A war lord's journey

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Ren Cruz an average student was summoned on a new world along with several more people. He did not go along with them rather he went on a whole different path

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I hate life.

This always happens every day of my life. Follow the same routine. Wake up, brush your teeth, take a bath, eat breakfast, go to school, study, go home, eat, rest, sleep.

And they say life will get better. I might sound bitter now, but this is what just life is. Figures.

To start I am Ren Reico. A nice name I know, but for, me it just seems like a made-up name for a shitty character by a shitty author. Meh, I am probably insane now.

Anyways I am a 15-year-old student. I’m not handsome, or a hunk, far from it! I am a nerd but not like those stereotypical nerds. I have short hair and don’t wear glasses, I like loose clothes and act cynical all the time.

I have- well had a friend, her name is Sapphire, my childhood friend, and former friend. I lost her when that stupid pretty boy showed up. His name is Griffith Shirobane (a shitty name I know. Who the freaking hell would name their kid after a dude who fucked the world and fucked his best friend’s baby momma.) Hell, that guy was perfect, way too perfect.

He has good grades, good looks, good personality for girls only. Tch if possible then I would have written his name on my death note.

Anyways he reminds me of a hentai protagonist. He rescues damsels in distress all the time and he makes his harem grow (lucky bastard). Anyways if you want to know why I lost my childhood friend then we have to go back to a few days ago.

[Three days ago]

I was walking to the classroom next to mine. It was lunchtime and I just finished talking with my groupmates. I looked at my lunch, Rice with omelets, hotdogs, and potatoes along with a piece of apple and apple juice.

I saw my childhood friend peeking out of the window. Her blue hair was perfect, it fell perfectly like a waterfall, it went well with her pale white skin and beautiful green eyes. I smirked to my self and motioned for her classmates to be quiet. I saw some of them snickering and some girls giggling, weird, anyways I went behind her and lightly tapped her head with my apple juice.

She instantly shot up letting out a shout of surprise, when she calmed down she pouted at me and puffed her cheeks out, her headphones now on her neck making her look cuter.

smiled inwardly at her reaction. She does look cute.

I DON’T LIKE HER OKAY! I just find her cute, well I may have a small crush for her. I am not a tsundere okay, I am a ’Cu’uldere. Please kill me now. I hate myself sometimes. I seriously wonder sometimes as to why I played hell*.

“Come on Sapph, Let’s eat,” I told her as I went to the door. “I made tuna omelets.” I showed her my bento and her eyes widened.

“Thanks, Ren!” she said, smiling as she walked next to me and grabbed a juice box from her bag.

“You need to hold back on those juice boxes,” I said in a lazy tone as I kept on walking, “you will get fat.”

“HEY!” Saph said as she punched me on the arm. “I won’t after all. How will I get his attention if I’m fat?” I clenched my hand and said nothing as we both ate our lunches. Why him? Stupid pretty boys always getting all the girls.

sighing I grabbed my apple-flavored juice box, poke a straw on it, and drank slowly.

“What do you girls see on that guy anyway?” I wonder, is it the hair, the skin, or the pedigree,

“Why do you ask?” Sapphire replied face changing to one of confusion.

“All you girls have a liking to him and honestly it makes a male friend of mine jealous,” I said twisting the truth a bit. “I swear I can imagine him frothing right now.”

That got a giggle out of her as I put away my finished lunch. “Maybe I can copy him so I can finally have a girlfriend.” I smiled as I imagined me being together with a girl, being all lovey-dovey.

Huh? Did the roof just get colder in here? I thought as a chill went on my spine, nevertheless, I sipped my drink.

“Stupid...” I rose my brow as I looked at Sapphire. Her eyes were hidden by her hair, cold air around her.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Looking at her made me confused, didn’t she like Grif-shit.

She smiled at me coldly and took my apple juice and then, slammed a punch on my shoulder.

“Idiot... if you truly want a girlfriend then court someone. Don’t copy someone else. You know I hate liars.” She said as I rubbed my shoulder, wincing a bit as I feel a bruise forming.

“Sheesh, what got your panties in a twist? Besides, I have someone I like, you know. Maybe I will rip some pages out of Griffith’s book and show her how much I like her.” I said and saw sapphire muttering something. “Did you say something?”

“No,” She replied and smiled at me. “Maybe if you did confess then, you two will be together. I will confess to Griffith and then we guys will have double dates together.” She said.


that hurts more than expected.

seeing that happy smile I can’t help but be hurt knowing that I am, after all, just her childhood friend.

“Don’t be delusional,” A new person went towards after coming up of the stairs. It was a girl around my age, wearing the same uniform. Blonde hair styled into curls, emerald green eyes forming a sharp look towards my childhood friend. looking to Sapphire, I saw her glare at the newcomer.

Seriously? Girls, please don’t fight.

“Joan, What a pleasant surprise?” she said, venom lacing her words as if she can’t stand breathing the same air as Joan. “What brings you here?”

