Special Protection

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Chapter 8

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"You're in big trouble, mister," Killian hissed, grabbing Ben by the arm and dragging him onto the plane. He sat him down in the singular chair in the back, slapping the special handcuffs on him.

"Killian, please be nice. We just had some fun," I murmured underneath my breath. Killian's furious gaze directed itself towards me. If he was a cartoon, he'd have a red face and smoke coming out of his ears. I snickered at the thought before composing myself and facing Ben, shooting him an apologetic glance.

"No! No staring at him with the 'I'm sorry' look. You're both so incredibly irresponsible. You should be ashamed of yourselves!" Killian hollered at us. He wasn't joking around this time. He was seriously mad. I felt bad for causing Killian to have a heart attack.

"You don't understand, Killian!" I was trying to plead him with my eyes to not punish us. He just shook his head. The puppy dog eyes was not going to work this time.

"What do I not understand? Hmm? Being a teenager and wanting freedom or an adventure? I was just like you!" He said, pointing at me with his right hand. His eyes squinted in a glare as he judged my actions.

"No, you don't know what it's like to be me! I grew up at the Protection System with overprotective parents! I didn't get to go anywhere or even make any friends! My only friends were you and Vor! When Ben came along, I finally had someone I could go to that wasn't twice my age or a freaking puppy. I never once got to actually go into Ben's cell or got to have an actual play date with him.

Then, my parents died when I was twelve! I was a child, Killian! I didn't get to have a childhood. I was forced to grow up, so you don't fucking tell me that we were the same," I spat at him. He flinched at the coldness of my voice. He deserved every second of the pain he was going to endure when I gave him the silent treatment back at home.

Killian was speechless. The intercom on the ceiling connecting the pilots and us came on. They told us to take a seat and get prepared for lift off. I grunted at that, storming my way to the cockpit. I took pilot lessons when I was younger. I learned how to safely take off, cruise, and land a plane.

"Richard, were swapping until I get it in the air," my monotoned voice spoke out at Richard. He nodded before swapping with me, giving me his headset and gear. I say in the seat, buckling up before making sure Richard was in the seat next to Killian.

"Ready for take off, Miss Lilith?" Geraldine, the other pilot asked. I nodded at her, doing my job as pilot before taking off.

It was as peaceful as lifting off a plane gets. There was minimal turbulence, and I was busy reminiscing back to when my parents were alive and beside me while I interrogated P.S.s. They could never have been prouder of their little girl.

Some days are harder than others. It's just the constant pain of remembering a loved one that is no more that keeps me on the brink of insanity.

Then I remember that I have a job, and this job is so damn important to the world. It was just to keep the world safe from the impossible, the dangerous, and the future.

I felt important. It was as if I had a purpose with life. I can't just throw it away. I was preparing for this my entire life. I was going to do a damn good job at this even if I died in the end doing it.

"Miss Lilith, you may return to your seat now. I can handle the rest of the flight. Thank you," Richard announced form the doorway. Killian was asleep with his head resting on the window and his mouth slightly open, soft snored exiting his mouth. My cold, hard exterior broke but by bit at the sight of him. He was my friend, my first friend. He has always been there for me, like a parent. I can't just yell at him with a bunch of attitude and force and not feel bad in the end.

I sighed, walking over to Ben. He was wide awake, staring out of the window. I didn't have anywhere to sit, so I stood in front of him. He noticed my presence, turning to me before letting a lazy smile appear on his face. My heart leaped at that. He was always so charming.

"Hey, hot stuff," he whispered as to not wake Killian up. I just smiled at him. He motioned for me to sit on his lap. I just slightly shook my head before motioning to Killian. He just chuckled and grabbed the ends of my red dress with his handcuffed hands and pulled. I stumbled a bit before not so gracefully landing on Ben's lap, my back to his front, just like he wanted.

Ben quickly buried his head in my shoulder. Staying there, he brought his cuffed hands above my head and looped my body in between his arms so he was holding me from the back. I just melted into his embrace.

"I love you. I love you. I love you," he chanted over and over again. It was extremely endearing. It wasn't because of the words, but I felt truly loved in this moment and time. Goodness gracious! He must love me the exact same way I love him. I guess that's all I could ask for.

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