Golden Goddess

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From the moment you unknowingly catch the glittering eye of an obsessive fairy king, your world is twisted into something horrific. In the dead of night, you are kidnapped from your own home and whisked away to the beautiful land of Sullen where you are forced into the role of a docile trophy-wife. Any bit of defiance you display is met with mind-rotting punishment- swift and immediate. You are essentially a living trinket for the maleficent fairy king, Carmen Quinn, and with a wedding date quickly approaching, you fear that you will never see the family you were stolen from ever again... ***story heavily under construction. tips, guidance, and constructive feedback are encouraged***

Fantasy / Adventure
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It had only been a few weeks, yet gold already clung heavily to your skin.

It was on every digit of your hands in the form of rings. Hung from both your wrists and ankles in the shape of bracelets. It hung loosely from your neck as well- the intricate chains glistened as it draped over your collar bones and fell between your unveiled chest; A necklace. It was beautiful on you and beautifully matched with the red dress that hugged your body. It was expertly fitted, the burgundy fabric dug into only the most appealing places of your form. The fabric was parted low between your breasts in, quite possibly, the deepest v-cut you had ever seen, much less ever worn. A slit on the side that started at the hip and cut all the way down gave it a sophisticated look. The dress was too mature for your taste, too fancy for your liking. However, the jeans and t-shirt you were once so acquainted to had likely been burned, so you no longer complained. After the weeks of wearing it and many others like it, you’d gotten over the uncomfortable feelings of being exposed. The dress shined in the sun and shimmered in the moonlight; Glistened like a thousand stars all over your body and yelled, “valuable!” from the top of its very lungs. All for you, it was all for you...

You sat in the garden within Genevieve, a castle on the edge of the land called Sullen where all the fairies, witches, and angels lived. It was a world you had been whisked off to only six months ago. In all it’s tumbling hills, glorious forests, and it’s lively villages, only in the castle’s garden could you find any peace at all. There were flowers of various different types and shades of color that couldn’t be described with merely a single word. They were alive, it seemed, and each one eerily turned to face you no matter where you were. It was as if they were thirsting for your attention, your purity...

You sat in the swing attached to the tall oak tree, overlooking it all. Gentle momentum pushed you forward and back as the wind ran its invisible fingers through your hair. Your gaze was fixed straight ahead, focused on nothing with a glazed over stare. Your mind was blank and so was your expression, the only thing that shifted was your legs as they swung in the air and your toes that curled from the soft breeze that kissed your bare feet...

You didn’t ask to be here.

You didn’t want to be here.

You had been perfectly fine back on Earth, in your own home. Your old job was back-breaking, and your boss was a pain to work with. Yet, you didn’t mind sitting behind a desk from nine to five if it meant supporting your little sister and ailing mother. You were their sole source of income, and although mental illness had taken hold of your mother’s mind and she’d forgotten you years ago, not to mention your seventeen year old sister couldn’t find it in herself to act like a little sister, they both needed you dearly.

Thinking back on it now, no matter how many scenarios played in your head and how many “what ifs” came to mind, there was no real way around it.

He was powerful. He was intelligent.

He was persistent as he was meticulous...

All that wrapped into one formed a King you wished you had never crossed paths with.

His name?

Carmen Quinn, the Fairy King who ruled over Sullen with an iron fist, and resided in a castle he called Genevieve.

Once he’d sat that golden eye of his on you, your fate had been fully sealed shut.

He’d kidnapped you himself in the dead of night when you were mentally and emotionally depleted. He secretly had been stalking you for some time. He alone sent an onslaught of mild catastrophes your way just to see if you had the capacity to deal with them. To test you. You did exceed his expectations... For a time. It truly was inevitable. In time, the persistent stress began to claw at your sanity. It ate away at your every thought, until it triggered your anxiety to rise and happiness to plummet alarmingly.

