Trinal Academy: Ancient Blood Ties

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Despite the ominous feeling in my gut, I continued towards them, my fascination overriding my dread. My heart hammered louder and louder as I came within several feet of their respiring breaths. Suddenly, a wolf-like rumble stabbed the forest. It was a cautionary sound; a warning, that my presence had been detected. Something was feeding. I could smell the putrid irony stench of flesh and blood. Run like hell… get to the car, and get away from here as fast as you can. My conscience uttered inside of my head. I darted in the opposite direction instantly, as fast as my frozen legs would allow. There was no longer a need for tact or restraint at that point. Whatever it was, it saw me — clear as day now, and it wanted to unleash its wrath for disrupting its meal. I tripped and stumbled as I ran, neglecting to glance back at the horrid creatures that quickly advanced. As I moved further away from the SUV, I caught sight of my small sedan, sparkling under the moonlight. Before my mind could process anything further, I felt the heavy animal pounce with incredible accuracy onto my back. I fell instantly under its massive weight, and I could feel its jagged claws move quickly to the back of my neck — the deep hum of its vicious growls — the shrill hissing of its thirsty throat… This is it… this is how you die — alone… In the darkness of night… a slow and agonizing death..

Fantasy / Thriller
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About The Author

Erick Phillips is a Los Angeles native and father of two. Despite being a Bachelors graduate in the fields of Real Estate and Marketing, Erick always had a passion for dark fictional writing, and has recently decided to share his work with the world.

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reeg122008: Good book! I am really enjoying the storyline. I haven't been able to stop reading as I can't wait to see what happens next. Great job!

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