Special Protection

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Chapter 10


Ben's pov

I just can't get enough of her. I swear she's the sun and I'm the planets that revolve around her. It may seem that she gives everything for me, but I promise that I'm so madly in love with her that I can't even fathom the idea of ever leaving her. She's my one and only.

"I love you too," she whispered in my arms. Her body was small. It felt like I could crush her at any given moment. Maybe that's why I try to handle her fragile body with extreme care.

"Not as much as I love you. You're mine, forever and more," I smushed my face into the crook of her neck and smiled.

The things she made me feel were such a sin. I felt like she could stomp on my heart at any given moment. I trusted her though. Why else would she have me in her hands? I was the kinetic sand that she abused when she wanted to play, but no matter what, I would enjoy it. I would welcome each and every pull or push she decided to make.

"I should go sit beside Killian before he catches us. I'll see you when the plane lands, Ben," she whispered, turning her head in my arms and kissing my lips briefly before lifting my bound hands above her head. I made a grunt of disapproval, but let her move out of my embrace anyways. She needed to go.

I spaced out the rest of the flight, looking out of the small airplane window and enjoying the sight. Regardless that it was a bunch of clouds, they were magnificent. The clouds looked like swirls of cotton. It was a beautiful sight.

Another beautiful sight sat in front of me, being shielded by the cream seats. Now she... she was truly a sight. I was entranced by her and her ethereal beauty. She was another being.

When Lili suggested for us to marry, I knew that it wouldn't be possible without a signature from a legal guardian, but I couldn't help it. I had to fake propose to her on the spot. She made me want to do things that I never wanted to do before. She made me want to risk everything just to have a taste of her, her personality, her feelings, literally anything she's willing to give me.

I know that sometimes it seems like she's head over heels in love with me, but I knew from the first day I laid eyes on her that I was in it for the long run. I was extremely infatuated with her.

Growing up, my feelings only multiplied. I feared that she would laugh at my heart, but eventually I realized that she too was madly in love with me. It's the highlight of my life. Being with her was the highlight of my life.

"Buckle up. We're about to land!" A voice said over the intercom.

I sighed, looking at Lili. She was asleep with her head on Killian, lightly snoring while Killian's head was on the window. I shook my head before standing up. I walked over to them, buckling Killian up. I looked at Lili once more, wishing that I could kiss her in that moment and time. I reached over her lap to buckle her up. My hand brushed over her hip bones, a shiver ran down my spine. Gosh, the things she does to me.

I finished buckling her up then I brushed my right hand through her soft, brown hair and kissed her forehead. Even with the cuffs on, it was extremely intimate. She stirred around a bit while I silently freaked out. I speed-walked to my seat again, buckling up.

The airplane started descending while I just watched the runway come closer and closer. I really don't want to go back. I don't want to be back in that fucking cell, watching my woman from afar. It's absolute torture. I'm truly in hell when I'm there. The only moments I have to breathe is when I'm underneath her sheets, holding her.

"Hey, Princess, wake up," Killian whispered into her ear, shaking her shoulder. She groaned, stretching before finally unbuckling her seatbelt and standing up. Her eyes wandered to me, standing up in the back. She seemed to be assessing me. "For what?" I wonder.

"You okay?" She mouthed to me while Killian grabbed the containment cube from the compartment above his head. I slightly nodded. She was worried about me. That's why she was looking at me weird.

"Let's get going, shall we?" Killian asked, gripping the cube in his hands. We all exited the plane, continuing towards the building that I call hell.

"I'm going to take Dakota to her room and welcome her. Escort Ben?" Lilith questioned and held out her hand for the cube with Dakota in it. Killian hesitated before handing her the cube.

"Be careful," he demanded and grabbed me by the cuffs, leading me to my cell. I looked back at Lili to make sure she was following. She was walking while examining the cube. An inquisitive look crossed her face before a look of realization entered.

I followed Killian to my room, dreading being alone with him. I was an experiment to him, a lab rat. Lilith didn't know about it, but I was, and always will be, just another science experiment.

"We have a couple tests to run, P.S. 071," Killian's dark voice mumbled over the intercom. I could see him through the two way window. He was the devil.

"Fuck you and your tests," I hissed, walking towards the door. Killian pressed a button, not phased by my words. The door opened, and two scientists stepped in. One held a syringe, and the other held a box of matches along with a candle.

"Prepare test one," Killian's voiced echoed through the room. I sighed, lifting the sleeve of my long sleeved T-shirt I changed into when I got back into my cell. My bathroom was still a mess from the time I had a breakdown after the last set of experiments.

"Perform test one," those words I had a deep hatred for rung out. I clenched my eyes together, trying to loosen my muscles for the needle to pierce my skin.

It entered only to draw out an ear piercing holler. My veins started to glow black, like the substance they inserted into me. From what I gathered, it was from an old container of vampire blood. The test was to see if I had werewolf genes in me that would react to the blood. So far, I wasn't a wolf. The trials were still running even though I'm pretty sure they have their answer.

"Thank you, doctor."

The scientist stepped away from me. I was writhing in the ground from the immense pain I was enduring. I cried out, feeling something travel in my veins. It felt like razors cutting from the inside to the outside of the tubes. My veins felt as if they were getting sliced into tiny pieces.

"Second test, please prepare," Killian stared at my body, writing down notes onto a white clipboard. He glanced at his watch before looking back down at me and nodding to the other scientist that was watching Killian's every move. Killian voices out, "proceed with test two."

The second doctor stepped forward, holding up a match from the match box. I rolled my eyes and understood what I was supposed to do. I willed the match to float from his hands while he situated the the candle in his other hand. The match suddenly lit up out of pure will. The flame let out a warm glow. I made it go to the candle and light it. Once lighting the candle, I let the match drop to the floor, blowing out as it went down.

"Thank you, doctor," Killian proudly stared at the two doctors. Then, an evil smirk crossed his face before he uttered the words I didn't expect.

"Test three, please prepare and start when ready."

A horrified look must've crossed my face. I frantically shook my head while the second scientist ominously took steps to come closer to me. I was trying to get away from them as soon as possible. I wanted to teleport, but with the substance in my veins and my energy slightly drained from the candle, I couldn't teleport.

The scientist held out the candle. The flame flickered back and forth as if it were taunting me. I was terrified to say the least. I didn't want to hurt the poor man, so I held my powers back. I couldn't kill anyone. Not now, not ever.

The doctor let the flame near my exposed arm. It was hot, making me fearful of what he was capable of. The scientist held it closer. The flame was now touching my skin, torching it into a nice crisp. I let out painful screams before falling to the floor. My shirt had caught on fire from the candle. I hurriedly pulled it off, stepping on it to rid it of the hungry flames. Thank god it was only on my shirt at the moment.

I glared accusingly at Killian. He just stared at me with cold eyes. For a second, I saw him, the Killian that loved Lili. He disappeared as quickly as he came.

"Thank you, doctors. You may leave now," he announced, opening the door for them. I just groaned and dragged my body to the bathroom as soon as I saw Killian turn off the light to the examiner's room and exit it.

I glanced down at my arm that was scorched. I gasped out in surprise before rubbing my now perfectly fine arm. No burn marks, no scars.

Maybe I'm indestructible. What if I can't die? I don't want to live without Lili. She's human. She can die at any given moment. I'd rather die than live without her. She's my lifeline. There's no living without her.

"Holy shit, I'm fireproof," I whispered before hopping into the shower.

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