Polaris Pirate AU

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Adelena, captain of the Night Perpetuity, is on a mission.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Her head was dizzy as the dress tightened around her stomach, it was more agonising than any blade or bullet. The dress reminded her of where she came from, where she ran from, where she left behind... not wanting to look at again. This was their chance, though. She had been plotting and thinking and conjuring all the strength she had in her to make this a reality and here it was. Midnight dawned, and the captain of the Nights Perpetuity was lurking wearing the clothes and colours of a madam.

“Welcome, Madam Hissen.” The guard said, his eyes smiling in the lantern lit gateway. Adelena all but curtly nodded, as her smartly dressed crew accompanied her personage through the manor doors. The great oak skin of the house opened to reveal a rich welcome room, paintings and a chandelier overhead that poured them in gold. A man came in a silly wig offering drinks, Adelena took a chalice and sipped in a ladylike nature. She was offered a few stares by older men, she all but smiled back with a raised brow. If she weren’t playing this painfully annoying act, she would have robbed them silly.

The music in the back of the house was loud and frantic, humming along with laughter and cheer, and the occasional sound of glasses colliding. Not too dissimilar from a tavern, only the foul stench of rich seemed to already intoxicate Adelena more than any wine or rum.

“Be wary, lads. One false curtesy and we could end up below or without a head.” Adelena said into her chalice, pretending to take a gulp. She wore a purple outfit, fitted with gold and sapphire. Her hair was wide and extravagant, the only part she liked. The feathers brimmed around the top danced in the breeze from outside. If things went wrong, she had no gun nor cutlass... only a dagger. This was risky. Governor Weatherby knew Adelenas father well. Both were governors after all, but there was not a chance in davey’s locker he would recognise her. Her figure had slimmed, though her shoulders broadened. She had become a woman... but a woman was better than a lady, she thought.

They had come so far, it needed to be for something. Destiny is a cruel bitch but she likes a trier. That’s what Adelena’s mother would always say. It was a map they had came for, she hoped it wouldn’t affect Weatherby too much. What governor would send a fleet after a captain who stole a map? Sounds like a child’s tale. She moved, with a slight lady sway, away from the sound. Her fingertips danced along the walls. Whichever were hollow had a room, and whichever not... didn’t. Or that was what she hoped. The crew behind her had dispersed to other halls.

Her wrist tried the knob, but of course it was locked. The rich talk so highly of themselves yet they still would never trust each other, a whispering giggle came from Addie. But she turned to a soft sound, as a maid came down the stairs that was situated to her right. “You’re not supposed to be here, my lady.” She all but rasped. Moonlight shone on Adelenas skin, and she felt it somehow. The maid was timorous and looking up and down at Adelena’s body like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh... where am I supposed to be?” The captain lightly asked in the best proper voice she could muster. “Where the party is...” The maid seemed to redden, Adelena found this amusing. “You are blushing. Do I frighten you? Wait, no... I’m all muddled up.” Adelena brushed her hair aside, smiled and said, “Do I excite you?” The move was bold, but Adelena had already came up with several outcomes in her head for each way this could go.

“I am... I- I am excited only to serve anyone who need serving-“

“I’m sure you are.” Addie interrupted, her voice becoming stronger and lower than her posh voice. “Come with me, I command it.” Adelena took the maids hand, and took her upstairs, her soft footed steps could barley be heard, but the maids breathing was growing louder and more ragged, it seemed. When they were stilled at the top of the landing, Adelena stopped them both and listened out for any other sounds. “Is there anyone else working up here?”

“No... just me.” The maid spoke more clearly than before. Adelena nodded, but her eyes didn’t avert from the maid. Instead she stared at her, her face, her body, her eyes, her hair. Golden fire, her hair was. And her eyes seemed to be silver tides in a storm, her freckles were like hop rocks in a calm river. The girl was an average weight, her buttocks bigger than her breasts but she was short. Adelena seemed to tower over the poor thing.

“Your name?” Adelena asked, though it sounded more like a command. “Penelope.” She answered quick, she was eager for it. “Such a sweet name for a sweet girl.” Adelena enjoyed this more than she should, but she rarely treated herself.

She pushed Penelope into a room, likely a lady of the manors room, though she did not care. She placed the girl onto the bed, careful but affirmative. Her neck looked so succulent, so she began to kiss it. Her lips and tongue made their way about Penelope’s neck as she moaned. Her hands travelled up towards Adelenas spine, feeling her. “Where is the map?” The captain asked in a grunt.

“W-what?” The maid asked, struggling through her increased breathing. “Who a-are you?” She asked adding on, she was getting better at talking.

