the deer, being careful not to make a sound. When I was close enough, I jumped on to the dear and clamped my jaws down on the dear. It tried to get away and I snapped the deer’s neck stopping the struggle and dragged the deer away to eat.

I started to work my way back to the tree where my things lay when a grey wolf came out from behind a tree. He started growling at me. I silently laughed at the rouge who thought he could win a fight against me. I was larger than this rogue and probably a better fighter. I noticed he wasn’t leaning on his left hind leg.

“That must be his weak leg” I mentioned to Dawn.

“Yeah probably. Let's kill him.” Dawn said and I was all for it.

I stood there staring at the grey wolf daring him to attack me. After a few moments, he went for my right front leg. I jumped over him and sank my canines into his left hind leg. He whined and limped to get away from me. I ran up to him and jumped on his back making him fall from too much weight. I jumped off his back and growled at the rouge.

“If you were going to pick a fight with someone you should have picked one you could win” I growled at him once again. He whimpered and stumbled to his feet.

“ do...don’t k...kill me” he stuttered, shaking uncontrollably. I just laughed at the pathetic rouge who was begging for his life.

“You should’ve thought about that before you attacked me,” I responded coldly and jumped at him once again, slashing his throat and snapping the rogue’s neck.

“Nice job” Dawn commented.

“Why thank you” I responded proudly.


I shot my head over to the place where I heard the twig break. I realized that it was only 9 yards away. I quickly hid my scent and sprinted away from the scene. I heard at least 8 sets of paws running towards the dead rouge.

“We must have traveled close to a pack’s territory,” I told Dawn.

“Yeah...” she replied trailing off.

“you okay?” I asked Dawn

“Yeah, I just...I don’t know. somethings off.”

“what do you mean off?” I asked, worried.

“I should probably shift back into my human form” I continued and pushed harder to the tree where my things are laying.

When I arrived at my tree I shifted into my human form and put on my clothes. I then heard a loud howl that radiated power. It must have come from the alpha of the pack I’m near. I knew I couldn’t be in my wolf form while other wolves were around. I started to run in my human form when all of a sudden I heard bones crack and someone walk up to me.

“Hello? miss” I heard a male say. I turned around and saw a tall muscular man with black hair and green eyes. Then this amazing scent hit my nose. this can’t happen.

“Mate! That’s why I was feeling weird. We were near him!” Dawn exclaimed to me. I was stunned I can’t care about someone else. I can’t go through that loss again. I don’t want a mate, I haven’t in years, so I took off.

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