Vincent's Beloved

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Vincent has been roamed the earth far longer than most. He once found humans to be entertaining but has grown bored of them recently. Until he caugt the scent of honey and cinnamon on a casual day of roaming the streets of a small town. His beloved has finally made her entrance into his life, but she is refusing to get anywhere near him. Why?

Fantasy / Romance
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All names are made up, any chatacter or name resembling anyone outside of this story is complete coincidence. Thank you. Enjoy, comment, like!

How predictable.

How docile these simple creatures are, pitiful to remain in such a boring permanence all their lives. Never attempting to venture out into the world. Out of their comfort zone.

I scoffed, repulsed by the idea of remaining in one town, on one continent for an entire lifetime.

Humans often did this, wasted their existence while pretending to be content with their place in the world, a lie they had been coerced into believing to keep them in line. They truly believed they were helping their society by being good worker bees, but when they have given their entire lives to a company and need to move on they finally see how replacement and expendable they are.

I, on the other hand, was anything but. As a Count, I had been keeper and protector. I rose above that station long ago, now an enforcer of the supernatural, keeping the peace between: wolves, mer, fae, vampires, centaurs, witches, the whole community. Truthfully, I got bored where I was and needed more.

In this position, I travel frequently, see more of the world, and get to beat the living shit out of the scum of the world. Any supernatural who was unable to keep our secrets, caused any human harm unjustly, or was being a problem in general, enforcers got to deal with.

I often was called because I had no beloved or romantic attachments to care for but still had a great motivation to protect, this made me a great asset to the Royals. I particularly was called on by the Vampirical Royals because I am under their rule, but answered the call to any Royal family that needed me.

Now, I am hunting a vampire who is leaving a particularly bloody mess. Humans have been investigating the horrific crime scenes and dubbed her a wild serial killer. Though completely missing the mark and profiling her as a he.

She was simply bored, looking for entertainment in the dull, placid existence we feel once we have been here long enough. She was thrilled by breaking the rules, now she would face me and if she did not submit, I would take her down.

She was seemingly young. She was changed at a very young age, maybe 20. Her innocent demeanor often gave humans the immediate impression she was unable to commit such a crime.

But she is sadistic, truly what she is doing to these humans is... enough to make an old vampire such as myself sick. Her mutilations and mile long crime scenes, were just something for her to do. Many times blood littered the crime scenes, she never drained the bodies completely. This wasn't about food, it was purely for the kill and exhilaration.

Even if I talked to her, she may be too far gone to even care and I would need to put her down, for these humans to continue their ignorant bliss of a monster being brought in to justice. In tasting their blood, their fear was obvious; they knew about our existence prior to their end, she toyed with them psychologically prior to killing them.

Quite the way to go.

Elena. She was barely one hundred and two and acting out.

All of her human acquaintances must have passed recently. That is usually a hard pill to swallow for new immortals.

But I also know who her creator is; he likely never gave her a real chance at survival. Throwing her to the wolves when he left her after creating her.

I was in a tiny town. Hence my imminent boredom. A chase was anything but thrilling to a vampire. Wolves love this, but I want to return to home base and be done with this woman.

This tiny town was a place she scoped out recently, looking to cause some ruckus to their boring lives. She did not act yet, but spent days here hunting her next kill. Before returning to the major cities she hit previously.

Next time she stepped into this town, I'd know and have her dealt with. She was living here under the alias Andrea Newton, a common enough name to be normalized and realistic.

I found her scent in a hotel here where many people passed by infrequently, but she bought out a room for a month. Once I broke into the room, I knew why. She had many items here, namely devices of torture which could be mistaken as sexual dominance toys, until you looked closer. Which an embarrassed, human hotel staff member would not.

I, however, have seen worse. I've played with the worst. These had nothing to do with a sexual frenzy, just pure agony no one could find enjoyable.

After snooping more, I found her targets here. Three humans had her attention. Two males and one female. Two older, but one of the males was an adolescent. Valued members of the community, and all having no connection, just regular citizens from a small town.

It certainly would rattle this place to have three people die horrifically. Especially these harmless three. Her drawn up plans for them were scanned and sent in to the King and his advisors, evidence needed if I could bring her to trial. Or if I needed assistance putting her down. I hope I didn't but I was not positive. She was young and slick, and if I needed help, I'd rather ask for it just in case. Rather than make a fatal mistake in underestimating her.

Now I wait. I watched the three humans she set her sights on and ensured none of them went missing if I missed her return.

Currently, I was at a farmers market where the old woman was shopping. The older man was at home, and the young boy was preparing to depart for several days to visit a university in another state.

I had many doubts Elena would have known this or planned to track him, she'd wait until she could take him from his home where he believed he was safe. Rather than in a city where his guards were naturally raised.

I walked around the crowd, sipping a mango smoothy and supporting other small buisnesses when it happened.

I felt my pupils dilate, my eyes sight clearing slightly wider. My mouth salivating and fangs poking my gums, making me bleed. My body felt her before I could catch her scent. I looked around me, assessing all those in the vicinity discretely but in a rushed panic. She could leave the market as quickly as I'd sensed her. Then I smelled her. The cinnamon and honey. I followed my nose and there she was.

