Special Protection

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Chapter 13

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"Taylor? I'm here! I brought Ben!" I yelled, opening her door. She wasn't anywhere to be seen on the mirror. My eyebrows furrowed.

"Maybe she's in the bathroom. Go look for her?" Ben whispered in my ear, squeezing my hip where his hand rested.

I nodded my head, taking my phone's camera out to see if I could find her. I knocked on the door, waiting for her response.

She didn't answer.

"I'm coming in, Tay," I warned before twisting the knob and opening it.

"You can't see anything with the naked eye," I remind myself over and over again in a whisper since I couldn’t see her or anything for that matter.

I let my phone trail over the bathroom and immediately got worried. The shower curtain was closed. My eyebrows furrowed as I slowly advanced to it. I pulled it open and held up my phone to see something, anything. What I saw not only scarred me for life, but it also made me realize that I don't actually know what goes on underneath my nose in this god forsaken facility.

"Ben!" I screamed out, putting a hand over my mouth. He hurriedly teleported into the room and whispered an "oh, my God". He wrapped an arm around me and carried me out of the room, but I could still see her mangled body on the floor of her shower. I could still see the blood as it dropped into the drain. I could still smell the putrid smell of death as it littered the air with its pungent aroma. I wish that I could unsee that. I wish that I could forget about her.

The pain of losing someone so close to you would never subside. It would always hurt. When someone new that was close to you dies, the wound reopens, and it never stops until either you die or everyone you've ever loved dies.

"Hey, it's okay. Look at me. We are going to be fine. Whatever you need, I'm here to give. What is it you need right now?" He said in a hushed voice, grabbing my face in his hands. His thumbs wiped across my cheeks, taking the tears with them like windshield wipers. My breathing was labored, and I felt like I was going to collapse of pure pain and exhaustion at any moment.

"Killian, bring me to Killian," I told him and pulled my face from his hands, wrapping my arms around him and climbing onto his body like a monkey. I felt like a child again as his arms wrapped around me and his hands held underneath my thighs. He was keeping me up out of pure love and adoration. His muscles flexed, but I knew that he didn't really care, since to him, I felt light.

"Alright, whatever you need, my queen," he kissed my shoulder and teleported me to Killian's room. Ben unlocked the door and stepped inside. Killian immediately sat up from his sleeping position. He looked concerned as he realized that I was clinging onto Ben while crying my heart out. Ben sat down on the bed, but still kept me clinging onto him.

"She was visiting Taylor, and Taylor was- I'm sorry. She was dead, Killian. Someone murdered her," Ben explained. Once he said that she was dead, I let out another wailing sob, keeping my head buried in his shoulder. Killian leaned over to rub my back.

"S-Sh-E was d-d-dead," I finally uttered out. Killian shushed me lightly as a way of keeping me from saying anything. He grabbed me out of Ben's arms and hugged me to him. I immediately missed Ben's arms which made me bawl harder.

"Ben!" I somehow got out from all of my crying. Ben sighed and grabbed me again, resuming the position I was in which wasn't very appropriate. I was straddling him with my chest pressed up against his and my head in the crook of his neck, but I had never felt more safe, more loved.

"Take her to her bed. I'm sure that she'll pass out soon," Killian announced quietly and stood from his seated position. He rubbed his right eye, finally realizing how sleepy he is.

"K-Killian, make me forget, p-please. I don't w-want to r-remember," I stammered, getting off of Ben, and took Killian's right hand, setting it on the left side of my forehead. Killian's eyes softened.

"I shouldn't, Princess. She's a part of your life, your memories. I promised I would never take that away from you when you took out your chip. I promised I would protect you no matter what," he murmured, taking his hand off of my forehead. I make a whine of protest.

"This is protecting me. It hurts, Killian. Make it stop," I complained and once again grabbed his hand and placed it back. He furiously shook his head.

Ben stood from the bed and made his way over to us. He took Killian's hand away from my head, and turned me to him.

"Lili, I don't think this is a good idea," he told me, but his words gave me the opposite effect he had hoped for. I really wanted to have her gone from my mind now. I can't stand to have her there. He should understand.

I turned away from him and grabbed Killian's hand, placing it back on my forehead.

"I'm not doing this," he firmly stated, trying to escape my grip on his hand. A hard look crossed my eyes. I was no longer crying at this point.

"You will erase my memories of her. Killian, if you don't do this, I'll never speak to you again," I raised my voice towards the end. He looked as if he were a robot for a second before he emotionlessly erased my memories of her.

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