Under Investigation

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Adira Lee, the daughter of a cruel and sinister Alpha. For years she and her pack have suffered at the hands of her father and the minions he has turned into ranked wolves. Her patience grows thin the more abuse her pack and herself endure. Feeling as if she is one of the only people left to fight her father, she’s about to do something she never dreamed of. That is until two men appear on her father’s door steps. Magnar Price, and Ekon McBride are Council enforcers, sent to investigate the horrors of the Blood Lust pack. Arriving Magnar Price is met with a sight he never thought that he would be honored to see. His mate, standing in the thick of things, he has to fight to keep her alive even as the members of her pack are put up for execution. Her name is on the list, unless their investigation, and her pack members can speak for her. Only the Council will be able to have the final say and spare the one made for him.

Fantasy / Romance
Lillianne Young
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Chapter 1

As I stare at my father, I have to fight to keep my lip from curling. My father, the Alpha of the Blood Lust pack, is a wretched man. I hate the fact we share blood; I hate the fact that he is still Alpha.

“Adira, where is Anthony? We’re supposed to be in a meeting.” I focus my attention outside, failing to sooth my wolf as she struggles to make a stand against our father. I know how that always turns out.

“I’m not sure Father, I think he’s on collection rounds.” This pack would be better off rogue, my father’s a greedy man. Syphoning whatever he can from the pack. They pay to be under his guidance, to pay for his horrid opinions.

I’ve gone through and talked to some members of the pack who’ve struggled to get the money. I try to right the wrongs he does, it’s almost impossible to do so. With the eye he keeps on me, I’m a prisoner, just like them.

“Very well, I’ll go find him.” With a wave of his hand, I finally take my leave. My wolf’s snarls reverberate in my skull. She hates the man, she wants to kill him. Walking down the hall the over sized house I look around the cold interior.

Ever since my mother’s death, this place hasn’t been a home. How could it? The murderer still lives within its walls, the evil that lies within still haunts it. The pack lands don’t fare better, I look over the barren landscape, even the outdoors senses the darkness refusing to flourish to its fullest potential.

The supposedly green landscape looks like death is on its front door, the slightly dying greenery gift it a cold appearance. The grass has a yellow brown tinge, it doesn’t look healthy. The trees are almost always barren refusing to grow its canopy for any length of time.

The bare limbs give leave onlookers with an eerie unsettled feeling. This pack isn’t welcoming. When people come to this pack, it’s because they have no option left. Going rogue is a death sentence nowadays, with how strict packs are. They kill a rogue without a fair trial. If they can contact their previous pack, most of the time an example is made of that ex member.

Our world has changed drastically, the Council should be informed of interactions with rogue wolves. Most packs ignore that rule, opting to handle business as is. I make my way into the packs housing district and look over the rundown homes.

It disgusts me that my father doesn’t take care of his pack members. No instead he abuses his powers, the power hungry bastard. My wolf simmers, as she thinks of all he’s done to the pack. These are good people, they shouldn’t be treated this way.

Empty streets greet me, two kids playing in front of their home makes me smile slightly. The pair freeze and give a slight wave before scurrying off inside. I shake my head sadly, my father has made it a rule that when there are ranked wolves on the streets, no one else is to be on them.

It’s a stupid rule, I don’t need the streets empty to myself to walk. I’d rather see the smiling faces of my community. I continue to move through the streets. I keep an eye out for Anthony, my father’s Beta. A man with an ego two sizes too big for himself.

If anyone should face death, he is one of them. A cruel man who takes pleasure in bullying pack members. Stealing their money, and possessions. Anthony has no right to hold power, the man should be executed. He’s lower than any rogue could ever be.

My father enjoys the company of Anthony, just because of his cruel loyalty. Anthony isn’t afraid to make an example out of anyone in the pack or not. Around the corner I am greeted with a sight that makes my wolf snarl. Partially transformed, attempting to scare money out of some of our elder wolves.

Giving a growl I whistle, his head snaps my way. I know my father will hear about this and no doubt give me some kind of punishment. “Beta, Alpha wishes to have a meeting with you.” Anthony pulls back from Mr. and Mrs. Gerald. Instead he focuses his snarl at me, maybe he hopes I’ll back down, my eyes flash out of anger. He’s a pompous asshole.

“I’m busy here.” Arching an eyebrow at the man I have to struggle to push my wolf back.

“You can always explain why you disobeyed the Alpha’s orders after you finish with your tasks. I’m sure he’ll understand your reasoning.” Anthony snarls at me, he turns, his wolf directs their anger my way.

“Then you finish the collection. These two scrounges have yet to pay. They’ve already passed their leniency days. Get the money or kill them.” Anthony walks past me; he slams his shoulder into mine, making my wolf step to the foreground with her own snarl.

She wants nothing more than to kill him, tired of his disrespect. I force a breath through my nose, I roll my shoulders, welcomed by my bones cracking, frustrated. I hate the man almost as much as I hate my father. I have to calm myself down as I walk up the concrete steps. They don’t need to be harassed anymore.

“I’m sorry about him, he’s an asshole.” I fight to calm down as I lean against the door jamb, Mrs. Gerald leans against her husband pale.

“We don’t have all the fees. We can’t get the rest of the fee, we needed food. I’m sorry but we were so hungry.” Mr. Gerald’s voice shakes, it makes me want to kill Anthony, there is no way that I can allow this to continue. Sighing I shake my head. I hate the fact that I am forced to continue to ask for money from them.