It was one day after work where you’d come home, entered your shabby house, then immediately got into another bitter fight with your sister. Almost every day was something new to fuss about, and that day’s fuss was over money that suddenly disappeared. You assumed she had to have stolen it, because it certainly wasn’t beneath her to do so. In the end, your old mother had ended up crying from fright as you two got more heated and you’d given up on fighting with your sister with a frustrated sigh. You’d catered to your mother until she fell asleep, which took far longer than usual. Then, at twelve o’clock midnight, three hours past your bedtime, you’d taken a shower and prepped for another day of work. It was then in your drowsy state that you grabbed your bottle of sleeping pills. Maybe if your eyes hadn’t been so blurry with tiredness you might have noticed that the pills were a burgundy tint instead of the normal cherry red, or that they were slightly bigger, or that they weren’t your usual sleeping pills at all.

But you hadn’t.

Within moments, you ended up taking four.

The enchanted pills you unknowingly swallowed had you down within a few minutes of laying in bed. Your thoughts had grown heavy and muscles turned to stone, so you couldn’t go get help or even call out to anyone. You laid in bed, limp and encased in your own blanket. You were completely trapped by your own hand, a victim of yourself.

It was just as your head started to pound with an oncoming headache did you realize the pounding wasn’t in your head at all. It was stemming from the rest of your home.

You could hear the scuffling, the screams of your sister and the cries of your mother as she pleaded for whoever was attacking them to stop. You could hear your sister choke out a horrendous gasp, then an alarming thud. It was instantly followed by muffled, desperate cries of pain. You could only assume someone had pinned her when her unstable voice cried "Please, let me go!”

Amongst all the chaos, you could hear your mother’s sobs coating it all. Her cry was intense and pained, a deep, gut wrenching howl that made your ears numb and your stomach ache because you knew you could do absolutely nothing to stop it. The very last time you’d heard your mother cry that violently was when your father had died...

Your head was swimming as black dots coated your vision, your heart was pounding against your rib cage. You honestly felt like you were about to die from the utter helplessness that washed your form when suddenly---

The whole house went quiet.

No screams.

No cries.

Your mother’s brutal sobs were gone, snuffed out like the flame of a candle. It left you feeling...cold. Cold and bewildered, as if you were in the depths of a nightmare.

When the door opened up, you could’ve jumped in surprise if it weren’t for the spell that tranquilized your whole body. There were soft footsteps that approached your form. Part of you wished you hadn’t had your back turned from your position in your bed, but the other was glad you could not see. You were so hopeful that maybe, just maybe it was your family coming in, free of harm, to take you out of this hell you had suddenly been put in. To calm your nerves and tell you it was just a robber they’d fought off. To tell you everything was okay. The subconscious part of you knew it wasn’t.

With the way that single, heavy set of footsteps slowly approached, accompanied by the gentle creak of the door as momentum pushed it open, your anxiety made you sure it wasn’t them.

Then you felt it. Hands gently stroked your arm, the movement so sweet that you could have taken it as a reassuring one had it not been for your state. There was a soft chuckle from a voice you did not recognize, but you could tell it was a man. You felt hands hook under you as you were cradled in the person’s arms with the uppermost care. You were in their grasp now, held similarly to that of a small child. Your eyes slid over, the one thing that you still had some control of. It was then that your lips started going dry, and your eyes dilated in absolute shock.

His lavender tresses slipped into his eyes as he gazed down at you, a loving smile adorning his ebony face and full cheeks. One of his eyes was a cozy brown, the same color of brownie batter before it was cooked, but the other... It’s tint was the exact color of melted gold and it shimmered with beauty... There were many sparkling colored jewels that adorned his neck, but the colorful rings hooked to each finger could’ve blinded you with their bright glimmer. He was garbed in royal attire, all white with pastel blue gems hanging from his chest that looked extremely valuable. And his scent! He smelled so sweet, your senses reacted to it before you’d even fully realized. It was like vanilla and honey, a soothing scent that oozed from his being and wafted into your skull. It clouded your mind until all you thought of was him.

You were looking at the most beautiful man you had ever seen in your life.

He was absolutely, utterly perfect.

Too perfect.

You were terrified.

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