Love,Lust And Werewolves (Whitestone Pack #1)

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Aurora Cassidy, daughter of Alpha of Blood Moon Pack. She is a bisexual. She has the heart of the gold body of a goddess and attitude of a bitch. An attack on her pack destroys her life. The one sheltered girl has nowhere to go but she is tough. With all her belongings she moves to her best friend' ss house who is secretly in love with Aurora. What happens when she finds her mate but don't want him because of her past. What happens when the Queen Bee wants to share Aurora with Aurora's best friend in a hot threesome. Daniel Kade Alpha of Whitestone Pack, I cold and ruthless everyone wants a piece of him, women, to flocks to him, but he lives alone. Nobody dares to go against him, but when a girl stands up to him, he founds it amusing, knowing he is her mate he wants her hell-bent on making her his. Joyce James, she is the Queen bee of the Orion Highschool. Every boy wants to sleep with her but she is a lesbian and a damn fighter, she is a human but knows about the werewolves and is not afraid of them. She has a girlfriend Tanya who also happens to be Aurora' friend. These three share a hot night together and Joyce wants more. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Let's see who will win this mating game.

Fantasy / Erotica
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What is a werewolf?

They are half men and half beast. There are two creatures living in a body. The wolf has it's own mind where he can talk with his human half and can fight to take control of the human body from the human. It only happens in extreme feelings.

They travel in packs and worship the Moon Goddess Selene.

In a pack there is an Alpha, whose word is the law. After him comes the Beta,Delta the slaves and lastly the omegas. All werewolves have mates only made from them. After making the bond strong, by staying close to each other and knowing each other better in both forms. They can mark and mate each other.

At full moons the she wolf will come in heat and every unmated male will have an urge to mate with her. It's the instinct of the wolf in them. Even the she wolf will be desperate to mate with anybody as the heat will make them experience pain.

A she wolf can only get pregnant by her mate and in heat. Mates can reject each other but they will always find something missing inside them.

The moon goddess child appears on earth each 200 years and only after the prior one has died.

The children of moon goddess don't have any wolf instead they have spirit wolf which is inside another person who will protect the moon goddess's children and the mate of the her children will be strong. The children can also choose mates. They will also get strong but not as strong as the real mate.

This is a short introduction on the topic if werewolves. As, some of you are not aware of them. I hope this will clear any doubt you will have further in the story. If you have a doubt which is not cleared by the introduction,then please feel free to use the comments I will try my best to help you. Have a good day.

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