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Chapter 9

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My mom held out the containment cube as defense, but before she could press the button on it, the gas changed into human and grabbed my mom's throat in one hand. The other hand wrapped around the cube and threw it in our direction without looking at the way he threw it. I raced forward to grab it before it dropped and broke, but before I could, Killian grabbed it. A look of determination crossed his face, but as soon as it came, it disappeared.

I was watching him as he crumbled to the ground in pain. A look of confusion hit me. I turned back to see my mom's lifeless body in my father's arms. her neck was snapped in an awkward position, dangling like a bobble head. Tears welled in my eyes, threatening to fall. A piercing scream left my mouth. Killian's eyes snapped towards me. He pulled me down to him and hugged me tightly, shielding me from seeing her body laying there. I was shaken up, not even breathing. He shushed me and rocked back and forth with me on his lap.

"I have to go," his breathless voice whispered out. As he was moving me off of his lap, a few tears escaped from his eyes, landing on my neck. I looked back in enough time to see that the man had shoved his hand in my father's chest. The man's hand wiggled around and finally pulled out.

The next sight had me vomiting on the sidewalk behind me.

My father's heart sat on his palm, pulsating. As soon as I finished vomiting, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and looked at the murderer in the road. Killian had stepped towards him, using his mind powers to do something. I think I've seen this move before. He made memories that were painful and not wanted resurface. If there was a power move, that was it.

The man clenched his head, screaming out in pain. I gasped as I saw Killian walk towards the P.S. I wanted to run towards him, but I couldn't. My body wouldn't move, and I felt powerless. I was a twelve year old, powerless child. I wish that I could've protected the ones I loved, but the ones that needed me the most were dead.

Killian held out the cube and pressed the button. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as the man disappeared into the cube, never to see the light of day again. I slowly walked towards my parent's bodies. Tears streamed down my cheeks, leaving trails on my pale skin. Killian's grey, blue eyes stared into mine as I looked at him, wanting to be consoled. I wanted to forget.

"It's okay. Let's go. I'll call someone to have them delivered to the facility," he told me. I glared at him. They aren't Amazon packages. They are living, breathing people. Well... they were.

"Okay," I whispered, nonetheless. We walked back to the car while silent tears fell from my eyes. Killian looked like he could've been dead too, but he still erased everyone’s memories of what happened in a ten block radius. His clothes were a mess, and his hair looked disheveled. We were truly lost this time.

Killian drove us back to the facility in pure silence. He didn't try to put music on or make conversation. He just let me grieve my now dead parents.

"Get cleaned up for dinner, Princess. I'll come get you later," he whispered. I just nodded before leaving the car and entering the facility. I went to my room to shower and brush my teeth. The smell of vomit wafted around me, and quite frankly, it made me more and more sick.

As I was getting dressed, I felt the need to see Ben. I left my hair unbrushed and down in inky, straightish waves. I wore leggings and an oversized tee shirt, not feeing like doing much other than laying in Ben's arms for the third time since I was eight.

I wandered the classified safe hallway until I found his room. The eighteen year old was laying on his bed, reading a book my mom gave him. Right now, I needed a friend to hold me and tell me I was going to be okay. Right now, I needed him.

I opened the door with a button and entered the room, shutting it from a remote I had. It closed behind me with a small bang.

It caught his attention as soon as I stepped in. He noticed how distraught I looked. A sob escaped my lips as he got out of bed, turning the book upside down and placing it on the desk to save his spot. He then proceeded to wrap his long arms around me in an intimate embrace. I had never felt this loved in my entire life.

"What happened, my queen?" He asked in a hushed tone, pulling me to his bed. I gladly followed him. He laid down and patted the spot beside him. I laid down next to him on the white, twin sized bed. It barely fit an eighteen year old and a twelve year old, but we made it work. We always did and always will.

"M-My parents," I barely got out and bawled some more. He shushed me quietly, wrapping his arms around my frame. He pressed my face to his chest, and my tears soaked his white tee shirt. I hope he doesn’t mind.

“What happened, Lili?” He once again questioned, kissing my hair. I just pulled him closer to me and clenched his shirt in my fists. Our legs tangled together, and it was like we were one.

“They died,” my muffled voice broke at the end. He stopped breathing for a second. Then, he held me tighter if even possible. I appreciated his way of consoling me. It made me feel like I was going to take on the world.

“I love you. It’ll be okay. Just take a nap. I’m sure you’re exhausted. I’ll be here when you wake up,” he ran his hand through my tangled hair softly, avoiding any painful tangles.

It felt like Ben saw me. It’s weird, because not many people see me. They see what I want them to, but Ben saw me for me. He loved me for me. I was seen for the first time, and I felt powerful, warm, and loved.

“I love you too, Ben,” I snuggled up while he pulled the blanket over us. I was out faster than the speed of light, and the entire time, Ben was there.

Introducing: The Little God

I am going to start another book on here. It is sort of about the Olympians, but it’s revamped to my taste. Here’s the blurb for it.

The Olympians ruled the world under the mortal's noses for far too long. The immortal Olympians were forbidden to mingle with the humans, but not all Olympians follow orders.

When they discover a miracle baby, they're forced to abduct her when she's seventeen to rule over her father's kingdom. She is then forced to properly train for a war she never saw coming. The sun has other plans though.

This is a story about a young woman who's far more powerful than the rest. Will she follow in her father's footsteps and be evil, or will she honor her mother's death and live to be good? Only time will tell.

Disclaimer: the Olympians in this book are going to be different. They won't be as related as they are in mythology. They won't have only a certain power. They will have magic and their certain power which will result in death... lots and lots of death. Basically none of my facts will be legit when I talk about the Olympians.

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