Fantasy Wars

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The story of an elven girl who has a terrible past that she wants to run away from. But her past is catching up to her faster than she knows but on the run she meets other two elves both are siblings who live on their own. They fight off threats and become friends but will their friendship be strong enough when the secret is out or will they turn against her. A fight against humans and elves that has lasted for a long time since the first mischievous elf came to be.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Secret Past

"My name is Lithian and I've been on the run ever since I escaped the war between elves and humans I made mistakes all my life but I m are the biggest mistake that I can never tell anyone. I ran away because of that mistake i can never face anyone ever especially another elf." Lithian walked through a field of candle strings (a type of flower that had a candle like shape it glows in the dark and gives outheatin the cold.) and as she walked through the field she coulkd feel the warmth of the flower on her skin. She looked ahead she saw a forest of trees that were curved in many different ways that made it look easy to climb on. All magical creatures have an ability elves are very athletic , fairies have the ability to blend in to shadows, pixies have the ability to scense when someone has passed by a certain area. "I walked through the field and I felt warm and sleepy I haven't slept in months I was between the candle strings and the curved trees when I callapsed from the warmth of the flowers the last thing I remember was looking at the full moon then my eyes closed." Lithian felt like she was in the air and like she was moving she felt hands and heard voices talking a girl and a boygs voice. "Careful Pelette we don't want to hurt her." said the boy. "Who cares about her what about me how do you think I would feel with another girl here." Pelette complained. "Pelette come on she's one of us maybe she is also hiding from the war just like us." The biy told her. "Seriously Karic you are only saying that because she is an elven girl." Pelette told him. "No I don't I am only saying it because she is the first elf we h ave seen and this must be a bonus for you since she is a girl." Pelette told him. "Let's just get her to our tree house." Karic said. That was the last thing Lithian heard then she went out cold. "I woke up in a room of branches with a soft bed made from leaves

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