The One Winged Devil

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Three years ago Hazel was kidnapped and left broken- physically and mentally. She has scars from the traumatic event and horrific memories. She has depression and never learned how to cope. She has no friends at school, and gets bullied. Her head swirls with feelings of wanting to die. She is as sweet as an angel, but she's not one. She's a devil. ~|| The one Winged Devil ||~ Cover by: @Hez3l on wattpad

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Chapter 1

Three years ago

I stared down at the grass and the dirt. I saw bright stars filling the sky and flower pedals slowly falling off of the blossoms on the tree. I sighed. I'm only allowed to look at earth at night, because if I'm here during the day, I risk being seen. I sat on a tree branch and stared up at the sky. There was a small breeze in the air. I heard a bush blowing in the breeze.

I suddenly felt like I was being watched. I felt my heart drop and I noticed that I was shaking. I started flying upwards to go back home. I saw that my foot got stuck in between tree branches. I kept pulling, I felt the wood scraping my skin but I didn't care. I held my breath as I tugged my foot trying to free it from the branches.

I saw two silhouettes walking towards me, which only made me panic more. I tried to move away from them but my foot was still stuck. As they got closer, I saw that one of them had a baseball bat in their hand. I tried to avoid getting hit but it was near-impossible. The first hit was right on my forehead. I knew it would leave a bruise. The second hit was hard on the back of my head. I started to feel dizzy. The third hit was even harder on the back of my head. Everything was getting blurry and I felt dizzy. I tried to keep my eyes open but couldn't.

I woke up in a dimly lit room. I tried to move but I couldn't. I felt duck tape over my mouth. I saw a huge knife sitting on a table along with other sharp tools. I was held down with duck tape, all I could do was listen to the men talk. It was hard to hear them but I caught bits of their conversation, they were talking about cutting off my wings, horns, and tail and selling them online, then killing me.

I felt hot tears falling down the side of my face. I breathed through my nose, trying to stay quiet. I tried to think of how to break free but I didn't have any ideas. I heard muffled cries escape my mouth as I squirmed around trying to rip the duck tape. The men turned around and saw that I was awake. One of them grabbed the roll of duck tape and covered me with more of it. He picked up a small knife sitting on the table and cut across my face he started at the top of my head and cut down diagonally. I couldn't stop the tears from escaping my eyes. They ran down my face and stung the cut like a million pins being poked into my skin. Blood dropped from the cut and I felt my heart beating non stop.

He sat down the knife and walked away. I looked around the room to see what was there. The table next to be with knives and other tools, the men were standing in a kitchen like area. The whole place smelled like alcohol and blood. The room was uncomfortably silent, like when you wake up in the middle of the night and nobody's awake. all I could do was lie on the table, feeling trapped, imagining my life flash before my eyes.

I knew that this was how I would die. Alone, killed by two men and sold on the dark web for money. Every passing second felt like hours. I closed my eyes and began to think of my family. I wanted this all to be a dream. I heard heavy footsteps coming my way. I closed my eyes and felt the hairs on my back stand up. I felt sick. He looked at me, shining a bright light over my face. He grabbed my hair and looked at it. He walked away and talked to the other man. I exhaled. I felt my heart beating and myself breathing. I felt like I was going to throw up. It wasn't a normal "stay home from school." Sickness, it was the knots tying in my stomach telling me this was it. The dizziness I felt from being hit in the head and loose by blood. The silence was unnerving. I stared up at the dark celling. Blood was still dripping down the side of my face.

I felt hopeless. I wished I was at school training, or at home with my mom and dad. I don't have any friends, but I miss my classmates. Every part of my body felt discomfort. I didn't know what to do, I was ready to give up. I am only 13 but I know that this is how I die... I took one last breath and closed my eyes. I felt so much pain as if someone stabbed every part of my body. I wanted to die just so the pain would stop.

I heard the men coming closer and knew there was noting I could do.

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