My Mate is the King

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Lily Johnson's mother just died and the next day, her older brother hosts his Alpha ceremony and she meets the king, her mate. She goes with him back to his pack and she finds out that he is distant and she finds out a very deep secret that he has kept secret for years...

Fantasy / Scifi
White Wolf
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Chapter 1

Lily stared at her mother's dark oak wood coffin as the minister, Ryan, gave his speech about her mother. There was a cross that was carved into the coffin at the top. The whole pack would've been at the funeral but Lily and Jacob, her older brother, talked about it and decided that only family members and close friends were at the funeral.

"Elizabeth Johnson was an amazing Luna and an even better mother. She gave her life for her children to protect them from vicious rogues." Ryan said sadly.

He closed his book and he glanced at Lily and Jacob then looked at the coffin.

"Her family members may now speak." Ryan muttered loud enough for everyone to hear.

Jacob stepped forward and crouched down to set down a blue daisy and rose onto the coffin. He stood back up and looked down at the coffin sadly.

"I love you mom..I always will..I will be the best Alpha you have seen.." He muttered.

A tear fell down his cheek and hit the grass. He turned around and walked back to his mate and sister. Lily stepped forward next and crouched down to place a bouquet of many flowers down on the coffin. She stood back up and looked down at the coffin numbly.

"I love you mommy...I will be the best daughter you have ever seen and when I find my mate, I make sure my children know you.." Lily said numbly.

She turned around and walked back over to Jacob. Lily leaned into Jacob and she zoned back out. Their other family members made their own short speeches and then the funeral began to end.

Lily went to her closet and grabbed an over-sized tee and pajama shorts and then went to the bathroom. She changed out of her short black dress and her flats into the clothes. She laid down on her bed and closed her eyes.

She tried to fall asleep for about 2 hours and when she couldn't, she tried to contact her wolf, Shimmer.

Shimmer? Are you okay?


After a few tries and no answer, she gave up and turned on her TV. She turned on the news and after a few minutes, they began talking about her mother's death. Lily stiffened and then shut off the TV. After staring at the TV, she began crying and she curled up in a ball and hid under the sheets. She cried for an hour until she cried herself to sleep.

When Lily finally woke up, she turned onto her stomach and grabbed her phone to check the time. 12:34. Lily sighed heavily and set her phone back down onto the nightstand. She sat up in bed and stretched her arms and then stood up. She walked over to her windows that overlooked the training grounds. Lily watched as the young boys and girls, and men and women training. She smiled to herself and then walked over to her closet and grabbed a dark grey T-shirt and jeans. She went to the bathroom and changed into the clothes.

She tried to contact Shimmer again but she still didn't get an answer.

I hope she answers soon..She must still be hurt from mom's death..Her and mom's wolf were close so it makes sense..

Lily went downstairs and made herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sat down at the kitchen counter. She was eating her sandwich slowly while sifting through her thoughts and then Jacob sat next to her. His brown hair was messy and he was wearing a white V-neck and dark blue jeans.


Lily turned her head to look at Jacob and raised an eyebrow.

"Uh...I..I'm gonna host Anna and I's Alpha and Luna ceremony at mid evening." Jacob stammered.

Lily's eyes widened and she let go of her sandwich and stared blankly at her brother. The sandwich hit the floor and she stood up as her eyes filled with sadness and anger.

"What the hell, Jacob?! Mom just died!" Lily shouted.

Jacob stared at Lily in confusion and hurt.

"Because the pack is in distress without anyone to lead them." Jacob told her firmly.

Lily rolled her eyes and a traitorous

She ran out of the Pack House and ran over to the training grounds. She ran over to an empty fighting mannequin and she punched it as hard as she could. Her hand went through the mannequin's head, all the way through.

When she pulled her hand out, she looked around and saw that everyone was staring at here. Lily's cheeks heated up from embarrassment and she looked down at the grass. There was a man with shaggy blonde hair and brown eyes and he was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. He walked over to Lily and put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

"What happened Lily?"

Lily leaned into the mysterious man and began crying. The man hugged her and brought her closer to him.

"Why does he have to host his Alpha ceremony today?! Why did she have to die?!" Lily bawled.

"Shh..Shh...It'll be okay. Just be the strong Lily everyone knows.." The man murmured.

"I already miss her so much, Colby!"

Colby rubbed her back in soothing circles and then Lily backed away slightly and rubbed the tears away. She looked at Colby appreciatively.

"Thanks Colby..I'll try to be as strong as I can.."

Lily hugged Colby once again then began training with the others.

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