Special Protection

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Chapter 14

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"President, how are you? It's nice to have you in the facility today," my voice sounded fake due to the fact that I didn't want to associate with the President at the moment.

"Please, call me Trenton," he smiled, grabbing my right hand in his before bringing it to his lips. He lightly kissed the back of my hand. I inwardly grimaced, wanting to do nothing other than wipe my hand on my pants.


"President is fine for me. Shall we show you our new P.S.s?" I did a hand motion towards the entrance we stood in front of. He curtly nodded his head, walking in front of me.

Asshole. Aren't ladies supposed to go first? Either way I always want to go first.

"Of course,” he walked ahead. I led him towards the long safe hallways. Killian met us at the door.

“President,” he acknowledged the powerful man in front of me. The president bursted out in a huge grin.

“Killian, how is your old cell treating you? Murder any new people lately?” He smiled smugly at Killian. I rolled my eyes before shooting a look towards Killian to keep him from snapping at the president. We wouldn’t want the president trying to kill Killian.

“Not lately. My bedroom is fine by the way,” Killian sneered before opening the door for us. The good thing about Killian is that he’s a gentleman. He let me walk through the door first, holding it open for me.

We walked down the hall to the new P.S. that joined us, Dakota. The tag beside the door signified that we were entering P.S. 069’s chamber.

I opened the door with the touch of my hand. Killian waited for me to go in before he went in. Obviously the narcissistic President went in before me and Killian.

“P.S. 069, let us introduce you to the president. President, meet P.S. 069. She is what we like to call an Elemental. She is highly dangerous, but she is also classified as safe, deemed by Lilith and I,” Killian announced. I nodded my head at him.

The president stepped forward, gripping her right hand in his before bringing it to his lips just like he did to mine. Player and gross.

“You can call me Trenton, doll,” he smirked at Dakota. I nearly gagged just by watching it unfold. She sarcastically smiled before snatching her hand out of his grip.

“President is fine with me,” she hissed, taking a step back from the president. I snickered at her actions before motioning towards the sink in the bathroom. Dakota’s attention diverted from the president to me. She nodded her head, understanding me.

Dakota brought her hands down in a fast motion before the water came pouring out of the faucet. She controlled the water so that it floated in mid air, only being suspended by her powers. I smiled proudly.

She was truly amazing.

Watching her do something magical only made me feel more human. I couldn’t do that, and I wanted to feel like her. I wanted to feel powerful, special. I wanted something that defined me other than “Lilith” or the “she devil that contains P.S.s”. I wanted something different about me, but I was always going to be little Ol Lilith.

“Oh, wow!” The president exclaimed, clapping his hands. Dakota dropped the water back into the sink before slumping down onto the bed she stood near. She must’ve been exhausted. We were working on her powers earlier and that plus this must’ve drained her energy.

“Again, again!” The president chanted as if he were a small child watching a seal perform a circus trick. I rolled my eyes, intervening before Dakota tried to use her powers once more and possibly injure herself.

“No, I think she’s had enough. Let’s let her rest up,” I demanded, getting ready to leave. But I knew. I knew that the fucking egotistical president wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“No, I demand to see it again. I mean you wouldn’t want to disappoint the president would you?” He smirked, facing me. He was challenging me and my position in this facility.

“I’m the director and owner of this facility. I know more than you when it comes to the unknown. If you really wish to challenge me, please do it in something you know more of. P.S. 069 worked hard today in our training area specifically made for her, so I think she’s a bit tired out. Let’s not tire her some more and instead get out of here, yes?” I asked, motioning towards the door. Everyone’s eyes rested on the door. President Trenton has other plans though.

“Well, I would love to see it once more. Keep in mind, Lilith. I’m the president. I have power only you wish you had. So, if I’m not mistaken, P.S. 069 was about to show me her powers again. Isn’t that right, P.S. 069?” President Trenton questioned, turning towards her. I sighed, wanting to shake my head at her.

“Listen here, Trenton. I abide by Lilith’s rules. You’re not my friend nor my director. Hell, you aren’t even my daddy. And I have daddy issues. So, let’s skip the chit chat and get right to the good part: the part where I beat your face in for being a dumb fucking twat,” she hissed, clenching her fists by her side before bringing her right one up. Right before she could hit President Trenton, his bodyguards stepped in.

Dakota was now being held against the wall with a body guard on each arm. She was yelling out profanities while being held back by two, giant, struggling men. I was about to call them off, but Dakota decided to use her powers and soaked the two guards. They both let their grips loosen. They tightened back just as soon as they loosened.

“What the fuck? Let go of her!” I heard from beside me. Killian was fuming. He started storming towards them but was held back by my hand reaching out for his.

“That’s enough. Step away from P.S. 069. I don’t like to repeat myself,” my voice boomed over the screaming coming from Killian and Dakota. Everyone’s heads turned to me. As if the two bodyguards were robots, they stepped away from her.

“No, you imbeciles! Hold the girl down!” President Trenton screeched from in front of me. The bodyguards didn’t obey his order. They were stuck in their place.

“Please see yourselves out of here while Killian finishes the tour,” I told them, nodding at Killian. Dakota was going to be okay. I was going to make sure of it.

“Good riddance, you pieces of shit!” Dakota sneered as the door shut behind the bodyguards that held her back. I chuckled before turning towards Dakota.

“Are you okay, Dakota?” I asked, bringing her from the wall to the bed so that she could lie down. She slowly nodded her head.

She wasn’t and I could tell.

“I don’t like Trenton. Something is off about him. I have this weird feeling that something bad is going to happen and he’s going to be the cause of it,” she whispered entirely serious. That made me uneasy. I had the exact same feeling, but I didn’t pay attention to it.

“Agreed. I’ll keep my eye on him. Rest up, will you? I’m sorry about him. I’ll get Ben to fuck with him a bit,” I softly smiled towards the laying down figure. I gave her hand a light squeeze before leaving the room.

Great. Now I have to follow the fucking President all day until he leaves us the hell alone. What an honor. Hence the sarcasm.

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