“I was planning to see the beautiful scenery here while enjoying my lunch, but it seems like I stumbled upon a pauper and her mangy dog. o~hohoho,” she said as she laughed with her hand near her mouth.

seriously... a dog. Wow, It’s official this is the best day of my life. God, I love you with all my heart, but why do you make me feel like this. She should be glad that I don’t have a red barbed blade with a stick.

“Hey! Don’t talk to him like that you cow!” Sapphire shouted back as her glare hardened.

Thank you sapphire! Damn, if I have a tail, then it would be wagging like crazy now.

“And why? After all, he is just like a dog to you. Always there when you need him but if he needs you, you’re not there.” Joan said as her eyes showed amusement.

Now that I think about it. I am really like a dog, aren’t I?

upon the realization struck me hard as I ignored the two girls that were having a verbal match.

Shit! If Falco was here, he would be laughing at me very hard right now and will be thinking of several ways to make me a part of his hunting dogs plan. I can feel myself slowly reverting to my nihilistic, realist critic self.

I hate it.

“Are they fighting again?” A soft melodic voice filled with innocence distracted from my inner monologue. Looking at the newcomer, I can,t help but smirk.

“Unless your eyes and ears aren’t working properly then they are,” I said with a sharp tone. The newcomer sighed as blonde hair in a braid fell on her back, her green eyes having a calm and mature look yet filled with innocence and a small pout on her soft lips. She is not a person that I should associate with, after all, I won’t be able to forgive myself for tainting an innocent and kind girl such as herself with my philosophy and the way I think.

“I’m sorry for my sister’s harsh words,” She said with a bow showing her sincerity. I merely shrugged and patted a spot beside mine, motioning for her to sit.

“I’m not affected by it anymore,” a clear lie. “If I was affected by those words then what would be the difference. After all, words are just words. It is only up to the receiver on how does he or she interpret it,” I said wishing that this blonde french girl would just go away. She merely smiled and gave me a soft pat on the head.

“Really?” I said in a lazy yet irritated tone.

“Sister is right you know, you are like a dog sometimes,l” I felt a vein pop on my head. Frenchie?!

“Tch! Seems like you’re between a rock and a hard place idiot,” A feminine voice said sharply. looking at the newcomer with pale skin, and pale blonde hair. Eyes having a sharp and disgusted look aimed at me.

“Joanna? I guess you are here to save me aren’t you?” This merely caused her to roll her eyes and throw a can of coffee at me. Sweet holy nectar of the gods. I immediately stood up and knelt in front of Joanna. “Marry me?”

... ... ... It suddenly became quiet. The bickerings stopped, Jeanne stood stunned, Joan and Sapphire froze, and Joanna looked away. I’m serious you know.

“Idiot! As if someone would like to marry someone like you. Are you brain dead or stupid. Chien stupide!” She shouted looking at me like I was the greatest scum on earth.

“Well, You’re right in that regard. I mean, seriously, It’s not like I have any likable traits either,” I look at my watch and saw that I only have 15 minutes before the break was over. “I gotta get going now. Saph, please bring my lunch box to my house later.” I simply stood up and didn’t notice them.

Joanna is right. I’m not attractive and I’m sure that most of the girls in this school like that shitty bastard. I give up, I wish that I would just be summoned in another world where I will be needed.

Sighing I went to my classroom and sat on my seat, hoping that one day my life will not be boring anymore.

After Class

I decide to walk to Sapphire’s class

I want to walk with her home. The weirdest thing is the Two Frenchies in my class are a bit silent, it seems like something happened, not my problem.

Standing in front of the closed-door in her classroom, I heard her talking about me.

“Don’t be stupid! Me and Ren dating? That’s impossible and will never happen, after all, I only have my heart set on master Griffith. Besides He’s always annoying, either teasing or scolding me for things I did. I wish he wasn’t my friend sometimes you know.”

Huh? Why can’t I feel anything? It hurts, my chest tightens and my breath becomes heavier each second. I already know this but why? Why does it hurt so much? They were all right. I will never be able to find any happiness or love. Hehe, I guess this is karma or fate. Just as much as love tragic stories, my life is also a tragedy in itself. something warm slowly rolls down on my cheeks.

I couldn’t take this anymore. the rejection I know, that they didn’t mean it. Running to the rooftop, I never noticed a pair of blondes looking at me nor a bluenette peeking from the window, instead, I focused on running away. That’s right, the only thing that I was good at is running away from my problems in any shape or form. I ignored everything around me as I looked up at the dark skies, rain falling softly in a beautiful yet sad rhythm.

“It’s raining very hard today,” I said as I stood there looking up at the dark skies, letting my sorrow, as tears fell slowly.


Author’s note

yo, guys! Forest here, now I am a rookie in writing so I would appreciate any comments or tips that you want to give. just either pm me or comment on my story and I’ll see you in my next chapter.

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