Cursed girl

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Hello guys this story is my first story in this app (inkitt) and I think that you would like this story. I have also uploaded this story in wattpad app I have only written half of the story in wattpad Link of wattpad story - And sorry for any grammatical mistake because English is not my first language And thanks❤ Summery - When the world was already formed, God and demons were fighting, then the king of demons died from them, a bright stone came out of his evil spirit. That shining stone was found by the king of God of stars, after millions of years when a part of him (son) was born on earth, he gave that shining stone a blessing to his child on earth. But the shining stone cursed Naruto (son of God of stars) and became a demon sometime after his marriage. Naini (Naruto's wife) thought of saving her husband. He asked for help from the great father of the magical world. Great father gave nanny three things. And the great father said to Naini that you are pregnant and take care of yourself. Naini saved her husband, but she died as soon as she gave birth to her daughter. And before she dies she cast a magical stone inside her daughter.

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Part 1


Some people also say that the person who is having cursed stone will never be happy and he will be surrounded by the demons......... The founder of the cursed stone was Naruto he was the son of the Star

When god and demon was fighting

At the beginning of the creation of the world, when God and demons were fighting, And when the demons lost to God, lord of demons died. When Lord of demons died,a stone came out of his evil spirit. And that stone fell directly to the God of stars. When the lord of the stars got this shining stone, he kept that stone well. Millions of years later, when a part of him was born in the earth, he gave him that shiny stone as a blessing.But that stone was a curse and not a boon for Naruto (Lord of the Star's sun). There were many evil spirits behind him and that evil spirit was troubling him.

Ever since Naruto has that stone, he is upset because of that cursed stone, all his family members were also killed by the demons.

Shortly after his family died, he was summoned from the magic world. Then after that naruto went there.

He saw a beautiful sight, the colour of the trees was not green, red , the colour of the sky was yellow, Soil colour blue and water colour pink. After seeing that view, the same thing came out of his mouth "Wow what a place"It was fun seeing the beautiful scenes ". Seeing that place, he forgot all his sorrows and troubles.

After some years, he falls in love with a girl and he wants to marry her but that girl lives in the earth and if he went to Naina (the girl he loves), then he will be surrounded by evil spirits and demons.It is possible that he may die or he himself becomes a demon.

But he did not know that he went to earth. Shortly after the wedding, some incident started to happen to him. After some time he started behaving differently and finally he disappeared.

His wife tried her best to find him and after some time she came to know that she was going to be a mother (she was pregnant) .

After all, she mistresses her husband with the help of the magical world. But when he reached her husband, she saw her husband's new look.

Thanks for reading my story and sory for anny grammatical mistake because English is not my first language.

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