“It’s alright Mr. Gerald. I understand, I hate to do this to you guys. What can you offer? And please keep some of your money, I’ll cover the rest of the fees alright?” Mrs. Gerald gives me a watery smile, with a nod.

“Thank you Adira, you are the only light in this dreadful pack.” I smile at her, thankful to have this interaction ending in a better light. I wish that I could just excuse them of their fees but I know it would just end with them being an example that no one wants to see. My father shouldn’t make them pay to be under his ‘protection’ if you could call it that.

“Please contact me if you can’t make the fees. I will help you in any way I can. Stay healthy.” Mr. Gerald hands me over a portion of the fee with a slight smile.

“Thank you Adira, you are too kind to us.” I smile and step away from the door, I’ll need to get back to the house before my father get’s pissy and comes out hunting for me. If I’m being honest with myself I’m not being nice enough to these people.

I’m sure some would argue that I’m doing the best that I can in this situation. But it’s not good enough for my wolf and I, I should do more. Refusing my father more than I am now, it’s complete bullshit what he does.

Walking down the streets. I glanced at the homes of pack mates, seeing some peek out their blinds, their scared expressions briefly offered me a smile. They duck away quickly, terrified that my father is watching our interaction.

My father has a reputation of violence everyone in our pack is terrified to leave their homes and interact in a healthy manner. Everyone in my pack is afraid of everything. My father rules with a heavy hand, much heavier than what is needed.

Making a route through the neighborhoods I inspect the homes. I make sure that no one direly needs anything. I know that I can’t do a lot without my father being aware. Even when I help my father gets greedy once more, he wears down the family for something.

My father’s greed never seems to end. The man needs to be removed from power plain and simple. His reign of terror needs to be brought to an end. I finish my rounds and start up the long path to my father’s home.

This is the one place that is left standing like it was built. Beautifully designed, with large windows. It would probably be an astounding home if I didn’t know what had happened within the walls. The atrocities that had been committed had left this once beautiful structure with a dark cloud.

The grand pathway made of stone stands clear, the walkway, the house, I’m ashamed that this was funded by the pack. And not by their kindness either, most of what my father has, was paid for by the pack.

Climbing the steps to the home I am left to listen to the sounds of nature. The only thing to disrupt it is a vehicle, the new sound has me turning so my back is towards the house. I watch the road, I wasn’t notified of any visitors today.

The large black SUV that pulls up into the driveway slowly, my head cocks, it isn’t a member of the pack. But we didn’t feel someone non-pack enter the lands either. Who the hell is it then? The dark tinted windows do nothing but raise more questions.

Not being able to help myself I walk to the last step, the driver and passenger doors open, revealing two fairly large and dominant men. I scent the air and I’m left stunned, the smell of a Council member. It would explain why I didn’t know of their arrival.

Council members have the delightful ability to walk within packs without their knowledge. Makes it easier to do surprise visits. The driver pauses staring at me and takes a deep breath. The shades over his eyes makes it impossible to tell what’s on his mind.

“Can I help you two?” The passenger looks around taking his time to respond. The driver continues to stare at me, making my wolf stand at attention. That could just be because these are two very dominant men.

“I’m Ekon, and this is Magnar. We are from the Council, this pack is under investigation.” Snorting I can’t contain the slight smirk that pops onto my face. Looks like judgement day has finally arrived for the two power hungry tyrants. I’m surprised that this hasn’t happened sooner.

“You guys have your job cut out for you. The Alpha and Beta are in a meeting, can I help you with anything?” I lean against the railing and stuff my hands in the pockets of my jeans.

“Would you be willing to do an interview with us?” I automatically nod. I’ll take pleasure in throwing my tyrant father under the bus. The man needs to be stopped, this pack deserves more, deserves better. My father and Anthony need to be held responsible.

“That won’t be an issue.” I know my father well enough by now, they are going to have a hard time getting any information from the pack members. They aren’t very trusting, not anymore. “It might be best if you request for me to be your guide, not every ranked wolf is open to change.”

“We’ll take your advice, it’s easier to have a member of the pack with us, makes it more comfortable. How would you say tension levels are in the pack?” Before I can respond to Magnar, the door opens behind me.

“Adira, where’s the fee for the Gerald’s? Are they going to need to be-” Anthony is forced to stop himself as he looks at our two guests. Turning I can’t help myself as I grin at the pair.

“Alpha, Beta, this is Ekon and Magnar. They are from the Council, they are here for some routine investigations.” Both of their eyes look over my head, taking in the new arrivals, they feel challenged I’m sure. My father’s eyes burn bright with anger, oh yeah he’s pissed about this.

“Why didn’t you notify me of their arrival Adira?” My father doesn’t greet them as he focuses his anger on me.

“I’m sorry, I knew you were in a meeting with Beta. I didn’t want to interrupt.” The vein pops out in his neck. I know my punishment is going to suck. At this point I don’t care, I’ll happily be an example of my father’s cruelty.

Pulling out the Gerald’s payment I hand it to Anthony. “I made sure to collect in full.” Anthony’s eyes narrow, his lip raising slightly in a snarl. I love the fact that it’s easy to push their buttons.

“Adira, go patrol the borders. We’ll talk later.” Hearing the slight snarl in his voice makes me push from the railing, I remove my hands from my pocket. I’m not shocked I’m getting sent to do patrol. I’m sure I’ll get my ass handed to me before tomorrow morning. Probably after he sends these two off to bed. As I leave, I glance towards the pair, glad to see that both of their eyes are sparkling with awareness. I don’t doubt they’ve caught onto what I was doing, their Council members.

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