Die For Me

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Her blood is the one thing we would fight for, the one thing we would die for, and the one thing we would give up everything for. Her scent is dangerous and also mouthwatering. Yet here she is. Right here in my arms. Am I stupid for being this close to her? I can't deny the fact that I have no control over my hunger if it gets to be too much. But she is breathing calm; in and out. With a strange but familiar heartbeat of a human. They call her sange frumos. Or Winter. He is my heart and soul and his love is like a drug. I feel like an addict. Breathing his scent in and out of my nose. I've never been so close to death before but I feel safe right here in his strong arms. Am I stupid for being this close to him? I thought his kind was supposed to be cold like in all the fairy tales but his touch was warm and aggressive but passionate. He's my drug. And I'm his addict. They call him Sange Rau. Or Kai.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Alone

I was slowly becoming tired, so I closed my eyes. I knew what was coming before I dreamt of it. A stranger’s eyes became my mind’s resting place when I was not awake. This same person’s eyes keep popping up, they have been for the last 10 years. I’m 19 years old, and my grandma is the only one to see my birthday.

My grandma is 77, but she’s my best friend or more like my only friend. I’m homeschooled and barely go outside gran’s house. When I do go outside, I only wear black. It’s her orders after all. She claims it will protect me. I’ve asked her so many times why but all she says to me is ” you will soon find out child”. It’s kind of starting to creep me out, but most things creep me out anyways. I’ll blame that on the homeschooling.

Tonight... was different though, tonight was the night where I would feel different if that was what she meant. When I turn 19 at 1:00 am something was supposed to happen. Something either magical or disturbing, but I was betting on nothing. Gran told me my journey was just beginning every year I turned another age up. What was that supposed to mean? My mind was a big book full of questions. I know my parents died a long time ago, but she never told me how or why. Gran was very smart and very wise, she knew things that not most 77-year-olds should know. I trust her with my life so I follow her every word. I mean who else is left to take care of me?

Tonight, before I went to bed, Gran told me she loved me, but in a different way. When she smiled her whole face said she was sad but I also saw something else in her eyes. Hope. I wonder what for? The eyes I am dreaming about are my safe spot. They are a deep, beautiful, silver. I can’t tell what gender the eyes are coming from though. Just that they are extremely attractive, butterflies and warmth spread through my dreams because of it. I never tell Gran about my dream. I feel like she would think I was crazy and go all protective. I’m not crazy.

I woke up.

I slowly yawned and glanced at the clock. Wow! I managed to sleep at least until 12:59 am, I sucked at sleeping. My eyes were forcing me to close them but I pushed back and told them a kind no in the depth of my thoughts. Literally, I usually am not lucky enough to sleep for a full 2 hours. Trust me I don’t know if that’s unhealthy or something but I always end up going to sleep eventually. In one minute it would be 1:00 am. In a way, I hope I will feel different like gran predicted or maybe it will just be another minute in our 24 hour day. My life was pointless and boring, any type of weird feeling would make my month or maybe even my life. That’s when it happened.






For a second nothing happened. And in that very second, a type of relief and sadness all flowed through me at once. My heart was beating rapidly, thump, thump, thump. I felt like the world could hear my heart beating. Yet after that second. I felt a weird sensation in my head like a thrumming. It was like the biggest drum was just banging on and on until my eyes were forced closed. I forget if I made any sound during all of this. Just then pain. A deep pain spread through my whole body and I screamed. I kept screaming as I felt like I was being tortured by the best and worst torture device. It was like daggers going and digging deep into my body and soul. Why couldn’t Gran hear me? I shouted her name and all I heard was a scary silence, but it’s not like I could hear anything else. That’s when my eyes popped back open and the pain was over. I look back at my clock with wide eyes. It was still 1:00 am. That felt like 20 years!

I started hyperventilating as I looked around my room in a panic. What just happened to me? I heard a tiny whine and then realized it was my own, my body was having a whole freak out. Something was in my room. Something dangerous was in my room and then before I could scream again I was tossed into strong, built arms.

“I’m only doing this for orders! Shhh child, don’t be scared I won’t hurt you! Just please hold tight on to me.” A melodic voice said. The voice was beautiful and almost enchanting, I couldn’t help but obey. His voice made me feel good and I felt like I had too. My brain went hazy for a second until I snapped back into reality.

“Who are you?!” I screamed, that ‘good’ feeling was now long gone and the panic came rushing back. I now felt pure hatred for this newfangled stranger for first off practically taking me against my will and second off stating that he was doing it for orders, I was very frightened like if a Buffalo was chasing a deer, I felt like the deer. I felt movement under me and realized I was being carried bridal style as he jumped out my window. Was this guy crazy?! We landed on the ground with a soft thump. His movements were almost unreal or unnatural. Something was seriously wrong with this dude.

I felt the cold outside air on my skin as he started running. The weird thing is, he was like freaking floating running. I looked down at his legs and I could barely see them. That’s when I realized: I was being kidnapped. By the flash?

“I am Caspian Black and I am the son of King Saltan Black the Fall. My father is the king of the Southern Nation, but that is not where I am taking you. I am doing this job under King Sebastion Dalancey the Winter.” He had to yell against the speed he was going.

Winter and Fall? What? Kings? Nations? Am I dreaming? I have to be! But as I look at the night sky everything feels so real, but at this point, I don’t trust my senses or reality. And for the first time, I looked at his face. My jaw dropped in aw, as I realized he is the most handsome man I have ever seen in my entire short, meaningless, life. His eyes were a deep light blue and his face must have been sculptured into perfection. His hair was messy but perfectly right blonde. He looked like one of those models I would see on the daily magazine’s Gran had back home. My entire body just melted as I realized I was in his arms, my heartbeat started beating even faster, if that was even possible. Jeez! Damn you hormones!

“Okay. I’m sorry what?” I whispered in confusion, but he looked down as he seemed to hear me anyway. ” Are you crazy Mr. Kidnapper?? You can’t just come into my house and then just zoom out with me in your arms like your the mother freaking flash dude!” I yelled.

I felt a rumble coming from his chest as he laughed.

“Hold tight. Because you are about to cross into a different world mortal.”

He suddenly seemed to speed up and then went faster and faster. Then there was a burst of light like a lightning bolt, he seemed to be going so fast that everything else was a blur. Then it was over, I think, but how could I know because suddenly I felt harsh sleepiness.

“Remember this Winter. What is about to happen to you will be the craziest thing you will ever experience in your life. When you wake up I will be there. Protect yourself mortal. Cause even I will crave your blood right when you wake up. It’s a part of the process. Or so says the rumors. You should not be scared, for we will have someone not so bloodthirst guard you. She will keep you safe so you will have to trust her. For I will be at the back of the room trying to get used to your scent and learn to control my thirst for your blood even though it may take hours. They call you Sange Frumos. Goodnight for your journey has just begun.”

Those were the last words I heard before...darkness.

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