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Two hearts beat as one like the moon turns out for the howling wolf and the sun flower kissed by the sun. Neither destiny nor fate can drag them apart. Yet for this man who have lost his half,neither pain nor death can stop him from searching for the Seven armaments just to bring her back to life. With these seven armaments a marquess will win back a commoners heart. Horror of the past left a deep scar that can only be healed by savoring it back. When he crosses the bridge of time will he abandon or persevere? Greediness might be the problem for in the end you will end up like a fool.

Fantasy / Romance
Mitsugo Pashisu
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There was a dragon that lived in the sky kingdom. Many say that he is god who only reveals himself as a dragon. with his mighty breath he created the world wherein supernatural beings and mortals live in harmony.

To avoid catastrophe and to maintain peace, he created four guardians. Guardians of air, water, earth and fire; each of them is given a certain territory to watch and take care of. The Wind kingdom of Airanea is ruled by Hondorouz who was known to have a face of an eagle and a body of a mortal. He has a fine silver wings and long silky black hair. Just like the wind he is sometimes egoistical that he despise mortals which is why he was consigned to look after the vampire and fairy clan.

Four Elders he assign to look after the territory. With an eye of evil and blood of royalty, Crutler Mckenriz was chosen to guard the South. Mayhem Chase that was known to be cruel and the youngest watch over the East. Veronica Kingsley a beauty of seduction governs the west where the Fairies dwell. The north is left vacant until Dromaine decides to take his seat.

Fire kingdom of Frietze is headed by Kuro, the guardian who possess the fire element. He use to wear a phoenix cloack that cast small like flames around him. No one has ever seen his face for it is hidden with his hood. Dragons and magicians resides on the firery land.

Thea, the Earth guardian holds the Kingdom of Laniette where human beings reside. She is known to have elegant twisted horns wrap with vine of flowers. Roses stuck on her wavy long blonde hair attracting many butterflies.

And lastly, The water kingdom of Aqua occupied by mermaids and tribes govern by Shui. She has a white porcelain skin that vibes with her long soft white hair. Scales covers her hands and feet. She is called as the goddess of the moon.

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