Swear Not By The Wings

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"This has to be a dream," I whisper as I stare at the inhuman boy. He smirks down at me mischievously, bends close to my ear and whispers, "Go ahead and pinch yourself, little human." Arrietty Spring is your average quirky teenage girl. Well, just minus the average part. Arrietty's great-grandma was supposedly a fairy. Naturally, Arrietty has a tough time wrapping her head around this fact and insults the "imaginary creatures" during an argument with her mother. Little does she know that the beings of a magical woodland are listening to her every word. And well, you can guess what happens next…

Fantasy / Romance
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Monstrous growls echo the further I go into the forest. My steps are shaky due to pain and the darkness. I am not too fond of the nighttime.

Twigs and leaves crunch under my feet as I walk.

Soon, the initial fear vanishes, and I find peace being away from the fairies.

I close my eyes and imagine that I am on my way home from school. The only difference is that this walk is much longer than any walk from school I've ever had. My legs get worn out and I sit down by a tree.

Several thoughts scurry around my mind and soon I become consumed. Memories with my friends replay in my head like shopping with Linden, alien-hunting with Poppy, and watching cartoons with Jane. Tears sting my eyes when my recollection falls on the face of my mother. Just a couple of days ago we were baking a strawberry cake, dancing, and making a mess in the kitchen. My heart aches severely.

It's crazy how life can change so drastically in one day. I wrap my hands around my heart-shaped pendant.

"Mom, I miss you" I weep to myself. I hear a rustling from behind me and jump to my feet.

"Arrietty?" It's Elio. I knew that I was possibly going to get scolded for wandering off by myself as it is dangerous. Much to my shock, the fairy doesn't look angry that I am breaking the one rule he begged me not to break.

Instead, his face shows regret. This still isn't enough to ease my pain. He had me tortured by the warrior faeries and most importantly, took me away from my mom. I look at him through blurred vision. The tears won't stop. Elio takes careful steps towards me, prompting me to back away from him in fear. The winter fae appears to be bothered by this and moves closer.

"Arrietty, I'm not going to hurt you," he says.

I stumble over my feet while trying to get away from him. Shooting pain travels up my legs when I fall to the woodland floor. I scream in discomfort, but continue to back away from the fairy.

"Arrietty, stop moving! You're hurt!" He exclaims gently.

"Leave me alone!" I yelp.


"Get away from me!"

"I'm sorry-"

"No, don't come closer! I hate you!"

"Arrietty Spring! Stop it!" Elio suddenly shouts. I go silent when I notice that the winter fae is crouched down, right in front of me. He's staring at me with desperate eyes.

The fairy then grabs me by the shoulders and pulls me into his arms. I try to push him away, but he only holds me tighter. Too weak to fight, I give up and allow him to hug me. He rubs my back soothingly as

I sob violently into his shoulder.

I need someone.


"Sh. You're okay, Arrietty," he whispers into my ear. I feel the fairy tighten his grip around me. I hug him back. A minute or two goes by when Elio scoops me up into his chest and flies us back to my cottage. He tenderly lays me down on the bed and tucks me into the covers. I want him to stay. I don't want to feel lonely in this world anymore. He knows this as he can read my mind.

I guess it is too much to wish for because the fae boy turns around and leaves without looking back.

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