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Melody blake is ur typical 18 year old teenager who's living a normal life until she meets Adam White the sexy bad alpha that will turn her life upside down. "i was fighting with 2 guys suddenly i was pinned against the locker face to face with adam, his eyes were bright gold and he said one word" mine" then everything went black "

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter one

Xavier pov:

My world became like a broken bone that didn't set right, like a hundred pieces of crystal glued together.

5 years ago I lost my mate Alex, my luna, and all of that was the fault of the loser "Alpha Adam".

Me and adam were friends since forever and my mate was from his pack " the Midnight pack", one day we were visiting him, and then some fuckers of "moon stone pack" attacked his pack, in that war Adam shot Alex by mistake instead of shooting one of the warriors, when i saw the love of my life covered in her blood, i lost it completely, and then i shot his parents in front of his own eyes as a revenge!

I turned to a vicious monster that have no mercy, everyone thought that if my mate was killed, i will lose my focus and my pack, but they were wrong, i became stronger because i have one goal in my head that i want to achieve, wich is hurting adam and making him wishing to die , he has awaken every dragon, every wolf, every monster, that sleeps inside of me, i will show him what hell looks like.

I managed to hide from him quite good these past years, i am even positive that he thinks that i am dead by now without Alex, but little does he know is that i am waiting for the right moment to attack him, waiting for him to find his mate then my game will begin.

I am coming for u Adam, stay tuned my friend....

Adam pov :

"my dear dear friend adam, remember meeee i am your worst nightmare, i am the one who killed ur precious parents, the one who made u lonely, aching for love and caring, made u miserable, remember me fucker! U and i became quite similar, we both lost something important and became ruthless and cold as ice, u couldn't protect ur loved ones, u failed them, HAHAHA! "

NOOOOOO, i woke up from yet another shitty nightmare, i have been devastated since my parents died, i became a beast that no will ever love.

" hey it wasn't ur fault that they died, he stabed u in the back and kill them, u are not a beast ur amazing."

Thanks storm (my wolf) i appreciate it but u know that since they left me i became a hot mess.

"Dudee on the right side u have the strongest in the world, u were shattered but u build urself from nothing! U became now the most feared alpha, everyone respect u and knows ur power so u aren't that big of a mess."

Yeah thx.

That's true, my pack "midnight pack" is the strongest pack, i have been training my wolves to become the best warriors, fearless, and perfect.

I decided to finally go get ready for the day, so I walked towards my bathroom to take a shower,washing my pain with some soap and water how funny.

When i was done, i walked to my closet, grabbed some white t-shirt, black jeans, black leather jacket, and some combat boots and walked downstairs to see my beta, aka my best friend Luca, we needed to get ready for our first day of college.

We were attending a college that is for both humans and werewolves sadly wich means we needed to keep our identity a secret, i had a short temper so i always need luca by my side to prevent me from snapping anyone's neck!

I was always wondering if this year i might be able to find my mate, i need her, but i am also afraid of losing her and not be able to keep her happy and safe .

"dudeee!earth to adam, hellooo!?", luca's voice brought me back to reality.

"what were u thinking bro?"

"nothing luca, we need to go come on"

Author note:

Will adam be able to meet finally meet his mate?

Hey guys, this is my first story here, i hope u enjoy it, plz like and share this story.

Chapter 2 coming soon!


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