She was exquisite. Her brown hair was in a high pony tail, with a few trendils framing her round face. She wore high jean shorts and a white top, her tan legs exposed to me and arms hidden under the long sleeve of her thin shirt. She smiled politely to the vendor and a dripple of honey was left on her lips. She quickly licked it away and exchanged money for a jar of the honey she sampled.

My beloved.

I was encapsulated by her, unable to look away. Until she looked at me and a glint of fear passed her eyes. My anger surfaced, her heartbeat shot off and she tried not to be obvious in a hurry to leave the area.

She only went to vendors where females were present. She tucked herself away from men subconsciously.

She was afraid of men.

Who was the bastard I had to kill for her?

Elena was flying back to town that night. I had no fear of her now that my Bride was here. I would stop at nothing to bring her down, she threatened the humans in the area and my beloved may not be her target but if Elena knew about her she could turn into one.

A beloved was precious to vampires, as mated are to wolves, as fated are to witches. These are our soulmates.

My life has been empty for so long. So bleak with no end in sight. A beloved changes things drastically. Makes life worth living, and a home. My home had been polluted by humans, a place was never home for long but now I could find a settlement for her, with her.

My beastly side was itching to remove the threat again her. Either the man who haunted her or the dangerous vampire roaming about near her.

She distanced herself from me, but I kept her in my sights at all times until she left. Memorizing her license plate when she left. To track her once my assignment was taken care of.

To be sure of her safety and the safety of the other humans I watched, I called on three more enforcers in the area to accompany me here. Whether that was to help eliminate Elena or just to watch her targets.

I didn't put an enforcer on my beloved in case Elena discovered their presence on her victims, but also on one she never chose.

For now, my beloved was on no vampire's radar but mine. Possibly a human male, but that could be easily rectified. If I find a man has ever laid a hand on her, I'd scalp him alive before completely draining him. Technically, it would be legal, the harm of a beloved has many grey areas in our justice system.

So help him Gods, if a man has ever raped her, I will burn him at the stake, and reignite the flames many times after putting them out.

Many thoughts on why she was afraid crossed my mind and terrified me. What life of horror had she experienced before me? Now that I knew of her, nothing would ever harm her again. I'd turn her and keep her away from humanity and their brutality for our entire lives if she asked that of me.

I shook my thoughts clear of this and readied myself for a briefing with the incoming enforcers. Giving them my assignment and what I'd expected from her till this point.

The three enforcers lives in close proximity to this loaction and were not currently on assignment. One of them was a wolf, another a fae, and the last another vampire.

I'd worked with the wolf, Remi, and vampire, Gideon, before but not this Fae. Her name was Delia and she was the complete opposite of the usual fae I see. Likely due to the roughness of the job, enforcers were usually male dominated careers, she's probably met with much stigma and doubt.

She showed me her ability to subdue with little effort. She just needed to wrap her hand over the throat and close the nose so she could breath into them, intoxicating and rendering them useless. She subdued Remi in seconds. Though he'd been ambushed by her while loudly expressing his doubt in her abilities before we knew she was present.

"Our target is Elena Martinez. She is around 20 in her human years, 102 is her current age. She is a vampire who is mutilating and leaving dead humans around. The investigation has reached the FBI and they have demanded we put an end to her or bring her to justice. Our King has sent me to deal with her but after witnessing many of her crime scenes and seeing her plans, she is not someone I want to undermine. She may be young and impulsive, but she is extremely aggressive and angry. I know her targets and want each of us on one of them or on her. I hope to talk her down, bring her in to trial but that is very doubtful from the way she is dealing out her anger. I don't know why she is doing this now except for a theory: I think she's bored, already tired of this existence and is looking for excitement. Here are her current targets within this region, all in this town. One adolescent, Jacob Garner, and two elderly, Michelle Franklin and William Jameson. All easy targets but harmful to the community. You will find in their individual folders her plans for them. She has written them out very vividly.

I have their addresses written out but she has no timeline or schedule to keep just that she wants these three humans dead and to make them suffer horrifically before she decapitates them. Any questions?"

Remi nodded. "Where is she now?"

"She just landed back in town an hour ago. I have a human tab on her, he is very good at remaining unseen. He will alert me if she leaves her hotel room." He nodded and looked back over his files.

Delia nodded. "How do you know these are the only humans?"

"Those were her plans under this town. She could have more, truthfully that hadn't crossed my mind since three is a lot for one town this size as it is. That just tells us to be more vigilant and once Jacob is out of town, one of us can be surveillance of the town as a whole."

"I can take on that job, seeing as none of you have wings." Delia smirked at the three of us. "It's not a problem and I can stay awake for 90 hours on a watch position. I'll be sure nothing happens in that time."

I nodded to her. "Someone will relieve you once that 90 hours is reached. My current time awake is 40 hours. I'll need to rest before taking her on. Make sure if you meet her head on to be mindful of her claws, she has silver coats on the tips of her nails. She's been paranoid, likely expecting enforcers to get involved and becomes more unhinged as the days pass. Be on guard and alert anyone of us if you need to be relieved. Thank you for coming to my aid."

Tonight they needed to rest, I watched over Elena, having my fill of remaining dormant and resting while waiting for her, and I am ready to release my beast.

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