The door Of prophecy

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No education needed

We walk into the school, and to my surprise not many people we there today. The school was always packing with loads of different people, maybe we were early? "what class do we have first up?" I ask Julie. She replies, "I think it is maths? Maybe?" she is just as forgetful as I am, honestly classes never really mattered to me because I somehow always get to the top of my class anyway. School is boring, everyone thinks that i don't know a single person who enjoys everything about school but this is what people apparently need to get a job. At the thought of this I remember that I don't really ever see anyone doing anything ever.

I walk into the my class with Julie, she has been in the same class for years now. Honestly I don't think I could put up with being at the top without having some fun here and there. Giggling at the thought the morning role call was said, I slowly wait for me name to be called by Mr burr. "Ryan pain?" I finally here my name and respectfully say "here," it feels like this is the first time i have ever done that, but i have been going to this school for years. I hear a "he's going to be alright, " in the back of my head. Scared at what I heard ring through my head I start to freak, my breathing becoming harder and harder by the second. Everything goes black.

"Am I passed out?" I think to myself, "why can I see?" as these questions fill my head I make out a figure standing above me and then everything fades to black. I suddenly wake up and appear to be in the schools sick bay, its the end of the day and I feel really tired. I look around and see Mr burr and ask if I can go home early. He agrees after a long conversation about how much I sleep. After this encounter sprint home and jump back into bed. "what a weird day." I think to myself as I fall asleep

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