The door Of prophecy

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The mind of a child and his fantasy can be broken down so easily when the truth is revealed. Ryan, a boy that thought his life was real until a door appeared and showed him the reality that he was missing out on, a reality that only someone with a specific mind can handle, someone strong at heart. His little personal world is perfect but yet not real.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Life full of hope

I wake up, I glare around my room in hope to find something to focus on, to clear my mind of thoughts that don't mean anything. "breakfast is ready!" my mother yells at me. "coming!" I say in delight, I love my mother and father they have always provided me with the things I have need. I'm the only child in the family which makes life easier for me, I giggle at the thought.

I get out of my warm and colourful bed and get dressed. I choose some dark clothing because it kind of makes me feel like I can fit in, not like that matters no one ever gives me trouble and my life is pretty chill. I walk down stairs and to my delight I see the biggest plate of pancakes and maple syrup. I love pancakes it's my favourite dish, "I made your favourite I hope you will enjoy, and hurry you will be late to school." my mother says slightly concerned about the time.

I quickly enjoy my meal and thank my mother for the delicious meal she had made. Today it felt a little weird like there was something missing, but I quickly blow off the thought and started to walk to school. I wait at the bus stop for one of my best friends Julie, she has always been there for me to make my day even more enjoyable. I see her coming towards and and I yell out to her, "hurry up we're going to be late for school!" she quickly hurried over to me after hearing the comment. "h-how have you been?" she asked slightly out of breath from sprinting over to me. We started to walk and I answer her, "it has been good like always." I said in a slightly sad tone. She has a look on her face like she wants to ask something so I give her a glare of confusion, pretty much stare at her with one eyebrow up, "what's up?" she concertedly asks. We continue in silence for a while until i finally give her an answer she will be satisfied with. "it just feels like something is missing in my life you know?" she looks at me like she is going to continue the conversation but instead we silently walk to school.

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