“Adelena... but if you want me to keep going, you better tell me.” She regretted saying her name the moment it came out, but she could not unspeak it. “He keeps it... i-in a chest...” Addie giggled in response, and began to peck at her again, slowly. “I need more than that.” Her eyes pierced through hers, Penelope seemed to have made her mind up already. “Under his bed.”

Amateur, Adelena thought. Basic pirates woukd never think to look there, but Adelena... it had only been a few minutes and she knew. That gave her ego a drunken feeling. “Please don’t go yet... I know you’re a pirate, but please.” The maid pleaded. Adelena’s confidence seemed to be growing so big with each passing moment that she wondered if she’d be too big for the door on the way out.

“I don’t intend to, Penelope.” She she returned to the maid.

Penelope didn’t take long to please, but Adelena’s mind was stuck on the chest. After they were finished, she got up and dressed herself... but she remembered who’s house she was in, and her defences were back up. With a swift lounge, she grabbed her dagger and pushed it ever so slightly into Penelope’s neck, though not enough for blood. “You tell anyone my name, who I am, or what I did... and I’ll come back just to flay you alive. Understood, sweet girl?” The maid nodded fast and just before the captain was about to leave she said, “Don't alarm anyone either, I’ll be able to kill you and still manage to escape. Enjoy the rest of your night, Penelope.” And with that, she left her.

She opened and turned away many doors and rooms. Until she came about a larger hall with a larger door. This had to be the lords room, she knew. The door was locked though, but her lock picking skills hadn’t left her... completely. The pins seemed to fight in the lock, picking and poking around the slim hole. Then she heard the click, and the door opened willingly.

The room was like any rich mans... overbearingly detailed with colour and items that are needed not. The ceiling looked like something in one of those plays, two naked men touching hands. Odd, Adelena thought. Though, it did make her remember what happened moments ago in another room. The chest was easily found, dark wood with golden crenellations. The opening not for a key, but for a finger. Around it seemed to be a ruby of sorts.

Her finger stuck in easily, and moved about until one click was felt. She moved some more and something locked. This was... interesting. Her head was blurred with any solution to this wooden riddle. Weatherby was a clever man, for certain. But not in the common senses kind. Adelena looked around for something in particular.

It stood with pride, armoured in iron and holding a mace. Every manor had a suit of armour, she noted years ago. It was obnoxious and unneeded. What good will an empty shell of metal do when a knife is plunged into your heart?

She removed the mace with some struggle, but still she could wield it. With her feet, she lined the chest up for a good bashing. Who would waste so much cunning on a wooden chest? Only a governor with too high an opinion of himself would.

The mace came down and tore it apart, the wood cried as it flew across the room. She did not care, the noise was nothing compared to the paper that survived the blow. On it was the details she was looking for. Without a doubt in her mind, she grabbed it and rolled it up into her dress. It may take her breath sometimes, but it was efficient for hiding.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs she whistled between her fingers. A calling for her crew to come now or soon. Preferably now, she thought. A few ladies and lords gave her a concerned look to which Adelena feigned by waving her fan and returning to her more ladylike posture, with a snobby pout.

It was about 5 minutes before all of them met again at the welcoming hall, and then they left. When Addie felt the breeze, her pace immediately quickened and she was running. Her darling ship was waiting for her. She missed her...

“Get her! And her rabid pets!” An old but angry voice behind them screamed. Adelena looked and saw the governor, she presumed, standing beside the maid who had an enormous smug smirk wore about her face. The captains hands dove into one of her crews waistcoats to get a gun, probably Paul, and she fired three shots at the two. The first missed, but the time the other two were fired they had ran. The last bullet had fortunately pierced through a guards neck. Adelena chuckled and ran. They were high on a hill and the dock was below. Adrenaline blocked most of the sound behind her out, it seemed. Occasionally a whizz would fly by her ear but that was it. The closer she got to the ship, the more adrenaline seemed to drink her up. Some had ran down milky fog alleys, and others through shitty trotted streets. Adelena and two others were running down the town street, not a care hesitating them. Before they knew it, three riders on horseback blocked their way and Adelena had to think fast.

She loaded her gun, just as they were beginning to ride and aim at her, and she shot one on the head. His body fell lifelessly below the other horses path, irritating the animal. It whined and sped up out of control, the rider screaming. The third rider seemed scared. “Arrrrgh!” Adelena screamed in a hellish voice, her eyes going frantic. The man almost shit himself, though she didn’t know and she was bent over laughing.

They continued to run until the ship was finally in sight, the purple and black sails were there. They were home. But this time, they had what they wanted.

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